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Lumultra Review – Can This Supplement Improve Mental Performance?

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Nootropics are one of the hottest areas of the supplement industry these days. Nootropics are compounds that are said to improve brain functions like creativity, memory, and motivation. Looking into nootropic supplements these days feels a little like the wild west – it seems like anything goes.

There are lots of nootropic supplements that make lots of big claims. In fact, some nootropic sellers started making such grand claims that they have been investigated. The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission have cracked down on nootropic companies in both 2018 and 2019. 

Nootropic supplements are so new that there are very few studies that back up the claim. Most of the evidence that they work comes in the form of testimonials from satisfied customers. How well do these claims stack up? Some products deliver, while others don’t. 

One new nootropic supplement is Lumultra.  It promises to improve memory, focus, processing speed, and brain function. Lumultra contains noopept, which is one type of nootropic.

Lumultra Review
NOTE: We currently recommend Mind Lab Pro over Lumultra. Here’s why

What is Lumultra?

The main ingredient in Lumultra is noopept. This is a synthetic molecule that was first synthesized in 1996. There are a few lab studies of noopept that show some mild memory-boosting effects in rats and mice. There is a single study in humans that shows noopept has the same impact as another nootropic, piracetam.

LumUltra also contains ginseng, gingko biloba, and some amino acids that have been used to boost energy and concentration. These have all been in use for years. The clinical evidence that any of these work is limited at best.


Lumultra Advantages

According to the manufacturer, LumUltra offers the following benefits:

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Relief from stress and nervousness
  •  Fewer uneasy feelings
  • More energy for workouts


No side effects are listed. However, noopept and similar chemicals are very new to the consumer market. They haven’t been used enough for us to know about long-term effects, whether good or bad.

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Who Makes Lumultra?

The manufacturer of Lumultra is Avanse Nutraceuticals. They make a range of similar products geared to different audiences – seniors, teens, and the general public. LumUltra is its flagship product.

Information about the company is lacking on the website. Contact information is hard to find and buried under a stack of testimonials. IT’s also surrounded by lots of product placements with “order now” buttons. 

Like most websites that sell supplements, Avanse includes a link about their lab. Unlike most sites, the link doesn’t really talk about how they make products, how they test them, or any other quality-related information. It skips to describing ingredients and their effects.

Good supplement companies give you names and faces on the website. They tell you who works there, what they do, and why the supplements are important to them. The site for Lumultra has lots and lots of customer testimonials, but nothing about the company or its employees.

Lumultra Ingredients 

Lumultra Ingredients

In addition to noopept, Lumultra contains the following components:

  • Alpha GPC, which is naturally present in the brain. It has been investigated as a potential treatment for dementia.
  • Ginseng, a root used as a stimulant in traditional medicine
  • Guarana, a berry high in caffeine
  • Ginko Biloba, another brain supplement that may or may not have an effect

How Does Lumultra Work?

Lumultra Supplement Facts

According to Avanse, Lumultra works by increasing oxygenation and blood flow in the brain. It also causes the nerves in your brain to fire faster, making you think quicker. There is no mode of action described. That is, we don’t understand precisely what noopept does in your brain that might make it work better.

Many other supplements have a well-understood mode of action. We can describe the biochemistry involved and explain how the supplement does what it does. Over-the-counter nootropics don’t have a chemistry that we really know a lot about.


The best – and only – evidence that Lumultra works comes from the product reviews on their website. There are dozens of reviews, and almost every single one is a five-star review. They are scattered all over the site. Something feels a little off about them. It seems like they think that, with enough positive reviews, they’ll push you over the edge into buying. The site feels like a low-key hustle.

Think about the best, most popular products on Amazon. They all have at least a few one-star reviews. That’s life – in every crowd, there are a few grumps who aren’t happy. Apparently, none of them have ever tried LumUltra.


Noopept hasn’t been shown to have any harmful side effects. The long-term effects are unknown.

Where To Buy Lumultra

Lumultra Website

Lumultra is only available from the Avanse website. It costs $59.97 for a single bottle or $119.97 for three bottles.

At the price, you can likely find a better option. Alpha Brain is roughly the same price and has a much better reputation. You can also find nootropics like GenBrain and Neuro-Peak that have ranked higher and are considerably cheaper.

NOTE: We currently recommend Mind Lab Pro over Lumultra. Here’s why

Is Lumultra Worth the Money?

Probably not. Nootropics are a brand-new field, and we don’t really have much to work with. Clinical studies are few in number, and the results are inconclusive. They are still rare in everyday use, so it’s hard to get a read on anecdotal evidence. 

Real nootropics exist. They have a tangible impact on your brain. These are classified as prescription drugs by the FDA, and you can’t just buy them on the internet. 

When it comes to new chemicals that may be nootropics, there are two possibilities:

  • It doesn’t do anything to your brain
  • It does something to your brain, but we haven’t studied it enough to classify it as a drug

Neither one of those is very appealing.

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Lumultra Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients
  • Cost
  • Confidence


Lumultra by Avanse Nutraceuticals was constructed in order to provide 3 distinct key benefits – improved cognitive energy, increased working memory, and sharpened focus. Does it live up to the claims? Read our review to find out.

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