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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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bpn strong greens review

If you’re an athlete or anyone looking for peak performance, chances are you’ve at least looked into greens supplements, it not already tried some out for yourself. 

After all, greens and superfood supplements can potentially be great ways to fill in nutritional gaps and help you feel and perform better, both mentally and physically. 

And in this review, we’ll look at one greens product called BPN Strong Greens to see just how effective it is as a superfood supplement. 

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About BPN Strong Greens

BPN Strong Greens is made by Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), which is founded by Nick Bare, a former US Army infantry officer. This supplement company has made a variety of other well-known options, including BPN Strong Reds, BPN Peak Sleep and BPN In Focus.

Not only is BPN Strong Greens formulated to deliver powerhouse nutrition, it’s also made to, you know… not taste like grass, so you can actually enjoy drinking it. 

It has a number of key superfood ingredients to benefit many aspects of health and wellness, such as wheat grass, chlorella, turmeric, beet juice, and ashwagandha. All in all, BPN Strong Greens offers vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help you reach peak performance. 

BPN Strong Greens Benefits

The primary advertised benefits of taking BPN Strong Greens on a daily basis include:

  • Improved Energy, Cognition, and Focus
  • Digestive Support/Gut Health
  • Nutrient Support
  • Enhanced Immunity
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Energy, Cognition, and Focus

The wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the superfoods in Strong Greens are designed to support a natural increase in energy, cognition, and focus. The inclusion of adaptogens such as ashwagandha also plays a role here. 

Digestive Support/Gut Health

BPN Strong Greens is also advertised to support your digestive system and overall gut health with many fiber- and vitamin-rich greens and other superfoods. 

Nutrient Support

There are also a number of “powerhouse” plants in BPN Strong Greens to provide a number of critical nutrients for your overall health and performance. 

Enhanced Immunity

Finally, BPN Strong Greens is advertised to enhance your immune system function so you can spend more time at an optimal health level. 

But is BPN Strong Greens truly a high-powered greens drink for optimal physical and mental health? Read on to find out.

BPN Strong Greens Ingredients

BPN Strong Greens comes in a powder packed with different grasses, vegetables, algae, and adaptogens. Here’s what’s in each serving (1 scoop): 

bpn strong greens ingredients

Green Balance Organic Greens Blend

One of the main ingredients is Green Balance, which is a trademarked form of their Organic Greens Blend. It contains alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, barley grass, kale, oat grass, spirulina, lemon juice, chlorella, and astralagus. 

So, it’s a combination of cereal grasses, fruits, vegetables, and algae. 

All of these foods have a number of key nutrients, including chlorophyll, pretty much all of the vitamins, key minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. 

Some of the overall benefits from these different superfoods include detoxification, reduced cholesterol, improved digestion, healthier blood sugar, and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antiallergy effects. 

The overall dose in here is only 2,500mg, which is probably a bit on the lower side since most extracts should be at around 1 gram (and there are 9 extracts in here). 

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass powder is also seen again in BPN Strong Greens on its own, at a dose of 2,500mg. Wheatgrass powder comes from the young grass of the wheat plant. It is very nutrient-dense, with some research showing that a mere gram of it is nutritionally equivalent to about 8 ounces of fresh vegetables. 

Among its many benefits, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, immunosuportive, laxative, and antibacterial properties, among other things. 

CocOganic Plus

Another ingredient in BPN Strong Greens is CocOganic Plus, which is a trademarked form of organic coconut water freeze dried powder. This form of coconut water powder is high in electrolytes and also a good source of iron, phosphorus, and zinc, so it provides a number of minerals for the body. 

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root

Also included is the most well-researched form of ashwagandha root known as KSM-66. Ashwagandha is one of the most commonly used adaptogens, which means it helps the body deal with and balance stress. 

The most well-researched benefits of ashwagandha are reductions in stress and anxiety, but other research (including on KSM-66 specifically) shows that ashwagandha can improve memory and cognitive function, increase testosterone and hormonal health, and even improve strength and endurance. 

Beet Root Juice

BPN Strong Greens also has organic beetroot juice powder. Beetroot juice powder is high in nitrate, which can increase nitric oxide and improve blood flow. This also leads to reduced blood pressure and increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to many organs. The main benefits of beetroot juice include improved heart health and enhanced exercise performance. 


Another ingredient that’s included twice in BPN Strong Greens is chlorella, which is a type of algae. It is rich in protein, healthy fats, minerals, chlorophyll, and more, thus providing quite a bit of nutrition. Some of its benefits include detoxification, blood pressure and cholesterol regulation, and immune support. Plus, they used cracked cell wall chlorella which makes it easier to access the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in it.


The final ingredient in here is turmeric root powder. Turmeric is an age-old herbal compound used for many ailments. This vibrant orange root is most known for its curcumin content, which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. 

Other benefits of turmeric include decreased pain, improved physical function, better heart health, and even enhanced brain function. 

Does BPN Strong Greens Work?

BPN Strong Greens looks like a pretty good all-around greens drink and superfood supplement, with a few shortcomings. 

bpn strong greens superfood

On the positive side, all of the ingredients in here are very nutrient-dense and proven in research to offer a number of health benefits, including digestion, heart health, brain function, decreased inflammation, and more. 

Plus, they use a good dose of wheatgrass and ashwagandha, and with a total dose of about 6.5 grams, it is a pretty dense supplement overall. 

However, they don’t list any of the individual ingredient dosages in the Green Balance Organic Greens Blend, so it’s likely that some of those ingredients aren’t at optimal dosages. 

And they also don’t include an effective dose of beetroot juice powder or turmeric, so this also limits the overall effectiveness. 

But as a whole, BPN Strong Greens is still a pretty nutrient-dense and high-quality supplement that you can use to get in some extra nutrition. 

Claims vs Reality

Regarding the claims they make, I wouldn’t expect a major increase in focus, but KSM-66 ashwagandha alongside the nutrient-dense superfoods in here, could very well increase your energy levels and cognition a little bit. 

Additionally, with so many healthy plant foods in here, it is likely that you’ll experience an improvement in gut health and digestion. 

Finally, BPN Strong Greens may improve immune function given that many ingredients in it are proven to do so (e.g. wheatgrass, chlorella), but don’t expect to suddenly be disease and ailment-free after taking it. 

In sum, BPN Strong Greens should provide you with a nice boost of nutrients that should at least somewhat benefit your energy, digestion/gut health, and immune function (and perhaps more). 

Who is it Best For?

BPN Strong Greens is best for anyone looking to get additional nutrient support to help fill in gaps in their diet and promote overall health and wellness. 

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Safety and Side Effects

There shouldn’t be many safety concerns with BPN Strong Greens, but there are always possible side effects with any supplement. Some potential side effects of BPN Strong Greens include:

  • Gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. nausea, bloating, stomach pain, etc.)
  • Allergic reactions or general irritations
  • Dizziness

BPN Strong Greens is also Informed Sport Certified and rigorously tested and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. 

It only uses natural sweeteners and is also gluten-free but does contain wheat from wheatgrass. 

Where to Buy BPN Strong Greens

You can buy BPN Strong Greens on the Bare Performance Nutrition website at this product link

bpn strong greens website

Each container has 30 servings (30 scoops). The regular price is $44.99, or you can save 10% by choosing the Subscribe & Save option, which lowers it to $40.49 (delivered monthly). 

Overall, BPN Strong Greens is a pretty darn affordable greens drink, especially when compared to premium greens drinks like AG1 and Primal Plants.

Final Verdict

BPN Strong Greens contains a number of different superfoods and other plants known to provide critical nutrients and support overall health and wellness. While the dosage is a bit lower than we’d like, it is definitely still a product worth looking into, particularly considering the good value. 

Overall Rating:
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Jack Cincotta, MS

Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.

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