Best Resveratrol Supplements

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Best Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol falls within a group of compounds known as polyphenols, which act similarly to antioxidants that help ward off oxidative stress that may harm our health. Resveratrol supplements are new to the market and pretty popular as many companies and manufacturers use this compound to capitalize on anti-aging trends. Resveratrol is also marketed to help ward off cancers and diseases and even is promoted as a weight-loss mechanism.

Being so new to the market, resveratrol is still being researched to determine its efficacy. It is not FDA regulated, so it’s hard to tell how much you need of this compound for it to really work, if at all.

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Different Types Of Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol usually comes in capsule form, but it is also found in powder form. Most of the resveratrol is extracted from a plant called Polygonum cuspidatum. Resveratrol is also often extracted from grapes and red wine (resveratrol is present in the skin of grapes). Many supplements contain resveratrol in the form of trans-resveratrol and other green tea and berry extracts.

Many individuals are most familiar with resveratrol as it is found in wine. Many use this concept to promote wine consumption; however, researchers claim that you would need to have hundreds to thousands of glasses of wine to mimic the results seen in mice.

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Resveratrol Supplement Benefits

Reveratrol is often studied for its anti-aging properties. It has a number of other benefits as well, including the following:

  • May help slow aging
  • Provides a source of antioxidants
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • May aid in weight loss
  • Helps prevent cancers and heart disease
  • May reduce the number of cancer cells
  • May decrease the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and slow its production
  • May protect the brain
  • May help treat diabetes (may increase insulin sensitivity)
  • May help prevent Alzheimer’s

Although there are many benefits associated with resveratrol, it is underresearched, and many of these benefits are loosely tied to the compound. In addition, there may be some side effects or unknown complications resulting from the compound that make it harmful for use.

Additionally, many of these benefits can be found in other supplements. For example, if you’re looking for a source of antioxidants, you could always make use of an antioxidant supplement. There are many on the market, such as Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer. Or, when it comes to losing weight, you could use a weight loss supplement such as Zantrex Black. This is not to say that a resveratrol supplement is not beneficial and won’t provide extra advantages, but at the moment, due to lack of research, the efficacy of such a supplement has not been determined.

Should I Take Resveratrol Supplements?

As stated, resveratrol is under-researched as it is a relatively new compound being studied in science. So, don’t run out to the store to buy supplements just yet. Many manufacturers are marketing resveratrol for older individuals, especially based on the notion that it slows the aging process. If you are interested in taking resveratrol, consult with a doctor first as this compound may interact with other drugs, and many of these products contain a very high dose of the compound without FDA regulation.

In addition, it’s important to note that resveratrol may impact estrogen levels in the body, sometimes boosting its activity, while other times blocking it. This is especially an issue for women suffering from breast or ovarian cancer, and women going through menopause or trying to get pregnant.

There are also some potential side effects to resveratrol supplements that usually come with higher doses. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Liver issues in individuals with liver diseases
  • Diarrhea

Resveratrol can also cause complications for individuals with bleeding disorders as it may impede proper blood clotting and cause bleeding.

Do Resveratrol Supplements Work?

As resveratrol is underresearched, its efficacy has not yet been proven. The main claims lie in its ability to slow aging, but again that has only been proven through animal studies. Some of the main studies were conducted on mice and have shown some promise in the anti-aging realm as well as the prevention of certain cancers. However, human studies are not plentiful, and researchers do not really know what the proper dosage is of resveratrol and what the long term effects may be.

Best Resveratrol Supplements

Purely Beneficial Resveratrol

Purely Beneficial Resveratrol

This supplement contains 1450 mg of trans-resveratrol, green tea extract, grape seed extract, Vitamin C, and acai extract. It comes in veggie capsule form, is all-natural, and also highly rated.

a Squared Nutrition resveratrol

a Squared Nutrition resveratrol

This product claims to contain maximum strength resveratrol with 1000 mg of trans-resveratrol. It is vegan friendly, comes highly rated, and offers a form of all-natural resveratrol.

Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol

Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol

This product contains 350 mg of raw fermented resveratrol with as much trans-resveratrol in 200 glasses of red wine. It is vegan, and this company is all-natural; however, it is a bit pricey.

Resveratrol Supplement Alternatives

Resveratrol is found in peanuts, pistachios, chocolate, the skin of grapes and berries, and red and white wine. However, the resveratrol in these dietary sources is much lower than the doses present in supplements, so you would need to consume high quantities of these foods to get any effect at all. Researchers have also stated that you would need to have hundreds to thousands of glasses of wine to get any benefit. Fortunately, these dietary sources are great ways to incorporate other nutrients and vitamins, so definitely consume them. With wine, though, no more than one drink a day for women and two drinks for men is advised.

Resveratrol- Is It Worth It?

Resveratrol is new to the market and has yet to be studied on humans. It is also not FDA regulated, so the doses often provided in many of these supplements may not be effective or may cause long-term effects that have not yet been researched. As a result, use resveratrol with caution.

Resveratrol benefits, like slowed aging and the prevention of diseases, can be achieved through diet and lifestyle changes. Also, resveratrol can be found in berries and some nuts, so consuming those can also provide you with a source of other nutrients. Although this compound is also present in wine, you would have to drink a lot of it to achieve some of these benefits, and that is not advisable.

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