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Hunter Test Review – Will This Testosterone Booster Work For You?

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Hunter is a company committed to producing “supplements that drive success,” and do so using all-natural, science-backed formulas produced in the US and UK. The company appears to be brand new, having just released their line of nootropic blends, including “Test,” which is their testosterone booster, “Burn,” their fat-burner, and “Focus,” which is their blend of mental-boosters.

Hunter Test

As one of the few testosterone boosters that doesn’t require cycling or have ingredients that can get you booted from competitions, there’s little reason to doubt the claims that this supplement is safe. For this review, we’ll explore Hunter Test to see if it is indeed one of the safest, most effective testosterone boosters on the market.

Hunter Test Review: Key Facts
🙂 Benefits Boosts Testosterone, Increases Energy, Promotes Mental Strength
💊 Ingredients Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Key Vitamins
💰 Pricing $75/bottle
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🏢 Company Hunter

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Hunter Test Benefits

Increased Energy And Endurance

One of the main benefits of testosterone is its positive effect on energy and endurance. In fact, one of the conditions most commonly associated with waning T levels is fatigue, and many of us are aware of the stamina a testosterone boost gives us in the gym.

With its blend of ingredients specifically designed to raise testosterone naturally, you should be feeling more energetic, and increased endurance after the recommended 3-month period it takes to allow the product to take full effect.

Unstoppable Motivation

A byproduct of increased energy and endurance is unstoppable motivation. Add in testosterone’s positive effects on mental outlook, and it’s like nothing is in your way.

You’re here to live your best life possible, and so long as Hunter Test works as well as advertised, it may well be your secret to success.

Mental Strength

While unproven, there is evidence of a connection between mental decline and age-related T decline, and there is also evidence of older men with elevated T levels performing better on cognitive tests than those with normal levels.

Above all is the fact that with confidence comes mental strength, and T is all about confidence.

Unbreakable Confidence

Depression, weakened muscles, and increased bodyfat all have two things in common: they’re symptoms of low T, and they all contribute to low self-esteem.

But those with healthy T levels are all about confidence both in knowing who they are, but of what they’re capable of accomplishing.

Overall, the big question isn’t whether T can boost your confidence, mental strength, motivation, and endurance, but whether Hunter Test performs as advertised.

Hunter Test in 2 pack

Hunter Test Ingredients

Hunter Test has a solid list of nine ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Hunter Test supplement facts

D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid found in dairy, eggs, and barley that is known to increase serum testosterone levels by up to 60%. It does this by inducing the release of the T precursor Luteinizing protein and speeding up the rate your body converts cholesterol to male hormones.

This is also conducive to the product being used consistently in its recommended amounts for 3-months.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that can boost testosterone levels by as much as 20% in those who take a 3332 IU supplement consistently for a year. With 5000 IU of vitamin D3 in Hunter Test, there is more than enough not only to see male hormone increases, but for bone health, positive mental outlook, immune health, and many other benefits known to be associated with vitamin D3. This ingredient can also be found in many other testosterone boosters, such as Prime Male.

Vitamin K2

By working to stop the buildup of arterial calcium, vitamin K2 allows healthy blood flow so that more T-boosting vitamin D3 is circulated throughout the body.

It is also known to be a T-booster itself, which can increase levels dramatically in as little as 5-weeks.

Panax Ginseng

Panax—or Asian Ginseng—contains a compound called “ginsenoside” that is responsible for raising serum T levels. In fact, one 2013 study concluded that it not only elevated T levels in rats, it also decreased prostate size—another concern for aging men.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, in that it is an herb which adapts to your body’s energy needs. It is also known to help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol levels, and naturally increase T levels and sperm count.

In fact, at least one controlled study saw an increase in serum T levels, sperm count, and mobility in 75 men undergoing infertility screening.

Boron Chelates

Boron is a trace mineral and micronutrient that is essential for bone health, wound healing, magnesium absorption, and the production of the hormones testosterone, vitamin D, and estrogen.

It has, in fact, been proven that a daily 6mgs of boron can increase free testosterone levels by as much as 25% in as little as 1-week. With that, the 10mg in Hunter Test should do quite nicely in bumping your testosterone levels to where they need to be. This is another ingredient that can be found in other testosterone boosters, like Alpha X Boost.


Many of us are deficient in zinc, and there is a direct correlation between cellular zinc and serum testosterone levels.

With 30mgs of zinc included in Hunter’s formula, there is enough not only to keep your T levels where they should be, but for zinc’s other benefits, which include immune health, protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, and wound healing.

Indole-3 Carbinol

Aromatase is an enzyme that keeps T levels in check through a process called “aromatization,” in which excess testosterone is converted to estrogen.

Indole-3 carbinol–a substance found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli or kale–has the ability to naturally inhibit aromatase so that you can safely enjoy the benefits of higher T levels.


Along with zinc, magnesium is a key mineral many of us are deficient in, and which may be causing lower T levels in many of us.

With 200mg of magnesium oxide included in Hunter’s formula, there is enough to work in unison with the product’s other ingredients to not only boost your T levels, but help you sleep better, have more relaxed muscles, better heart health, and less risk for chronic disease.

Does Hunter Test Work?

With plenty of science backing the ingredients in Hunter Test, and with ample amounts of each working in synergy with one-another to keep your body producing T the way it was meant to, there is no reason this product shouldn’t work as advertised.

Granted, it is likely best for those experiencing a drop in their T production rather than for those already at healthy levels to boost them through the roof, so don’t expect the product to help you look like a WWE wrestler by next month.

But, for those wanting to return to feeling their best safely, naturally, and without dangerous side-effects, Hunter Test should work nicely for you.

Hunter Test Tablets

Who Is Hunter Test Best For?

For those 18-and-older in need of a natural boost to their testosterone levels, Hunter Test is for you. This includes women, athletes, and men over the age of 40 experiencing age-related hormone decline (AKA andropause), as well as anyone seeking the benefits of Test’s ingredients. This includes bone health, better sleep, increased immunity health, and many more benefits its all-natural ingredients deliver.

Claims vs. Reality

The reality is that Hunter makes good claims. So long as the product is used as directed, there is no reason not to expect a healthy supply of gonadal hormones within 6-months. This includes possibly reversing age-related testosterone decline.

Is Hunter Test Safe?

The wonderful thing about a product containing healthy, all-natural ingredients is they help your body become healthier rather than taxing its extremes.

With Hunter Test, the only possibilities for side-effects are from allergies to any of its ingredients, or overuse of the product. Otherwise, you can use the product day-in-and-day-out, no cycling, and no substances to get you banned from competition.


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Where To Buy Hunter Test

You can purchase Hunter Test on their official website. As with most quality nootropics, at $75 for a one-month supply, Hunter Test isn’t cheap.

You do have the option of getting a freebie, though, when you order a 4-month supply for $225. They also offer a 2 month supply at $150. Since the product is fully guaranteed and risk-free, you aren’t risking getting stuck with something that doesn’t work for you, so this is far and away the best purchase option.

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You can get Hunter Test and Hunter’s other two formulas—Burn and Focus—from their website, though the products don’t seem to be available anywhere else at this time.

Hunter Test Review
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Hunter Test is a dietary supplement that is a premium testosterone booster specially designed for men. This supplement claims to do wonders in terms of offering a brand-new opportunity to experience a defined body shape, upgrade your mindset, and improve both your work and home life. It has a rich variety of ingredients that claim to help significantly increase testosterone count. Is Hunter Test all it claims to be? Does it really work? Read our review of Hunter Test to learn the answer to those questions and more.

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