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Alexa DaFonte

With a degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Alexa brings a vast knowledge of nutritional sciences, especially as it intersects with modern health and wellness. Due to her passion for a healthy lifestyle, she enjoys spreading awareness of the science behind many of her nutrition practices. Through experience in the medical field, including internships at Harvard Medical School and the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, her desire to learn and share in the health and nutrition world is apparent. Alexa currently runs a health and wellness social media platform to spread more awareness and skillsets needed to live a healthy life in today’s world, ranging from topics like intuitive eating to adaptogens. She is also a copywriter and social media manager for a variety of clients in the public health and nutrition world to help brands and organizations market their vast knowledge to their audiences. Alexa hopes to continue to learn in this field while also sharing her nutritional knowledge and expertise across multiple platforms and media outlets.

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