Primal Magnesium Review – Is It Right For You?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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primal magnesium by primal havest review

Choosing a magnesium supplement can be a confusing task, especially with the abundance of magnesium products out there today. 

This review covers a supplement called Primal Magnesium, in which you’ll learn if it’s one of the better magnesium supplements out there or if it’s best left on the shelf!

Continue reading to see the Primal Magnesium formulation, value, safety, and other key aspects.

Primal Magnesium Review Highlights

  • Magnesium supplements can be helpful for people who are deficient and/or struggle to get enough magnesium each day
  • Primal Magnesium contains three chelated forms of magnesium, which are easier to digest and absorb
  • There is over 300mg of magnesium per serving, which is higher than what most products offer
  • You won’t pay more than 60 cents per serving, which makes it a potentially budget-friendly option for most people

About Primal Magnesium

Primal Magnesium is a magnesium supplement created by Primal Harvest. This formula contains 3-in-1 magnesium as well as zinc to support bone, muscle, heart, and immune health, as well as relaxation and sleep. 

It is said to stand apart from other magnesium supplements due to the three, highly bioavailable forms of magnesium used, which they say will lead to greater benefits. 

primal magnesium by primal harvest

Other products from Primal Harvest include:

Primal Magnesium Benefits

Primal Magnesium by Primal Harvest is meant to support all-around health and wellness. In particular, the main benefits are:

  • Muscle & Bone Health
  • Heart Support
  • Improved Mood & Sleep
  • Immune Support
  • Natural Energy 

Muscle & Bone Health

Primal Magnesium claims to offer benefits for muscle and bone health. In particular, they say magnesium contributes to muscle performance and recovery, while also maintaining bone density and strength.

Heart Support

Another advertised benefit of Primal Magnesium is heart support. The dose of magnesium in this formula is meant to support healthy blood pressure and all-around cardiovascular health. 

Improved Mood & Sleep

Primal Magnesium is also promoted to improve mood and sleep, mainly due to the relaxing properties of magnesium. They say magnesium can have calming effects on the nervous system, leading to less agitation and deeper sleep. 

Immune Support

Primal Magnesium is also designed to offer immune support with a combination of magnesium and zinc. They say this also helps with inflammation and contributes to healthier skin.

Natural Energy

Lastly, Primal Magnesium claims to support natural energy levels. After all, magnesium is found in every cell in the body, and they say it contributes greatly to cellular energy production. 

Overall, Primal Magnesium is meant to offer total body wellness support. But is it actually an effective magnesium formula?

Read on to find out!

Primal Magnesium Ingredients

Primal Magnesium has two main ingredients: magnesium and zinc. 

Although it’s technically four ingredients because there are three forms of magnesium (glycinate, malate, and citrate). 

primal magnesium supplement facts

Magnesium (310mg)

Primal Magnesium offers 310mg of magnesium per serving, which is a large dose that contributes 74% of the Daily Value (which is an average based on what most people generally need). 

When you’re not getting enough magnesium, there is an increased risk of heart problems, mood issues, muscle cramps, headaches, and sleep issues. So, supplementing with magnesium may help improve all of those areas. 

Also, Primal Magnesium comes in three chelated forms (glycinate, chelate, malate), which are generally easier on the digestive tract AND easier to absorb and utilize. We’ve seen more and more products start to take this approach, such as MagTech, which is a good thing!

Zinc (8mg)

The other mineral in Primal Magnesium is zinc, unfortunately, it’s in zinc oxide form, which isn’t that bioavailable.

Generally, zinc contributes to immune health, hormone function, brain health, and inflammation responses, among other things.

Does Primal Magnesium Work?

Primal Magnesium seems very likely to work for restoring magnesium levels and improving a variety of health outcomes. 

It contains three bioavailable forms of magnesium. And the total dosage is high, which increases the likelihood that it’ll actually give you the amount you need to feel better. 

Now, keep in mind that results will vary. And it takes time for magnesium to work, typically at least a few weeks. But overall, Primal Magnesium seems to be a quality magnesium supplement.

How Does Primal Magnesium Compare?

Primal Magnesium is a high-quality magnesium supplement that is generally set apart from most of the magnesium formulas out there.

This is because it has bioavailable forms of magnesium and includes an effective dosage. In contrast, most products contain oxide or other poorly absorbed forms and use way too small amounts, which is unlikely to help much at all. 

magnesium powder

And it’s still priced right around what most of the other magnesium supplements are, despite being of higher quality. So the overall value is high.

In fact, it’s much lower than some magnesium supplements, such as Magnesium Breakthrough. Granted, Magnesium Breakthrough has 500mg of magnesium per serving and contains 7 forms of magnesium. But still, it’s priced at over a dollar per serving, whereas Primal Magnesium is essentially half that cost, while still having good doses and ingredients. 

Who is Primal Magnesium Best For?

Primal Magnesium is best for people who want a quality magnesium supplement to support a healthy heart, muscle function, mood, and overall health. 

Due to the higher dosage, it’s ideal for people who want to restore magnesium levels perhaps a bit faster than other magnesium supplements, or who generally just have a hard time getting enough magnesium from their diets.

Pros & Cons


  • High dose of magnesium
  • Contains three highly bioavailable forms of magnesium
  • Low cost per serving
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Several ways to save money
  • Just two capsules per day


  • Not a great form of zinc
  • Contains magnesium stearate & silicon dioxide

How to Take Primal Magnesium

Primal Magnesium comes in capsule form. The serving size is two capsules. Ideally, they say to take one capsule in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. 

Is Primal Magnesium Safe?

Primal Magnesium is generally safe for most people to take. It’s a pretty high dose of magnesium, but nothing that warrants concern for most. 

Possible side effects of Primal Magnesium are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Other digestive issues
  • Headache
  • Changes in heart rate

Primal Magnesium is made in the USA in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility. It is free from major allergens, although it’s processed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy. 

Where to Buy Primal Magnesium

You can buy Primal Magnesium on the Primal Harvest website here.

There are 60 servings (120 capsules) per bottle. The regular price is $34.95. They also offer bulk savings (2, 3, or 4 bottles at a time), as well as a Subscribe & Save option, which decreases the cost by 20%. 

Here are those discounted prices:

  • Two Bottles: $63.90
  • Three Bottles: $89.85
  • Four Bottles: $115.80
  • Subscribe & Save: $27.96/bottle

Overall, Primal Magnesium costs between $0.47 and $0.58 per serving, which is definitely a budget-friendly price, especially considering the ingredient quality and dosage. 

Primal Harvest also offers a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Verdict: Primal Magnesium Review

All in all, Primal Magnesium is one of the best magnesium supplements out there. It contains three bioavailable forms of magnesium, and offers a high dose (310mg) of magnesium per serving, yet still costs around just 50 cents per serving. 

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, yet inexpensive magnesium formula, Primal Magnesium seems to be a solid choice.


  • Ingredient Quality: 4.5
  • Ingredient Dosage: 4.7
  • Effectiveness: 4.4
  • Safety: 4.0
  • Value: 4.7
  • Comparison to Alternatives: 4.5
  • Company Trustworthiness: 4.3

Overall Rating:
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Jack Cincotta, MS

Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.

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