Onnit Total Human Review – A Thorough Look At This Supplement Pack

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Let’s face it: getting in enough nutrients each day can be a challenge, especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Plus, it can be difficult to keep track of which foods provide which nutrients, adding to the stress. But this is where multivitamins come into play for many. 

After all, multivitamins make it extremely easy to ensure you’re hitting your daily requirements no matter what, of course when combined with a high-quality healthy diet.

Yet, if you’ve ever gone to the grocery store or been online, then you’ve likely noticed the wide range of multivitamins available. It seems like there’s a multivitamin for everything! Whether you’re looking for a vegan multivitamin, a hair multivitamin, or a multivitamin for all-around use — there’s a multivitamin for that! 

With so many out there, from Feel Multivitamins to Biotek Bio-35, how do you know which multivitamin will have what you need?

Fortunately, Onnit Labs, Inc. has your back when it comes to shopping for a multivitamin. They offer a unique supplement pack — called Total Human — that makes the entire multivitamin process simple and effective for anyone.


You might’ve seen Total Human blasted all over your social media feed, but don’t worry if you haven’t — we’ve got all the details below to make sure you know if Onnit Total Human is truly right for you! So, let’s take a closer look in this Onnit Total Human Review.

What Is Onnit Total Human? 

As we mentioned above, Total Human is a multivitamin supplement pack. Anyone familiar with the product line offered at Onnit Labs, Inc. would be familiar with the Total Human pack, even if they’ve never heard of it.

That’s because Total Human is a combination of some of their most effective products, including Alpha Brain, Stron Bone, Shroom Tech Support, Total Human B Complex, New Mood, ViruTech, Key Minerals, Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella.

As a result, Onnit Total Human is much more than a multivitamin and contains clinically-studied ingredients from many different compounds.

When you look at most multivitamins on the market, they will typically be formulated into a single “magic pill” that provides your body with what it needs.

Onnit Total Human, on the other hand, is split up into two different packs — their Total Human Day Pack and Total Human Night Pack.

Onnit Total Human Box And Packets

Each pack will contain several different pills (from the list above) that target specific areas of the body. As you can probably imagine, one pack will be taken during the day and one at night. Not only will it give your body exactly what it needs to perform 24/7, but it will ensure you’re getting those essential vitamins and other nutrients at the appropriate times. 

Overall, Onnit Total Human is more than just a multivitamin; it’s a daily regimen that can bring out the best version of yourself in many ways.

Onnit Total Human Benefits

With its diverse ingredient profile, Onnit Total Human is advertised to lead to a number of health benefits, especially for:

  • Improvements in Mood and Energy

  • Immune Health

The Total Human Day Pack is specifically designed to increase alertness, focus, productivity, and energy, so you can be at your best during all hours of the daily grind. And the Total Human Night Pack is advertised to promote restful sleep while increasing relaxation and recovery. Thus, this yin/yang combo of Onnit Total Human is designed to lead to optimal health and well-being. But is Onnit Total Human really the pinnacle of multivitamins? Read on to find out!

Onnit Total Human Ingredients

Total Human is an excellent concept that will appeal to both beginners and those that already know what they’re doing when it comes to multivitamins. As neat of an idea as it is, the value will purely reside in how effective the ingredients are, so let’s dive in.


In order to properly dissect this product, we’ll have to look at each pack individually — which will also mean taking a look at each of the individual products we listed above.

Both Packs

Total Human by Onnit night supplement facts

The first three supplements we will take a look at are Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. These three supplements will be found in both the day and night packs, meaning you’ll be taking them twice per day.

Let’s see what we have here!

Shroom Tech Immune

As the name suggests, Shroom Tech Immune is a mushroom and whole-food blend designed to support your immune system. One of the most prominent mushrooms used is Chaga, but they utilize several others, such as Cordyceps, Reishi, and Shiitake. All of these mushrooms offer antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory effects, while also stimulating the immune system as some research shows.

To make it even more effective, they combine the mushrooms with turmeric, ginger, lemon, oregano, and BioPerine. Turmeric and ginger are very anti-inflammatory and have been shown to boost the immune system. And all of these ingredients can improve digestion and gut health, which can improve immune function too.

Krill Oil

If you don’t know what krill are, they’re a shrimp-like crustacean found in the open seas. Much like we use fish oil in supplements, krill oil is also known to have benefits. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and other omega fatty acids as well as phospholipids, including EPA, DHA, phosphatidylcholine, and astaxanthin. It supports cognitive function and mental clarity, supports cardiovascular health, and decreases joint pain.

Many researchers are starting to prefer krill oil over fish oil, making it an excellent addition to Total Human — especially twice per day.

Spirulina & Chlorella

If you’re into green superfoods, you’ll really enjoy this supplement found in Total Human. Spirulina is a blue-green alga that is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. Chlorella is also known to be highly nutritious. 

In addition to providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these two superfoods are rich in amino acids, chlorophyll omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Taking this twice per day can be highly beneficial to anyone with poor nutrient status. 

Now that we’ve covered the three supplements you’ll find in both the Onnit Total Human day and night pack, let’s see what makes these packs different!

Onnit Total Human Day Pack

Onnit Total Human Day Pack

In addition to the three supplements above, Total Human’s Day Pack features four other supplements: Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, Stron Bone, and Total Human B Complex.

This pack is designed to give you the nutrients you need to get going in the morning and stay that way throughout the day. It targets your focus, energy production, endurance, and general wellness.

Let’s see what makes these four supplements so unique.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement and a very well-known one at that. (It is also one of the most popular Onnit supplements). It supports your memory, alertness, and focus while decreasing stress levels with ingredients like tyrosine, theanine, leucine, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, and huperzine-A.

Essentially, these other ingredients in Alpha Brain can increase levels of various neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and even GABA.

If you want your brain to perform at its best when you need it the most, Alpha Brain will help you achieve that optimal brain function. 

Shroom Tech Sport

Pairing well with the memory and focus booster is Shroom Tech Sport, which targets energy and endurance. A powerful blend of Cordyceps (fungi), vitamin B12, chromium, ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, green tea extract, and astragalus, Shroom Tech Support provides your cells with the cellular energy to get started with your day. Furthermore, it will continue providing that energy throughout the day when combined with a healthy diet. 

Vitamin B12 is one of the best among all the different vitamins and minerals for brain health, energy production, and overall feelings of well-being. 

There are many adaptogens in here (e.g. Cordyceps, ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea) which help to manage stress levels so they don’t wreak havoc on your body. And a lot of research shows adaptogens can improve endurance, cognitive function, strength, focus, and much more, indicating their benefits for both physical and mental health.

Stron Bone

Without strong and healthy bones, you won’t have the structural integrity to be active on a daily basis. Especially for those that exercise regularly, your bones are put under constant stress. Without the nutrients to support that, your active lifestyle could be doing more harm than good to your overall health. Stron Bone’s main ingredient is Strontium, which plays a major role in reducing bone breakdown and increasing new bone formation.

Stron Bone also contains vitamin E, vitamin K2, copper, manganese, potassium, boron, and BioPerine.

Total Human B Complex

B Vitamins are some of the most important vitamins your body needs on a daily basis. They provide energy, improve cognitive function, enhance neural pathways, play a role in cell metabolism, and help the immune system. It includes thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folate (vitamin B9), biotin (vitamin B7), and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

B vitamins are often depleted with demanding physical and mental tasks, so taking in extra B vitamins through supplementation can help to make sure you don’t get deficient and can function at peak performance. With the Total Human B Complex, your body will be ready for whatever’s in store.

Now that we’ve covered the Day Pack, it’s time to take a look at what the Night Pack will provide us. 

Onnit Total Human Night Pack

Since the Day Pack focused on supplements designed to get your body going, the Night Pack will provide supplements designed to wind your body down and help you get a good night’s rest.

There are three supplements at play here: New Mood, ViruTech, and Key Minerals.

Onnit Total Human Night Pack

By the time you take this pack, your body will be stressed, and you’ll be ready to call it quits for the day. The Night Pack will allow you to do so with a smile on your face, knowing that you put in a good day’s work. You’ll go to bed with a deserving attitude and wake up energized and refreshed!

Let’s take a closer look at the three supplements in Onnit Total Human Night Pack.

New Mood

They call it a “deep breath and a smile in a bottle.” New Mood is a stress-reliever that will help you sit back and relax after a long day of work, a nice workout, or whatever fun activities you had planned that day. It does this by combining L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP with Vitamin B6, which is known to improve serotonin production — a mood-regulating neurotransmitter that also acts as a hormone and has roles in sleep and overall brain function.

New Mood also contains magnesium, vitamin D3, niacin, valerian extract, chamomile extract, lemon balm extract, and jujube Extract, which all may aid relaxation and improve sleep quality. 

Valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, and jujube can all increase levels of GABA, which is a calming neurotransmitter that helps to banish racing thoughts and put you into a deep sleep.


ViruTech is a similar supplement to ShroomTech Immune because they both support the immune function. Yet, they do so in different ways. Whereas ShroomTech Immune is seen as a “phone call” to help wake up your immune system, ViruTech acts more as a “fire alarm” to put your immune system on high alert.

The three main ingredients are lysine, quercetin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, all of which are able to stimulate and/or modulate the immune system to promote optimal immune function.

But it also contains vitamin C, zinc, and selenium, all of which are powerful antioxidant compounds and provide further immune support. 

Key Minerals

The last supplement you’ll end your day with is a powerful blend of minerals. Much like the Total Human B Complex utilized a wide range of vitamins.

Key Minerals has calcium, iodine, magnesium, molybdenum, and boron. Together, these key minerals may enhance a variety of functions and systems in the body, allowing you to properly wind down and find peace at the end of a long day.

In particular, magnesium and molybdenum may reduce stress and improve sleep quality, while magnesium and boron can improve hormonal health too.

That concludes the Night Pack. Another solid blend of supplements that target the right areas and help you find that smile you’ve been hiding all day.


Does Onnit Total Human Work?

Overall, Onnit Total Human is a high-quality supplement that may be able to meet your various health needs. As we’ve seen, Total Human is actually a group of many different Onnit supplements designed to be an all-in-one package, delivering vital nutrients to the body.

When looking at this product, the first thing that comes to the surface is ingredient quality. They use primarily chelated minerals, active forms of vitamins, and other high-quality ingredients that have a high bioavailability, so this ensures you’re getting the most out of the ingredients. 

And it’s also nice that they put the ingredients into a Day Pack and a Night Pack, so you know exactly when to take the ingredients (and, more importantly, the ingredients ARE, in fact, best suited to be taken when they say). 

However, many of the ingredients are listed as blends, and even though they list the total weight of the blend, they often don’t say how much of each ingredient is in there, which puts a damper on the quality of this product.

It is also missing some vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and iron, among others, which some people might find inconvenient. 

But for the most part, Onnit Total Human provides the body with numerous vitamins and minerals, not to mention herbs, amino acids, and botanical nutrients that also are proven to increase many aspects of health and wellness. 

Some of the products are dosed too low, but since there are many ingredients working together, this may not be as big of an issue.

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Pros and Cons

All nutritional supplements are going to come with pros and cons that need to be considered before making a purchase or committing to anything. Since Onnit Total Human is literally 10 different component supplements in a pack, you can expect there to be some things to like and dislike.

The good news is, that the supplements in the pack are quality supplements that have been rated highly by consumers like you and me. But there definitely are some things Onnit could’ve done better. 


Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Total Human.


  • Packed full of goodies (i.e. it has ingredients that actually work)
  • A supplement pack that targets all the key areas, functions, and systems in the body
  • Split into a Day and Night Packs for convenience and optimal effectiveness
  • Can be taken anywhere with you (backpack, purse)
  • Provides 24/7 support — even when you’re sleeping!
  • If you’re a fan of their product line, Onnit’s Total Human is the ultimate gift to yourself!
  • Might seem expensive, but it’s cheap when you break down what it is you’re getting


  • You have to take a lot of pills per sitting
  • You have to take pills during the day and during the night
  • There are a lot of ingredients, so it could be exhausting for those that like to know what’s going into their body
  • Suboptimal dosages for quite a few ingredients
  • It likely won’t be optimal for everyone (very hard to make supplements that fit the exact unique needs of everyone)

Claims vs. Reality

Total Human doesn’t waste too much time with claims and guarantees. They’re rather blunt about what their product is, especially since they are already marketing the supplements individually.

They claim that their supplement packs are convenient packs providing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs for the body, particularly for brain, joint, bone, and immune health, as well as energy, alertness, mood, and sleep.Another one of their “claims” is that their product is “Better Than a Multivitamin.”

While they don’t make a lot of specific claims, they don’t really have to. It’s designed to be an all-in-one solution that gives your body the nutrients it needs when it needs it — and that’s exactly what it should do.

Ideally, it’d include higher doses of some ingredients, but by reading the ingredient label, you can see that every ingredient that has a daily value is dosed to at least 15% of the daily value, which would be considered a “good” source. by the FDA.

For the other ingredients that don’t have daily values (such as herbs and certain amino acids), Onnit Total Human is a bit on the lower end compared to research-backed dosages but still provides pretty solid amounts. 

In sum, I wouldn’t expect this product to make you superhuman, but it sure could help you cope with the physical and mental demands of daily life so you can perform, feel, and look a bit better than you are currently.

Who is it Best For?

With all things considered so far, Total Human by Onnit is best for health-conscious individuals who want a multi-faceted supplement to address both mental and physical health. This is a great supplement for anyone who faces a demanding schedule and lifestyle and needs around-the-clock support to function optimally. 

So, sure it could be for top-level CEOs and professional athletes, but it is also a nice option for the everyday Joe who still has to deal with deadlines, productivity concerns, after-work workouts, and taking care of the kids. 

Onnit Total Human Packets

Where to Buy Onnit Total Human: Dosage, Packaging, & Pricing

We’ve discussed all the quality ingredients included in the Total Human supplement packs, now let’s take a look at the actual product and how you can start adding it to your diet.

In regards to the packaging, they make Total Human easy to implement into any busy schedule. There’s no bottle involved, which is what you would get if you were to buy the supplements individually. Instead, they pre-package everything into daily, ready-to-use packs.

Each package will contain all the pills you need to take at that time, whether it be day or night.

onnit total human day and night packs

This allows you to avoid having to sort the pills out yourself. Just open the package and swallow the pills inside. They will also clearly label the nutrition facts of each pill on the ingredient label; that way, you know exactly what you’re putting in the body.

You can buy Onnit Total Human on the Onnit website at this product link

You can choose from a 7, 30, 60, or 90-day supply, which would be 14, 60, 120, or 180 total packs, since you have a day pack and a night pack.

Here are the prices for each option:

So, you can see most options cost $3.45 per day. Now, this seems very expensive, but keep in mind it is designed to be an all-in-one supplement. After all, many people pay more than this amount per day with all of the other supplements they use. And considering most of Onnit the supplements will cost $20-$60 individually, Total Human is an easy way to get them all and save some money. 

It still doesn’t make this product “cheap” by any means, but these are some points to consider before buying so you don’t automatically write it off as too expensive.

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Final Verdict For Onnit Total Human

Overall, this is a very unique and potentially beneficial supplement for many people. With its numerous research-backed and high-quality ingredients, Onnit Total Human may help you bring out the best version of yourself in many different ways. It may help you to wake up fresh, have a productive morning, effectively get through your day, wind down to end the day, and improve your sleep for proper recovery.

Some might view it more as a lifestyle or regimen due to the number of pills you’ll be taking, but that’s generally the path you have to take if you want the maximum effect. Most multivitamins offer a lot of support, but they can’t pack everything Total Human provides into just one pill.

In my opinion, this is more designed for those who already enjoy Onnit’s product lines or have a lot of experience with supplements. At the same time, the way they divide it up into easy-to-use packs can appeal to beginners who might be just getting started with supplements.

Overall, Onnit Total Human is a great product that’s definitely worth the try!

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