Best Multivitamin – Our 4 Top Choices For Overall Health And Wellness

Multivitamins are common supplements used today to help people meet their daily vitamin and nutrient needs. Multivitamins are often pretty convenient as they allow you to meet these vitamin requirements through one supplement, which is beneficial in terms of saving money as well. Multivitamins often contain essential ingredients like iron, the B vitamins, Vitamins A, D, E, and K, amino acids, and fatty acids. Many multivitamins contain unique formulas but adhere to the 13 essential vitamins and 16 minerals that are proven to be instrumental in our health.

The efficacy of multivitamins is a topic that is pretty heavily debated today. Many researchers do not believe multivitamins are effective as many supplemental vitamins and minerals are not readily absorbed by our bodies, or bioavailable. It really comes down to the unique multivitamin product, though. 

Best Multivitamin Supplement

The Different Forms Of Multivitamins

Multivitamin supplements are often catered to fit a certain population. For instance, there are men and women’s multivitamins, kids’ multivitamins, and multivitamins for pregnant women. They differ based on essential ingredients and vitamins included in the multivitamin. For instance, pregnant women may take a multivitamin that contains folic acid.

Common forms of multivitamins include tablets, soft-gel capsules, liquid forms, and gummy/ chewable forms. The form of multivitamin can be more important than you think as some products contain special capsules that are better designed to enhance bioavailability within the body. Additionally, many chewable vitamins/ gummy vitamins contain additives and added sugars like high fructose corn syrup, which should be avoided.

Different Forms Of Multivitamins

Multivitamin Benefits

The benefits of multivitamins really vary based on the ingredients listed in each formula. However, based on the assumption that all multivitamins contain this essential blend of critical vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, the following are some researched benefits of multivitamins:

  • May help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • May help prevent cancers
  • Boost our immune systems
  • Help enhance our brain function
  • Help boost our eye health
  • Contributes to healthy hormone levels
  • Contributes to healthy pregnancies for women
  • Contributes to healthy development for kids
  • May help bone and joint health
  • May prevent the common cold
Benefits of taking multivitamins

Why Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Multivitamins are not required for good health by any means. In fact, many people are able to meet their daily needs for essential vitamins and minerals from dietary sources alone. However, a lot of people need a multivitamin to help fill nutritional gaps. Your vitamin and mineral needs depend on your individual health concerns and conditions, and you should consult with a doctor before you take a multivitamin.

Once you determine your nutrient needs, you can select a specific product. For instance, maybe you’re vegan/ vegetarian and need a plant-based formula. Maybe you are iron deficient and need an iron-rich multivitamin. It really depends on your own health and nutrient needs.

Multivitamin Supplement For Sickness

Do Multivitamins Really Boost Health?

The efficacy of multivitamins is hotly debated by researchers today. Many believe they are not effective as they are not bioavailable. Other researchers believe that manufacturers do not include enough of individual vitamins in the formula to meet the vitamin/mineral RDAs. For instance, researchers found that taking a multivitamin supplement was not associated with a reduction in cases of strokes or heart attacks. On the other hand, some researchers have found that daily multivitamin use for a long-term period of time reduced the risk of cancer in males with no former history of cancer.

As one can tell, the research is pretty mixed. However, that doesn’t mean you should rule out multivitamins altogether. They can offer vitamins and nutrients that you may not be getting enough of in your diet. However, always research the multivitamin product you are looking to take. For example, taking too much Vitamin D and Vitamin A can be toxic to our health, so always make sure the amounts of each vitamin in the multivitamin are approved and informed by FDA guidelines.

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Best Multivitamins

Care/of Multivitamin

Care/of Multivitamin

Care/of is a supplement subscription company has really taken the lead in the vitamin and nutrient community. They offer daily vitamin packs tailored to your individual needs. Many choose to include a daily multivitamin in their pack. Care/of’s multivitamin includes vitamins derived from whole foods and vitamins that have been fermented to aid in digestion. This “Daily Double” multivitamin contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, D, E, and K, the B vitamins, calcium, manganese, and zinc. They also include other beneficial and unique ingredients like maca, oregano, turmeric, ginger, and silica. This multivitamin is also gluten-free and vegan, which makes it free from the top allergens.


Persona Multivitamin

Persona Multivitamin

Persona is another popular vitamin and supplement company. All of their supplements and vitamins are tailored to your individual needs and are highly bioavailable. They also adhere to FDA guidelines and offer assessments to determine what your daily supplement pack should contain. Their vegan, non-GMO multivitamin contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals, while also containing other unique compounds proven to be beneficial for our health, including lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein. Their formula also contains a unique form of folate known as Quatrefolic, which helps enhance mood and supports heart health.


Rootine Multivitamin

Rootine Multivitamin

Rootine is a popular supplement subscription service that offers personalized supplements based on your DNA. This company tests your DNA to determine what nutrients and minerals your body needs. Their supplements also come in a unique microbead form that is slow-released to mimic food intake, while also highly bioavailable. Their multivitamin contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals and offers dosages of the vitamins that are unique to your individual needs. They also include unique ingredients like alpha lipoic acid for antioxidant support and coenzyme Q10 for heart health.


Feel Multivitamin

Feel Multivitamin

Feel is a monthly subscription multivitamin that offers an in-house formula with 33 ingredients in their highest bioavailable and purity forms. The formula contains coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, 10 minerals, 15 vitamins, and 6 phytonutrients. BioPerine, a manufactured form of pepperine, is also included as it helps increase the bioavailability of many of these vitamins and minerals. The formula also includes reishi mushrooms, which are known to have unique health benefits, as well as L-glutamine, which has gained notoriety as it has been proven to improve digestion. Their platform is also very user-friendly, and their packaging is eco-friendly as well. They are a newer company, but the reviews are very high, especially for their multivitamin.


Getting More Vitamins In Your Diet

Although multivitamins may seem like a great option to boost your health, they are in no way, shape, or form a means to avoid consuming a healthy diet. The nutrients and vitamins in a multivitamin are not the same as those you get from dietary sources. In fact, dietary sources of these essential vitamins and minerals are always the better option, and your body absorbs these nutrients far more readily than those from a pill.

Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fatty acids, legumes, and whole grains is a great way to get a wide array of these essential vitamins and minerals. It’s also important to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as these foods often provide many different essential vitamins and nutrients. You can also consult with a doctor or nutritionist to determine the foods you should consume for your own health concerns. For instance, if you are looking to get more iron in your diet, eating meat is a good option. However, people who do not eat meat should consume foods rich in iron like leafy greens and always consume them with a Vitamin C source to increase their absorption.

You can also consult with a nutritionist to find foods to help with eyesight, inflammation, bone/joint disorders, and many other conditions. The good news about dietary sources of vitamins is that there are often no adverse side effects, and they can often replace the hundreds of dollars many people spend on supplements each month.

The Importance Of Multivitamins

Multivitamins can be very beneficial for your health as they can help fill nutritional gaps you may be missing. Although the efficacy of multivitamins is very conflicting, that doesn’t mean they should be ruled out. In fact, they can complement your daily routine quite nicely, especially as many of these supplement subscription services offer unique formulas that include herbs and adaptogens that may prove beneficial for your health with no adverse side effects. As always, consult with your doctor first to determine your nutritional needs, or use one of the subscription services listed above to make your multivitamin formula more unique to your individual needs.

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