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BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation Review – Is This Supplement Worth The Purchase?

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BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation Review

Foundation is a fitness supplement created by Brickhouse Nutrition. This product claims to decrease muscular fatigue and increase performance through its formula containing creatine monohydrate and Peak ATP. This product claims to increase muscle excitability, blood flow, and nutrient and oxygen delivery. During exercise, calcium levels inside muscle cells are depleted, causing muscular fatigue and a decrease in muscular excitability. This product also claims to increase the amount of extracellular calcium present during these workouts to enhance performance and reduce fatigue.

The reviews are pretty positive when it comes to Brickhouse Nutrition Foundation and exercise fiends rave about its efficacy. Let’s dive a little deeper into the product, though, with our review of BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation.

Foundation by BrickHouse supplement

BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation Benefits

Foundation is aimed at optimizing fitness performance for individuals looking to train harder in the gym.

Foundation by BrickHouse foundation

Below are the main benefits of Foundation.

Decreases Muscular Fatigue

The formula of creatine and ATP helps to increase muscle excitability, resulting in a greater amount of calcium as well. This helps to increase muscular contraction and enhance overall fitness performance.

Increases Blood Flow

The use of ATP in this formula allows for enhanced blood flow, which can help optimize performance during exercise as well. Researchers claim that ATP acts as a vasodilator, which increases the blood flow in response to exercise. In fact, when muscles are fatigued ATP is released into the blood, which binds to blood vessels and causes them to dilate, increasing blood flow. So supplemental ATP from this formula enhances that blood vessel dilation and overall blood flow.

This increased blood flow allows for better elimination of metabolic waste products as well as lactic acid, which allows for better recovery for muscles after exercise.

Increased Strength and Power

Our energy levels and overall strength during exercise relies on our ATP stores, but it only lasts about 5-10 seconds. To continue on with that strength and energy, creatine phosphate (made from creatine monohydrate, an ingredient in the formula) can regenerate ATP.

Foundation Ingredients

Foundation contains two ingredients: 2450 mg of creatine monohydrate and 400 mg of Peak ATP (Adenosine 5′-triphosphate disodium). These two ingredients have been chemically proven to increase blood flow, decrease muscular fatigue, enhance strength and power during workouts, and improve overall recovery after workouts.

Peak ATP is a popular form of ATP used in many formulas. Peak ATP provides you with a source of ATP as it goes directly to your bloodstream. This is helpful as our bodies do not produce a significant amount of ATP, and with more available, more power, strength, and endurance can be achieved during workouts.

Peak ATP can also help improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels, which helps with metabolic waste elimination and muscle growth. This enhanced blood flow also helps with lactic acid removal and thus less muscle fatigue. The amount of ATP that should be used is 400 mg for up to 12 weeks, which is what the Foundation formula contains.

Creatine has also been proven to help increase strength and exercise performance. Creatine basically increases phosphocreatine stores in your muscles, which are then used to make more ATP and provide you with more power, strength, and endurance for your workouts. However, some individuals believe that there are side effects to creatine, including nausea, bloating, and weight gain (notably from water), but these have not been widely proven through research.

Doses up to 4-5 grams have been deemed safe, and Foundation uses only 2.45 grams (2450 mg) in its formula. This lower amount allows the supplement to be taken for a longer duration, most likely up to 18 months.

Foundation also contains cellulose, stearate, and silicon dioxide as additives.

Foundation by BrickHouse supplement facts

Does BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation Actually Work?

Based on the science and reviews behind the Foundation product, it seems like it actually works. The two main ingredients of creatine and ATP have been scientifically proven to enhance overall performance. ATP seems like the more reliable supplement as it has been deemed pretty safe for use, and there are very few if any reported side effects. Creatine is also safe, especially given the low amount used in this formula; however, it is slightly controversial as many say it is ineffective in terms of exercise performance, and some have reported weight gain (although that is most likely associated with water retention and muscle growth).

Foundation by BrickHouse

Claims Vs. Reality

The claims made by this company concerning Foundation are not too hefty. They are claiming to help enhance exercise performance and strength and also aid in recovery through blood flow. Their claims are backed by science, and the company even provides links and references to studies that show that science.

However, as with many fitness supplements, there is this implied notion that it is a miracle product that will optimize all of your fitness efforts and get you in the best shape of your life, which is just not true. There really isn’t a miracle product like that, and even though the ingredients here are backed by science, there are also other factors like diet and lifestyle choices that also play a role.

Who Should Take BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation?

Foundation is a product made for bodybuilders, and competitive athletes as this product helps them increase their strength and power while also reducing fatigue and improving recovery. However, individuals that workout more casually can also benefit as Peak ATP can help increase productivity throughout the workout.

Foundation can also help aging adults and anyone looking to improve their body composition. Sarcopenia is the loss of body mass that usually occurs with age. The best way to combat this is through exercise, and Peak ATP helps optimize the effects exercise has on overall body mass.

BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation workout

Is Foundation Safe?

In terms of safety, ATP has been marked safe for use as a dietary supplement by the FDA in 1994. It has also been studied and proven to not be a stimulant or a supplement that could potentially raise blood pressure or heart rate. Creatine has also been marked safe and is deemed ok for use for up to 5 years. A concern with creatine is that high doses could damage the kidneys, liver, or heart and may cause muscle cramping.

In terms of side effects, there are not many reported side effects of Peak ATP. However, adenosine as a supplement may cause headaches, low blood pressure, nausea, chest pain, and anxiety, but only at high doses. Creatine in high doses may cause muscle cramping, bloating, digestive issues, as well as kidney and liver damage.


This company offers many links to other studies that show the efficacy of creatine and ATP. Below are some of the studies and links to those studies.

Where Can I Buy BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation?

Foundation is available directly from the Brickhouse Nutrition website for a sale price of $44.95 (originally $59.99). After researching other shopping sites, this seems to be the only platform selling this product.

Foundation by BrickHouse company logo
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Final Thoughts: Foundation By BrickHouse Nutrition

If you’re interested in a fitness supplement that can both decrease muscular fatigue and increase performance, then BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation may be what you’re looking for. While there is no magic pill, BrickHouse Nutrition does offer up multiple studies to demonstrate the efficacy of creatine and ATP.  Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a competitive athlete, or just someone who likes to go hard in the gym, BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation could be the supplement for you.

BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation Review
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Foundation is a creatine and ATP supplement manufactured by BrickHouse Nutrition. This supplement is formulated to optimize your muscle’s performance. It claims to increase overall strength, increase blood flood, reduce fatigue from overtraining, and aid in muscle recovery helping you to keep up with your daily work out or exercise routine. Is this supplement worth the cost? Read our thorough review of BrickHouse Nutrition Foundation and decide for yourself.

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