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MagTech Magnesium Review – An In-Depth Look At This Natural Stacks Supplement

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MagTech Review

If you like companies that value transparency, efficacy, science, and natural health, you’re going to love Natural Stacks. That’s because these values are all at the top of their list when it comes to producing some of the top nootropic blends in the industry today.

Their mission of “better brain, better life” is also wonderfully simple, and as a company that lets you not only know what’s in their products, but also where each ingredient was sourced, they’re highly trustworthy.

You may be familiar with other Natural Stacks products, such as CILTEP Mental Performance Supplement. So, here’s a look at one of their simpler formulas, MagTech, which brings breakthrough research to the table in formulating what they claim to be magnesium in its most bioavailable form. Let’s dive into this review of MagTech Magnesium!

Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium Bottle

About MagTech Magnesium

MagTech Magnesium may seem like just another magnesium supplement in a crowded market, though it goes a step beyond and ensures your body—and most importantly, your brain–absorbs everything you’re paying for.

It does this using a blend of 3-types of magnesium known for having the highest absorption rates: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate. No, you don’t need to understand the difference between them to reap their benefits, though it is good to know that they work well enough that you’re not just producing expensive urine, which is what happens in the case of magnesium in its less absorbable forms.

MagTech Magnesium Benefits

Increase Synapse Density

Synapse loss is not only detrimental to a good memory; it may be a marker for Alzheimer’s disease. But magnesium helps protect your brain’s synapsis and increase the density of these critical communicators so that you have better memory, feel less stress, and get better sleep along with many other benefits.

Support Healthy Cognitive Aging

By boosting your brain’s synapse density, your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease may go down. This is important since research suggests that synapse density declines with age, as does short and long-term memory.

But with its outstanding absorption rate, MagTech can help reverse this so that your brain ages in a healthy way, which keeps your quality of life high.

Support Healthy Learning And Memory

Magnesium is a mineral with some wonderful properties, including the ability to help you learn and remember things. It also helps guard against age-related memory decline, since it improves synapse density and nerve health, both of which are associated with learning and memory.

Promote Relaxation And Support Quality Sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep despite cutting down on caffeine, exercising more, avoiding stress, etc., chances are it’s due to magnesium deficiency—a common affliction in our modern world.

Better sleep is a well-known benefit of many magnesium supplements, including others such as EASE Magnesium. That’s because magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxer that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep so that you feel better, look better, and enjoy better health.

It also increases GABA activity in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for helping you manage stress, relax, and maintain healthy motor control and eyesight.

MagTech Magnesium Benefits

MagTech Magnesium Ingredients

Magnesium 200 mg from: 


By being the only type of magnesium to successfully cross the blood/brain barrier, magnesium L-threonate provides greater protection against cognitive decline than “regular” dietary magnesium. For instance, in one test, rats given a supplement of MgT along with a healthy, magnesium-rich diet showed improved cognitive ability, and synapse density over rats fed the same diet without the supplement.


Taurine is an amino acid that binds with GABA receptors in your body to help calm and control your nervous system. It also boosts the absorption rate of magnesium so that you get more of its calming effects.


Glycine is an amino acid that stimulates your body’s production of HgH, or human growth hormone (that’s the stuff that helped Barry Bonds never miss a fastball for an entire season). No, using an amino acid to stimulate growth hormone naturally in your body won’t cause many of the dangerous side effects of injecting it, though it will help you sleep better, maintain lean muscle mass, and feel great in general.

Plus, it apparently also helps boost magnesium’s absorption rate, so double the benefits!

Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium Ingredients

Does MagTech Magnesium Work?

Sure, it’s easy to let cynicism take over and consider “magnesium to be magnesium,” so why pay more for some special kind of it?

Because there is a difference, that’s why.

While yes, it’s true that any magnesium added to your system makes a difference—especially for those of us deficient in it—when it has the unique ability to pass through the blood/brain barrier, the difference becomes profound.

Plus, there’s science proving Mag Tech’s efficacy is what Natural Stack’s claims, which goes along with their extreme company transparency and 100% money-back guarantee.

Who Is MagTech Magnesium Best For?

You don’t need to be deficient in magnesium to see benefits form Mag Tech, since it goes a step beyond what regular dietary magnesium can do. Yes, both will help relieve stress, relax your muscles, help you sleep better, and get your neurons communicating well with each other, though Mag Tech increases synapse density over that of dietary magnesium. This makes it ideal for us as we age.

Granted, you don’t need to be old to reap the benefits of improved synapse density, and anyone interested in bolstering their mental clarity, memory, and learning ability will love the results of this product.

But, if you’re taking diuretics, heart medications, or antibiotics, you need to check with your doctor before supplementing with magnesium and amino acids.

If you are deficient in magnesium, it’s also likely that you will experience some overactive bowels at first, though this normally passes within a day-or-so. Still, you’re probably going to experience some “deep cleaning” at first, so be prepared.

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Claims vs. Reality

Natural Stacks is a company that backs its claims with science and transparency, and just in case that’s not enough for you, they also guarantee their products with a 100%, no-question guarantee. In fact, they will even refund your money and still allow you to keep the product—even if it’s unopened.

And so far as what they claim with Mag Tech, yes, it will have you thinking more clearly with improved synapse density along with magnesium’s many other benefits, and your money back whether it does so or not!

Is MagTech Magnesium Safe?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is common in foods we eat, and the amino acids in Mag Tech’s formula are also common in food as well as some being formed naturally in the body. As with most compounds you consume daily, this means few—if any—side effects other than the product’s advertised efficacy.

But if you are deficient in magnesium and begin supplementing with it, you’re likely to experience some cleaning out of your system in the form of loose stools and diarrhea. Don’t fear, though, as for one thing, it’s getting rid of what you need to get rid of, and it also only lasts a day-or-so after starting supplementation. Once that’s done, you’re home-free to enjoy the better thinking, healthy aging, and high quality of life Mag Tech offers.

Where To Buy MagTech Magnesium

While Mag Tech is a scientifically formulated, high-quality product, its $34.95 retail cost for a +/- 1-month supply isn’t over-the-top expensive. Granted, it isn’t cheap either, but considering what you’re getting for just over $1-per-day, it’s worth it.

Plus, they offer an additional 25% savings when you set up a prescription with them, and another 15% when you order multiple products and “stack” them. This actually puts Mag Tech in the realm of many other “regular” magnesium supplements so far as affordable cost.

Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium Website

Along with the Natural Stack’s website, the product is widely available through retailers such as Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and other online and traditional retailers, both corporate and independent.

MagTech Magnesium Review
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MagTech Magnesium is an innovative magnesium supplement unlike any other on the market. By including magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate, MagTech Magnesium combines the calming, sleep-promoting powers of traditional magnesium supplements and adds the breakthrough technology of the super mineral magnesium,- L-Threonate, to elevate brain concentrations of magnesium. MagTech Magnesium claims to help restore your levels, elevate your brain health, and improve your sleep. Read this ultimate review of Magtech Magnesium to learn more.

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