Living Fuel SuperGreens Review – Is It The Meal Replacement You Need?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Living Fuel SuperGreens Review

How would you like to drink all the nutrition you need for a day with one whole-meal superfood mix? Living Fuel SuperGreens supplement mix allows you to do just that. It’s packed with all the nutrients you need to maintain optimal health.

Living Fuel SuperGreens drink mix is formulated to promote optimal health by providing the vitamins and minerals your body needs. It helps boost energy, increase muscle and bone density, improve mental clarity, enhance your immune system, and regulate blood sugar. One serving of this complete meal replacement greens-based powder fuels your body better than many whole food meals.

Living Fuel refers to their super greens powders as “The Super Meal You Can Drink!” They say it’s all your body needs, and it provides many great health benefits. The question is, does this drink mix really live up to all the hype? That’s what we’re here to find out. In this Living Fuel SuperGreens review, we’ll take a closer look at this supplement mix to see if it is truly all it claims to be. So, without anything further, let’s get started!

About Living Fuel SuperGreens

Living Fuel SuperGreens is a complete meal replacement supplement mix from Living Fuel, a well-known supplement company. Living Fuel aims to provide high-quality supplements with options such as this, SuperBerry Ultimate, and more. SuperGreens is greens-based and full of amino acids, essential fats, vegetable powders made from raw organic produce, and more good stuff. 

The company is proud to say that Living Fuel SuperGreens has a nutritional profile that outshines all the competition. It also has more nutritional value than most plates of real food. Though it’s sold as a supplement, it’s made from real food, so you aren’t taking in a bunch of fillers or synthetic ingredients.

Living Fuel Super Greens

This superfood greens powder gives you more energy, promotes weight loss, improves blood sugar levels, and stimulates cellular regeneration. 

Living Fuel SuperGreens Ingredients


  • Barley – vitamin A
  • Broccoli – anti-cancer phytochemicals
  • Spinach – vitamin C, A, K
  • Kale – lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health
  • Carrots – beta carotene antioxidant
  • Spirulina – beta carotene, vitamin B-12, GLA (Omega fatty acids)

Living Fuel SuperGreens formula contains healthy fats, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, botanical extracts, proteins, herbs, and plant fibers. 

They also have prebiotics and probiotics, as well as an ORACS level of 351,786 per serving. ORACS indicates the antioxidant score. Living Fuel SuperGreens has the highest ORACS score of any greens supplement on the market.

What You Won’t Find

Sometimes what’s not in a supplement is just as important as what is. SuperGreens is gluten-free. It isn’t made with any herbicides, added sugar, or GMOs. There aren’t any whey, eggs, or preservatives. You also won’t find nuts, soy protein, or any artificial colors and flavors. 

How to Use Living Fuel SuperGreens

You use this Living Fuel supplement as a meal replacement. You can simply mix two scoops (serving size) of the powder to 24 ounces of water and stir until well-blended. Use half a serving for children. It can also be mixed with milk varieties and juices. 

If you want to get creative with your Living Fuel SuperGreens powder, mix it into your favorite smoothie. You can add berries, other fruits, juice extracts, or chia seeds for added nutritional value. 

Living Fuel Super Greens -Direction

Living Fuel SuperGreens Benefits

The company lists a lot of benefits on the Living Fuel website. Note that this product has not been assessed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Below are the potential benefits.

  • Higher energy levels
  • Return to body’s homeostasis
  • Increase of immunity
  • Regulated digestive tract
  • Weight loss
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Increased strength and bone density
  • Stay full longer
  • Reduced cravings for junk food
  • Better mental clarity

The prebiotics and probiotics in SuperGreens work to detoxify your body. Improved digestion leads to higher metabolism and weight loss. You’ll feel revitalized and more energetic. 

Benefits of Living Fuel Super Greens - Higher energy levels

What Does It Taste Like?

If you mix Living Fuel SuperGreens with water only, the taste is earthy and nut-like. It’s not sweet and fruity like many other supplement powders are. 

If you add in some berries, coconut, and chia seeds, your Living Fuel SuperGreens drink tastes like a satisfying smoothie. You can try different recipes until you find the one you like best. 

Who Should Use Living Fuel SuperGreens?

Most adults and children can use Living Fuel SuperGreens. It’s a great way to get kids the amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals they need. 

This health drink mix is ok for anyone eating gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, or an alkaline diet. If you’re unsure about using this supplement, speak to your doctor for advice.

Living Fuel Super Greens - For Adults and Children

Living Fuel SuperGreens Competitors

Living Fuel Super Greens is hardly one of the only super greens supplements out in the market. There are tons of options from Biohm Super Greens to Ancient Nutrition Organic SuperGreens, so what sets Living Fuel apart? For starters, Living Fuel SuperGreens has a higher antioxidant score than any other super greens supplement or greens food. It also includes all of the nutrition you need from a meal in two scoops of powder. 

Living Fuel SuperGreens has more than just the vitamins and minerals that most similar supplements have. It’s formulated with a 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs and carbs to fiber. It regulates blood sugar levels and serves as a protein shake mix, as well. 

Some other supplements out there taste better than Living Fuel’s, but likely because of sweeteners or artificial flavors. You can mix this powder with almost anything you want, so you’ll get the flavor you like anyway.

Living Fuel SuperGreens is also expensive compared to many other supplements in this category. The ingredients are high-quality, with no fillers or junk added.

Is Living Fuel SuperGreens Safe?

Generally, no, there aren’t side effects when taking this supplement as it’s intended. 

However, if you take too much for your body, you may end up with some negative effects. The protein blend is made of yellow peas and brown rice. Sometimes too much protein can lead to stomach pain and diarrhea. 

There are also digestive enzymes that may cause bloating and gas. Vitamin C can lead to headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Some amino acids may cause swelling or dizziness. 

Most users don’t experience any side effects taking as directed. If you notice negative effects, stop taking Living Fuel SuperGreens and contact your physician.

Living Fuel SuperGreens Claims vs. Reality

The company claims it has the most nutritionally complete greens product in existence. We can’t say whether it is true or not, but we can say the nutritional information points to something close. The ingredients were clearly chosen to address all aspects of health. 

Living Fuel claims you’ll feel revitalized and more energetic drinking this supplement. Many users report feeling more energy. It has the ingredients needed to clean out your body and provide healthy fuel for a boost.

Living Fuel also claims SuperGreens will enhance your immunity. It’s chocked full of antioxidants. The ORACS score is higher than other similar supplements, as well as any greens foods.

The company claims, “it’s like the fountain of youth,” on its website. While it’s tough to prove that statement, it does have the ingredients to fight factors tied to aging, such as oxidation, angiogenesis, inflammation, and glycation.

Living Fuel Super Greens - Claims

Living Fuel SuperGreens Price

Living Fuel SuperGreens is priced at $84.97 for one bottle on the company’s official website. While this may look expensive, it’s not compared to what you’d pay for all of the vitamin and mineral supplements you’d have to buy to equal what’s in Living Fuel SuperGreens. It’s also made from real food. If you bought all the real food to make a meal with the same nutritional content SuperGreens has, you’d spend much more than what a serving of this powder costs.

While you can find cheaper greens powders like BPN Strong Greens and Ghost Greens, SuperGreens caters to the premium greens powder market with an ingredient profile to match.

Where to Buy Living Fuel SuperGreens

Living Fuel isn’t sold in a lot of places. You can buy Living Fuel SuperGreens on the company’s official website.

Living Fuel Super Greens Website

Conclusion: Living Fuel SuperGreens Review

Living Fuel SuperGreens is a good supplement for anyone looking for a way to get more nutritional value into their daily meals. You can mix this powder up to make a delicious meal replacement drink that provides all the vitamins and minerals you need, many health benefits, and keeps you full for longer than most foods. It’s a bit on the pricey side but is a high-quality nutritional supplement to keep you in optimal health.

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