Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Review – Will It Really Benefit Your Gut And Immune System?

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By Scot Mills

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Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Review

Founded by two doctors who one day had a “Let’s do it!” vision of starting a supplement company, Microbe Formulas has the simple mission of making supplements that work. This includes their formula for reducing internal pathogens and parasites, along with many other expensive supplements to help you with problems you may not even know you have. 

So let’s take a closer look at Microbe Formulas Formula 1, which they claim will boost your immune and digestive health by eliminating the bad guys living inside you. Does it live up to the claims? Is it worth the price? We’ll find out in this ultimate Microbe Formulas Formula 1 review!

Microbe Formulas Formula 1

About Microbe Formulas Formula 1

Formula 1 is a combination of herbs that Microbe Formulas claims will give you a healthy microbiome and regular, comfy bowel movements, so remember to keep the New York Times crossword at hand. 

It also uses something called “BioActive Carbon” to ensure these magic herbs make it all the way down to where they can go to work in your colon. The product was developed over years of clinical trials, and according to Microbe Formulas, it will also boost your immune health, which makes sense since good digestion is a key component in immune health. 

It’s also part of “phase 2” of Microbe Formula’s comprehensive support protocol and compliments the drainage element of phase 1. 

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Three Pack

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Benefits

Supports Immune Health

Without healthy digestion, your immune health suffers. That’s because a healthy digestive system secretes lymphocyte cells that attack foreign bodies, toxins, and pathogens, and healthy gut flora are also necessary in “completing” the job of ridding your system of bad guys. 

Since Formula 1 goes to work in improving the health of your gut flora and digestive health, it only makes sense that your immune health will benefit as well!

Supports Digestive Health

There’s more to digestive health than just eating the right foods, since healthy digestion also relies on healthy populations of gut bacteria. In fact, you have entire ecosystems in you that, like any other ecosystem, needs the right conditions to work in harmony within itself. Just as ground cover plants in rain forests suffer when loggers remove the protective canopy of trees over them, your gut health suffers when a poor diet, overuse of sanitizers, and use of antibiotics kill off the good guys in you. Remember that only around 5% of all bacteria are pathogens, with the rest being either beneficial or benign, so taking the “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out” approach isn’t in your best interest. 

But when you provide the little guys with a happy environment that bolsters their health and happiness while eliminating the bad guys, you get an ecosystem in you that’s functioning on all fronts. This not only means comfort while working the crossword puzzle, but optimum nutritional uptake, complete breakdown of food compounds, and healthy populations of good bacteria. 

All-Natural Herbal Formula Backed By Research

When it comes to your digestive and immune health, trusting synthetic, pharmaceutical, and OTC potions to get the job done is kind of like trusting logging companies to ensure the health of old growth rainforests. That’s because they don’t so much work with your system as they do in attempting to control it. 

Since your digestive system is just that—a system—it needs all the components within it to work in synchronicity with each other, which doesn’t happen when a foreign compound enters and takes the reigns on one-or-two components. Though this may treat your immediate symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea, it doesn’t treat any underlying problems, which it will likely exacerbate. 

But by utilizing safe, natural herbs that align with what your system really needs, you get long-term solutions that not only address any immediate digestive problems you may have, but your entire health and wellbeing. 

And, not only is this backed by science, but in the case of most of what’s in Microbe Formulas Formula 1, thousands of years of efficacy.  

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Ingredients

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 includes 1030mg of a propriety blend. Below we will take a closer look at what is included in this blend and how these ingredients can provide health benefits.

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Supplement Facts

Bioactive Carbon (Extracts Of Humic And Fulvic Acid)

Produced from plant matter decomposed by billions of beneficial bacteria, bioactive carbon is a “secret” component to digestive health. Though we typically associate fiber and probiotics with a peak functioning microbiome, it goes further than that to include an essential need for fulvic and humic acids, both of which bioactive carbon is rich in. 

Since bioactive carbon is also rich in carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (the three components that make up 96% of you), it works as an integral part of you. This includes having a “memory” of past invaders it needs to be prepared to battle. 


In Sanskrit, Triphala translates to “three fruits,” which, being made up or Indian Gooseberry, black myrobalan, and belleric myrobalan make sense since those are, well, three fruits! 

Even better though is that this combination of fruits has been a mainstay of Ayurvedic medicine for like, a gazillion years to treat everything from poor immune health, to dental problems. This also includes its use as a digestive tonic to relieve gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea as well as in the purging of toxins and waste from the body. 

Holarrhena (Kutaja)

Another key herb in Ayurvedic medicine is Holarrhena, which brings with it a host of anti’s—as in, antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial, antipyretic, and antiemetic. 

It’s also been used for centuries to treat hemorrhoids and constipation along with putting extra ‘o’s in the words “smooooth moooove.”


Not only can cloves spice up chai tea and other tasty things, they have properties that protect your stomach and digestion. They help your stomach produce more protective mucous, which may make them helpful in treating peptic ulcers. 

They’re also rich in antioxidants, which is important since your digestion can be negatively affected by oxidative stress; and they also have antimicrobial properties that can improve your oral health, which is important since that’s where digestion begins. 


Used in Ayurvedic medicine as an energy booster and to clear debris from intestines, vidanga also has properties that make it effective in ridding the body of worms and other unwanted intestinal organisms. 

It’s also a treatment that can reduce stomach pain, flatulence, and other digestive issues so that you can feel your healthy best. 


Long used in Ayurvedic medicine for everything from treating asthma to improving liver health, neem has properties that can sooth the stomach and improve digestive health. It has antibacterial properties that can improve dental health, and it also helps reduce constipation while boosting the immune system and alleviating indigestion. 

Does Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Work?

Your digestive health relies on more than just eating the right foods, popping a few probiotics, and enjoying the Times, it needs an entire working environment of support. So while adding a probiotic supplement, such as Klean Probiotic or PrebioThrive, to your routine can be beneficial, what your body really needs is an entire ecosystem that’s alive, happy, and ready to take on whatever bad guys it needs to get rid of. 

Since Formula 1 is specifically formulated with herbs that have been doing exactly that for many centuries and is backed by science, yes, it works. It can successfully help boost your digestive health by warding off the bad guys, helping the good guys live long and prosper, and keeping you and your immune system healthy and functioning. This means less gas and bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues along with faster healing and a lowered risk for illness and chronic disease. 

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Bottle And Capsules

Who Is Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Best For?

Anyone who needs to improve or maintain their digestive and immune health can benefit from this product. It contains all-natural herbs that have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years and barring any rare allergies or sensitivities to any of its components, there’s little risk of side effects. 

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Reviewer

Still, they can happen even with the cleanest of products, and if that’s the case with you, stop using it. The product has a generous return policy, so there’s nothing for you to lose. You should also check with your doctor before using this product if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any prescription drugs.

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Claims vs. Reality

The ingredients in Formula 1 have been working in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries-upon-centuries now, and are mostly backed by science, so Microbe Formulas claims are legit. Along with your healthy diet, adequate hydration, and avoidance of synthetic antibacterial products, Formula 1 can successfully help you enjoy good digestive, immune, and overall health. 

Is Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Safe?

Though most of the herbs in Formula 1 have been safely used for thousands of years, you should still check with your doctor before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on prescription medication. 

There is also the rare chance that you may be sensitive or allergic to some ingredients in the product, in which case, simply take advantage of Microbe Formula’s generous 60-day, risk-free return policy. 

Other than that, the only side-effects you should experience are all positive, including relief from gas, bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues, as well as better immune and overall health. 

Where To Buy Microbe Formulas Formula 1

At $53 for about a month’s worth, this stuff is expensive. Yes, it does work and includes quality ingredients, though we’re still disappointed in what we feel to be a price point that’s on the prohibitive side. 

But there are discounts available to knock the cost down from “exorbitant” to “harsh,” such as their current $7-off deal, which is also the price they’ll sell it to you for regularly if you sign up for auto ship. 

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Website

Along with Microbe Formula’s website, you can purchase Formula 1 on Amazon and a few select independent online retailers. So far, we’re not seeing the product available through brick-and-mortar retailers. 

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