Thrivous Clarity Review – How Does This Brain Supplement Stack Up?

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By Ryan Brennan

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated


Nootropic supplements have become a popular commodity in the health and wellness industry. As more and more brands find their way into the market, it is becoming very difficult to distinguish the quality from the cheap. 

If you are looking for healthy brain function and want to enhance mental clarity, nootropics can be a great way to do it. Much like pre-workout does for the body, nootropics wake up your brain and improve performance throughout the day. 

There are plenty of things to keep an eye on when shopping for nootropics, especially since you will likely find something wrong with every brand. Some companies use harmful ingredients, while some use too little or too high a dose. There are even some that just pack a bunch of vitamins in a capsule and call it a nootropic.

That is why you should take a look at our Thrivous Clarity review to see if this is the right supplement for your mental energy and brain health. 


What Is Clarity by Thrivous?

Clarity is a daily nootropic formulated and distributed by Thrivous, a company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. While their claims will seem similar to just about every other nootropic on the market, they do things a little differently — and you will appreciate it. 

With most nootropics, they seem to hide behind their claims, failing to ever produce any evidence to back them up. Some companies will go as far as hiding the nutrition label and ingredient list from the consumer. Thrivous is built off of transparency by including everything from ingredients, doses, customer service claims, and even customer reviews right on their website. 

Thrivous has a history of reputable business and it shows in its A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. They accurately display their Certificates of Analysis and make all of their products in the USA. They sell supplements for just about anything. 

Clarity, their nootropic supplement, is designed to give your brain the mental boost it needs. It claims to support mental focus and clarity, but will also improve your mood and the overall health of your brain.

Whether that is true or not will depend on the ingredients they use, which is normally where companies go wrong. 


Thrivous Clarity Ingredients

Much like anything we put into our bodies, the ingredients will always matter and ultimately tell you what to expect out of the supplement. Taking a look at the ingredient label can save you from a headache down the road — literally and figuratively. 

Luckily, Thrivous is very open about what they include in their products. Our Thrivous Clarity review would not be complete if we did not break down what makes the Clarity formula unique and efficient. 

Clarity Daily Nootropic Ingredients


Thiamin is a B-complex vitamin commonly referred to as vitamin B1. It is found in many nootropic supplements, such as Brain Awake and HVMN Nootrobox. It is essential for turning carbohydrates into energy, glucose metabolism, and digestion. It has also been linked to improving your mood and reducing stress, but there has not been much research to back up many cognitive benefits. Thiamin could improve the long-term health of neurons and neural pathways. 

There is 25mg of thiamin in two capsules of Clarity, which is right around the suggested daily intake of 15-20mg per day. 


Also known as vitamin B2, riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin that we flush out of our bodies on a daily basis. Since we do not store these vitamins and do not produce them naturally, we must make sure we receive enough in our diet. Being deficient in vitamin B2 can lead to bad skin, digestive issues, lack of blood cells, and poor cognitive function.

The suggested intake of riboflavin is 1.3mg, with Clarity giving you 25mg per two capsules. 


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is an essential vitamin for just about every part of your body. Those with a deficiency have reported memory loss, confusion, fatigue, depression, and skin problems. Niacin as a supplement can help reverse these effects and give your brain the necessary energy to function how it should. 

The daily recommended intake of niacin is 35mg per day. Clarity by Thrivous will include 100mg, giving you more than you need. Since it is water-soluble, the excess will pass through your system instead of being stored. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, which some people might know as pyridoxine, can improve your body’s ability to convert carbs, protein, and fat into energy. Like the other B vitamins, vitamin B6 is essential to forming red and white blood cells, but can also help create neurotransmitters to improve overall mental health.

Most people get enough of this vitamin in their daily diet, but it is not made naturally by our bodies. The recommended daily intake of vitamin B6 is 2.5mcg — there are 25mcg in Clarity.


Yet another B vitamin, folate is commonly referred to as vitamin B9 or folic acid. You can find this vitamin in many grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and even eggs. It is essential to the creation of DNA, red blood cells, and white blood cells, and converting carbs into energy. Clinical doses of folate or folic acid support healthy brain function, particularly in teenagers, women of childbearing age, and those with depressed immune systems. 

Pregnant women are in higher need of folic acid, as it plays an important role when it comes to supporting brain development in babies. Deficiencies in folic acid can lead to spinal cord issues, such as spina bifida. It can also lead to anemia, which is often masked due to iron and vitamin B12 levels. 

The average adult is recommended to intake 400mcg per day, which is the exact amount of folate included in Clarity.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin for your body, responsible for making your DNA and red blood cells. Since your body does not produce vitamin B12 naturally, you must get it from foods like eggs, fish, meat, and poultry. Having a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to depression, a bad mood, the loss of neurons in the brain, and lower energy levels. It can also lead to anemia, which is often confused with iron deficiency and is difficult to treat. 

The daily recommended amount for an adult is around 2.4 mcg per day. Clarity has 240mcg. This is a great addition to this advanced supplement because it allows vegetarians and vegans to obtain their daily dose of vitamin B12, which can be difficult to obtain without animal sources. 


Biotin is another B-complex vitamin, also known as Vitamin H. A biotin deficiency is common in people that do not eat cooked egg yolks, nuts, soybeans, whole grains, mushrooms, and bananas. A deficiency has been linked to an improved mood, energy levels, neurotransmitter activity, memory, and nerve signals. 

Clarity has 300mcg of biotin in it, which is way more than the daily recommended of 30mcg. Since it is water-soluble, excess biotin will simply pass through your system when you urinate. 

Pantothenic Acid

Once again, another B-complex vitamin, this time vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid is essential for creating red blood cells, maintaining a healthy digestive system, synthesizing cholesterol, and reducing stress. It can also help your body process other B vitamins like B2 (riboflavin). 

The daily suggested amount of pantothenic acid is 5-10mg. Clarity will give you more than enough with 100mg. 

Zinc Picolinate 

Unlike most of the ingredients thus far, zinc is a mineral — not a vitamin. This mineral is similar to the vitamins listed above because your body does not store zinc. Therefore, you must receive a daily intake in order to avoid a deficiency.

Zinc can help boost your immune system, reduce stress, and prevent ADHD symptoms. It will help mental acuity and support healthy aging. Some evidence also suggests that zinc picolinate can help improve insulin resistance, leading to improved weight management. 

Bacopa Monnieri Extract 

Finally, we have an actual nootropic ingredient in this formula! Bacopa monnieri is a widely used ingredient in most nootropic supplements, like GenBrain, and has plenty of scientific research to back it. Used for centuries, bacopa monnieri is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with potent adaptogens, improving memory and overall brain function. 

The normal dose of bacopa monnieri is around 300mg, which falls in line with the 320mg in Clarity.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract 

Another popular nootropic ingredient, Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant that has also been used for centuries and is no secret to the scientific community. It can reduce stress, fight fatigue, ease depression, improve brain function, and help fight cancer. 

Normal doses for a positive effect range from 200mg-500mg, depending on the person. Clarity will give you a moderate amount of Rhodiola Rosea at 300mg. 


Pros vs. Cons

Like most nootropic supplements, you will find a lot of good and bad in each product. Overall, Thrivous does a good job of keeping you out of harm’s way with Clarity. There is nothing in these capsules that will damage your well-being, but there are questions as to how effective it is in terms of cognitive benefit. 

As part of reviewing Thrivous Clarity, we came up with a list of the pros and cons of this product.

Thrivous Clarity Pricing


  • Plenty of B vitamins included
  • Not harmful to the body
  • Made in the USA and vegan-friendly
  • Transparency is important and Thrivous has it
  • Great customer support
  • Reasonably priced
  • Bacopa monnieri and Rhodiola rosea are great natural nootropics
  • Many customers report improved brain function, anti-anxiety benefits, and better mental performance 
  • Free shipping
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Barely enough zinc to have an effect
  • Less of a nootropic, and more of a B vitamin complex featuring more of a multivitamin
  • Two capsules per serving, not appealing to those that do not like pills
  • No stimulants or caffeine

Clarity Supplement

Dosage, Packaging, and Pricing

Several years ago, Thrivous received a lot of criticism concerning a misprint on the ingredient label. That issue has since been fixed with a new formula and I actually like this one better than the old one. 

For starters, the bottle is nice and classy — featuring a lot of blue with silver accents. They do not pack the label with claims and do a great job of clearly listing what’s in each capsule.


We mentioned how much of each ingredient there is above, but here is a quick breakdown of the ingredient label:

Serving Size: Two capsules

  • Thiamin – 25mg
  • Riboflavin – 25mg
  • Niacin – 100mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 25mg
  • Folate – 400mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 240mcg
  • Biotin – 300mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid – 100mg
  • Zinc – 11mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri – 320mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea – 300mg

Money-Back Guarantee

Thrivous recommends taking two capsules at a time, but not exceeding four capsules in a 24-hr period. The bottle you will receive after purchase will include 60 capsules, giving you a month’s supply for $30. You can save a few dollars by subscribing to a monthly delivery service. 

Thrivous also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, which means they truly believe that their product checked all the right boxes. So much so, that they are willing to give you a full refund without even returning any bottles. 

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Clarity by Thrivous is available on their official website, along with a variety of other supplements, as well as on Amazon.

Claims vs. Reality

Clarity by Thrivous claims to be a nootropic that will improve mental clarity, mental focus, mood, and brain health. They guarantee transparency, a money-back guarantee, and a product fully made in the USA. While the final three claims are true, the first four are a little more cloudy.

With all of the vitamins included in this stack, your brain will likely see an improvement in energy more than anything. Outside of that, do not expect much difference. The 320mg of Bacopa Monnieri and 300mg of Rhodiola Rosea could spark a fire in some people, but Thrivous could have used a little more here — especially with no other nootropics found in this stack. 


The lack of zinc is also unappealing here. There is not nearly enough of it to make a difference. Thrivous was on the right track with this product, but it simply falls short of expectations in the nootropic community.  

While Thrivous Clarity reviews are overall beneficial, this product will likely not make much of a difference in your brain health, although it will not hurt it either. 

Final Verdict: Thrivous Clarity Review 

Clarity by Thrivous simply does not have enough power to warrant a recommendation, especially with other nootropic supplements out there bringing the heat. It is worth a try if you are looking for an entry-level nootropic, but do not expect any major cognitive improvements. 

Personally, it would be nice to see some other nootropics like Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, or Ginkgo Biloba. The lack of a stimulant like caffeine will also turn a lot of people away. 

With a few tweaks, this is a great product and without any real risks. Plus, you have 100 days to get a full refund if you find that Clarity falls short. 

Overall Rating:
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