18 Shake Review- How Does This Meal Replacement Work?

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18 Shake Review- How Does This Meal Replacement Work?

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We’re all looking for the perfect meal. But the perfect meal needs to be a lot of things. It’s not just about tasting good, and it’s not just about having a low-calorie count to keep trim. You also need something that provides balanced nutrition. It needs to have the things your body needs to keep you feeling good. 

Not least, you need to have plenty of energy. There are lots of meal replacements that taste good and claim to have good nutrient values, but you find yourself crashing a little while after eating them. 

Worse, you might be hungry again right away, and between the energy crash and that hungry feeling, you’re a lot more likely to make poor food decisions for that next meal. 

If you’re looking for a meal replacement solution that provides the calories you need, the nutrition your body craves and keeps you from having those crashes, 18 Shake might be the product for you. 

We’re looking at what this shake does, how it works, how it makes you feel, and a lot more. Read more if you want to find out whether 18 Shake is as good as it says it is. 

18 Shake Choco

What is 18 Shake?

18 Shake benefits

18 Shake is a powdered meal replacement alternative that comes in 4 popular flavors. It’s a low-calorie option, with a dual protein system along with a lot of fiber. 

It’s also naturally sweetened, so you’ll get the sweet taste everyone craves in a good shake, but with only 1g of sugar per serving (MUCH less than traditional shakes or soda). 

The dual whey protein sources are more bioavailable than many of the protein sources commonly found in meal replacement shakes. It also avoids GMO heavy protein sources like soy. 

It comes in 4 flavors:

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  • Cookies and Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

Unlike other shakes, 18 Shake also includes natural appetite suppressants that will help kick start your weight loss even further. 

But, since it provides roughly a third of all the daily vitamin and mineral requirements your body has in a single serving, you’ll still get all the energy and nutrition your body needs. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of 18 Shake

Like any product, there are pros and cons to this meal replacement system. 


Low-Calorie Count: 

While we know now that calories in and calories out is not the only thing that contributes to proper weight and good health, calories definitely still matter. 

It’s so easy to get highly processed foods that are incredibly calorie-dense these days, which also makes it more difficult to keep your daily calorie counts low. 

At only 90 calories per service, 18 Shake is a meal replacement that’s several times lower in calories than a full meal. Even low-calorie snacks tend to have more calories than this shake. 

Lots of Vitamins and Minerals:

18 shake includes an impressive list of 24 vitamins and minerals. For each of these key nutrients, a single serving provides about 1/3rd of your recommended daily amounts. 

Vitamins and minerals have incredibly important roles to play in your whole body. When your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, that’s one of the first things that will cause those infamous energy crashes when you’re on a meal replacement plan. 

Getting the right vitamins and minerals can also help make sure you’re looking your best by supporting good circulation and collagen production. 

Naturally Sweet:

Other meal replacements often have one of two problems. They don’t taste good, or they have so much sugar that it cancels out their other benefits. The last thing you need is a meal that spikes your blood sugar and leaves you feeling nasty for the rest of the day. 

Since 18 Shakes are naturally sweet, you’ll get the taste you crave. It’s not difficult to slurp down any of the 4 flavors the shake currently comes in. 

But with only 1g of sugar, it’s less like eating a bunch of sweets. 

Hunger Suppressants (also a disadvantage):

This feature is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Hunger suppressants are a huge aid to people looking to lose weight, especially if you want to lose weight quickly. Not only will this meal replacement lower your calorie intake by replacing a meal, but it will also make portion control and calorie restriction easier for the rest of the day. 

However, hunger suppressants can make it easier to lose weight too quickly, which can have negative consequences. If your weight drops too quickly, your body can panic and reduce your metabolism because it thinks you’re in an emergency situation. 

It’s a survival tactic, but you need to make sure you’re getting enough to eat throughout the day while also balancing portion sizes and eating fewer calories. 


Side Effects:

Like most meal replacement options, there are some possible side effects that come with using 18 Shakes as a side effect. Usually, these pass within a couple of days of starting to drink 18 Shakes regularly as your body adjusts. 

Some of these side effects can include fatigue, thirstiness, bloating, and diarrhea. 

The bloating and diarrhea are both usually because of the whey protein. While whey protein is more digestible for many people and doesn’t have the GMO or pesticide use of soy proteins, it can take a little while for your digestive system to adjust to the new normal. 

Fatigue is because of the lowered calories. One way to avoid this side effect is to drink your 18 Shake at the same time every day. You can also use a small snack to supplement the shake when you first start drinking it to help ease that transition.

Is 18 Shakes Worth the Money?

18 Shake

If you’re looking for a meal replacement that saves time and helps you lose weight, 18 Shakes is one of the better alternatives. Billed as a ‘luxury meal replacement’ 18 Shakes provides solid nutrition and energy support in addition to helping you keep the trim healthy body you want. 

Right now, this meal replacement is available through their main website, 18shake.com

We recommend starting slow and paying attention to how your body feels. Even though 18 shake provides very complete nutrition, you shouldn’t use it to replace more than one meal a day. 

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