Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Review – Is This Meal Replacement Effective?

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By Leslie Waterson

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living fuel superberry ultimate review

There are a lot of ways to be healthy; there’s exercise, healthy eating, getting a good night’s rest, and many more options. One other specific way that many have turned to when it comes to fulfilling their health needs is supplements, specifically meal replacements. However, there are so many meal replacement options on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you? You start by reading reviews like this one.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate is a meal replacement supplement powder with an exceptional nutritional foundation. This isn’t some capsule you take along with your meals, this supplement claims to be a complete and balanced meal replacement. It’s made from real food and all-natural ingredients that provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidant compounds that support your health.

In our Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate review, we’ll look at all of the benefits they claim come from one scoop of Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate, as well as anything else you should know. Read on to see what we found out about this supplement!

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Supplement

What Is Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate?

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate is a meal replacement superfood supplement drink from Living Fuel, the same creators as SuperGreens. For Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate, you mix one scoop or two of powder with water, juice, or your preferred type of milk for a convenient and delicious meal full of concentrated superfoods. 

The drink is advertised as an energy booster that helps protect and build your immune system. It’s densely packed with botanical extracts, berry extracts, and antioxidant power. Living Fuel SuperBerry

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Powder Container

Who Is Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate For?

The target audience for SuperBerry Ultimate is anyone who wants to add more nutrition to their diet. Even children can drink this supplement. Kids have said it does taste great. 

It has benefits for all ages. It’s also free of high-allergen foods, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients. 

Adults should mix in two scoops of SuperBerry Ultimate, while kids should stir in just one scoop.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Ingredients

There is a lot of goodness in Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate. For starters, there are several types of the highest quality organic berries, as well as additional organic fruit. Berries are nature’s powerhouse fruit and provide tons of healthy benefits.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Supplement Facts

You’ll also find many essential fats and amino acids. There’s a lot of vitamin C, as well.

LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate has chia seeds in it, too. Chia seeds offer a lot of different health benefits. They’re packed full of powerful antioxidant compounds, so they’re great for reducing free radicals in the body and neutralizing pollutants.

One highly effective ingredient is Icelandic kelp powder. It’s high in vitamins B, A, and C and also contains some protein as well as almost the full range of essential amino acids. It works well for combating heart disease and supports healthier digestive enzymes.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Powder Scoop

What’s Not in Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate?

What you won’t find in SuperBerry Ultimate is just as important as what you will. You want to find ingredients that are natural and come from whole food. You want vitamins and minerals. 

What you don’t want are artificial flavors and colors. You don’t want to find genetically altered ingredients. You don’t want added sugar, harmful chemicals, or fillers. The following are what you won’t find in Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate:

  • Whey or soy protein
  • Artificial flavors or dyes
  • GMOs
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Preservatives or fillers
  • Herbicides or pesticides
  • Milk
  • Gluten
  • Eggs 
  • Nuts
  • Added sugar
  • Irradiation
  • Yeast

When you drink SuperBerry Ultimate, you’re drinking real food and a complete and balanced meal replacement smoothie. 

What Are Antioxidants?

By definition, antioxidants are compounds that prevent the oxidation of cells within the body. They keep your body healthy and stave off deterioration. 

Antioxidants come in different forms. Some are found in the different berries in this supplement powder. Vitamins C and E are both powerful antioxidants. Many minerals also have antioxidant properties and, of course, there are many antioxidant supplements out there. 

This SuperBerry Ultimate blend provides you with the antioxidants your body needs to fight off foreign invaders and give a boost to your immune system. It’s hard to find concentrated sources of antioxidants in these quantities outside of an antioxidant powder. 

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Benefits

One amazing benefit to using Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate is it provides an energy boost. It contains green tea catechins that increase energy and help with mental focus. 

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Label

The antioxidant power contained in this supplement helps protect you from foreign invaders and free radicals that wreak havoc in your body. These substances can cause accelerated aging and a plethora of health issues. Antioxidants keep you healthier.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate has 10 grams of dietary fiber per serving. The fiber and other nutrition helps clear your digestive system and leads to better functioning of the intestines.

This supplement powder also helps to stimulate better metabolism, which aids in attaining weight loss goals. 

The 30 grams of protein per serving fuel your muscles and improve bone density. The protein comes from organic brown rice bran and peas. Each serving has at least as much protein as six egg whites.

SuperBerry Ultimate helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, as well. It contains sea vegetables, phytochemicals, and different berries, all of which regulates blood sugar levels.

It’s also possibly cancer preventing, especially with regards to colon cancer. It helps fight arterial disease, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and promotes better skin health.

What Does SuperBerry Ultimate Taste Like?

The flavor is pleasing. It has the sweetness you’d expect from berry extracts but with a little tang from the green tea catechins. Most users say Living Fuel products taste great.

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Drink And Powder

The taste is bold. It’s refreshing and craveable. And the soluble plant fibers make it filling, also.

Is Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Safe?

There aren’t any reported negative side effects. We will say it’s best to ease into using a complete meal replacement supplement like this. It has so much goodness, your body may need a minute to get used to what you’re giving it. 

You may need to adjust your dose if you find you’re feeling bloated or having digestive tract discomfort. Then you can try increasing your dose up to the regular serving size little by little.

Claims vs. Reality

The company claims that Living Fuel products are complete meal replacement options that help users maintain optimal health. The reality is that SuperBerry Ultimate is made of real food that has densely packed nutrients in it. It’s filling enough and has all the nutrition you need from a complete meal.

The company claims on the Living Fuel website, “It’s like the Fountain of Youth.” The supplement was formulated with fighting disease and aging in mind. It helps by neutralizing pollutants, slowing oxidation of cells, and providing the fuel that cells need to stay strong. This is a realistic statement.

All of Living Fuel’s claims about SuperBerry Ultimate seem to be supported. Users rave about the energy they feel and the taste of the supplement. We found it does make you feel more vibrant and focused.

Where to Buy Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate

Living Fuel has its own website where you can order SuperBerry Ultimate.

living fuel superberry ultimate site

You can place orders one at a time for $99.97 or sign up for a subscription to save money. There is also a loyalty points program in place. 

Final Thoughts: Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate Review

Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate is a well-rounded supplement that has something to offer almost anyone. It’s high in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and is made from whole food. It’s easy to use, promotes optimal health, and gives you a simple way to get a lot more concentrated superfoods into your diet.

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