Thrivous Serenity Review – A Thorough Look At This Nightly Nootropic

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By Scot Mills

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Thrivous Serenity Review

Thrivous claims to be THE human enhancement company, and they want you to achieve your goals, think better, live longer, jump higher, and be smarter than the rest with the help of their supplements. This includes their Thrivous Clarity supplement for brain health, Thrivous Tenacity supplement for joint and bone function, and the one we’ll take a closer look at now – their Thrivous Serenity sleep supplement.

Thrivous claims that Serenity Nightly Nootropic will improve your sleep, help you better relax, and reduce symptoms of stress or your money back. So, does it truly measure up to the claims? We’ll find out in this complete review of Thrivous Serenity!


About Thrivous Serenity

Thrivous Serenity combines minerals, amino acids, and sleep hormones in a nootropic that can not only help you sleep better, but improve your focus, help you relax, and reduce your stress response.

Serenity is all-natural, and while there may be some controversy over the use of melatonin that we’ll address in a bit here, it is far safer than nearly any OTC or prescription sleep aid. 


Thrivous Serenity Benefits

Simple-But-Effective Formula

More ingredients don’t always mean better performance, and quite often, the opposite can be true. But sticking by a few effective ingredients that work with each other in synergy does work, which is why Thrivous Serenity can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake well rested, rejuvenated, and ready for the day. 

Enhances Sleep

What good is a sleep formula that doesn’t enhance sleep? By combining natural compounds that work with your body to help your mind and muscles relax, you’re able to better get your mind off what’s keeping you awake so you can fall asleep and stay that way. This includes magnesium, which along with being “nature’s muscle relaxer” can also reduce your instances of waking in the night for yet-another dreaded session of “count the ceiling tiles.” 

Of course, the formula works best when you do your part by keeping a steady sleep schedule, avoiding screen time in the evening, and making sure your sleep environment is cool, dark, clean, quiet, and comfy. 

Enhances Focus

We all know the result of a crummy night’s sleep, which is a fog filled brain and inability to remember what it is you were just distracted from. Naturally, this means that when you do get the kind of deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep that fully restores your mind and body, the opposite is true—as in, your mind is focused and sharp, and your mood positive. This means no foghorns necessary to find the door in the morning, and far more productivity once you sail into the office. 

Helps You Relax

While it may seem obvious that a sleep formula can help you relax (nooo kidding…), most are only meant to relax you to sleep rather than in general. But Thrivous Serenity has compounds like L-theanine that help relieve symptoms of stress and the hormone imbalance stress can lead to. It also contains magnesium to help your muscles relax, and that’s not to mention the effects of a good night’s sleep and not having to run in caffeine all day. 

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Altogether, this leaves you feeling alert, focused, yet relaxed with a positive outlook. 

Thrivous Serenity Ingredients

Thrivous Serenity’s ingredients are simple and straight-forward. It includes magnesium, l theanine, and melatonin. We will take a more thorough look at each of these ingredients below.

Thrivous Serenity Nightly Nootropic Supplement Facts

Magnesium 200 mg

It works opposite calcium in muscle function, in that calcium helps your muscles contract, while magnesium helps them relax. But when magnesium is depleted through poor diet, consumption of diuretics such as coffee or tea, perspiration, or other common reasons, calcium ends up doing its thing without magnesium to counter it, leaving you a tense, knotty mess. Low magnesium may also be associated with waking in the night. 

But by adding 200 mg of magnesium to their formula, Thrivous gives you around half your daily allowance to go along with its other compounds so that all you need are perhaps a few glasses of coconut water or a kale salad to get the rest of what you need for the day. 

L-Theanine 200 mg

To help calm your mind, intensify your focus, and promote a positive sense of wellbeing, Thrivous adds 200 mg of L-theanine—an amino acid known for its aforementioned traits—to the mix. This helps you not only fall asleep more easily by relaxing your mind, it also helps you focus on whatever it is you’re doing in the evening—say, reading a book, which is a good, sleep-friendly activity for you in lieu of sleep-depriving screen time. 

Melatonin 5 mg

The only ingredient in Thrivous Serenity with some controversy is melatonin, and that’s because it’s a hormone that some feel your body will produce less of if it’s being given an outside source. It’s also unclear whether taking larger doses than what your brain naturally produces (about 0.5 mg) is a good idea, and it can also work too well and cause excess drowsiness and a sleep hangover if too much is used or you’re sensitive to it, as some are. 

But as a means of falling asleep quickly and staying asleep, it’s hard to do much better–at least for short-term use, which is the recommended way to use it.

Melatonin is found in most sleep supplements, including Dream EZ and Luna Gently Sleep Aid, and is considered to be very effective. There are a few options for sleep supplements that do not include melatonin, though, such as Performance Lab Sleep and Neuro-Natural Sleep.


Does Thrivous Serenity Work?

If you suffer from occasional sleeplessness due to stress, shift work, or other disruptions of your sleep patterns, Thrivous Serenity can help. It contains refreshingly-few ingredients that all work effectively with each other to relax your mind and signal that it’s time to fall asleep, stay asleep, and not get up until the fat lady has chortled her last note.

But due to the product containing melatonin, it is best that until further research has determined the safety of its long-term use that you use Thrivous Serenity on an occasional basis only. 

You also need to do your part and ensure your sleep environment is cool, comfortable, and dark, and that you stick to a regular sleep schedule that avoids screen time in the hours before bed. Taking these measures along with the occasional dose of Thrivous Serenity can put your nightly sleep sessions into “hibernate” mode—enjoy!


Who Is Thrivous Serenity Best For?

While the product is mostly safe, it should not be used by anyone under the age of 18 or by anyone who’s pregnant or nursing. Those on medication should also check with their doctor first, and other than that, Thrivous Serenity is great for time zone travelers, shift workers, and anyone who experiences occasional sleeplessness due to stress or other reasons. 

Claims vs. Reality

While they don’t come out and directly say it, it is insinuated that the product is for regular use, and there’s also no warnings against doing so on the company’s site. Some users may be hesitant to use a sleep aid regularly (albeit an all-natural one), and may prefer to use the product only when needed.

Other than that, the product does what they say it will, though we’d like to see a version that contains more L-theanine and more magnesium. 


Is Thrivous Serenity Safe?

This product should NOT be used before driving, nor should it be used prior to operating dangerous machinery or anything else you need to be awake and alert for. Since the product contains melatonin, it’s best that it is not used by those under 18 due to the danger of it inhibiting the development of their hormonal system. 

And, for the rest of us, it’s best that this product only be used to get to sleep on occasion, and that you start with a low dose since not everyone needs the same amount of melatonin to get the job done. 

Where To Buy Thrivous Serenity

At $18.60 for a month’s worth and the opportunity to save an additional 20% when you sign up for auto-ship, the price of Thrivous Serenity is right…..VERY right—one of the lowest price points of any supplement we’ve seen in a while, in fact. 

Thrivous Serenity Website

Along with Thrivous’ website, Thrivous Serenity Nightly Nootropic is widely available through many retailers who sell natural sleep remedies. This includes Walmart, Amazon, and a whole bunch of other online and traditional retailers who aren’t Amazon or Walmart.

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