HVMN Keto Collagen+ Review – How Does It Measure Up?

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By Leslie Waterson

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hvmn keto collagen+ review

Collagen peptides are essentially the building blocks of many organs and tissues in your body, including your skin. They promote better overall health and help make your skin look brighter. So it should come as no surprise that a large variety of collagen supplement options have been springing up in the market over the last several years. One such option is HVMN Keto Collagen+.

HVMN Keto Collagen+ claims to provide your body with the natural collagen it needs to gain a plethora of health benefits. The question is, does it really stand up to all the claims? In this HVMN Keto Collagen+ review, we’ll take a thorough look at this supplement powder to answer that question and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this collagen powder before making your final decision!

hvmn keto collagen

About HVMN Keto Collagen+

HVMN Keto Collagen+ is made and produced by supplement company HVMN. In addition to Keto Collagen+, HVMN has produced many other supplements, including HVMN Kado, HVMN Yawn, HVMN Sprint, HVMN Rise, HVMN Nootrobox, and Ketone-IQ. They aim to deliver the top in healthy supplement options, which is one reason why HVMN Keto Collagen+’s peptides come from protein sourced from grass-fed cows. It’s pure, healthy collagen that isn’t tainted by what the cattle eat. 

HVMN combines collagen with vitamin C, zinc, and copper. This combination is the formula within the supplement that is meant to stimulate natural collagen production in your body. 

It has ingredients to help maintain a healthy gut, as well as some to promote healthy joints. It does not contain artificial sweeteners or additives. There are no fillers or preservatives, either. 

Everything HVMN calculated into this protein powder formula has a purpose. It all adds up to healthy skin, healthy functions, healthy bones, and healthy doses of essential protein and nutrients. 

What Does Collagen Do for You?

So, what is collagen? Collagen is protein found in your body. It’s the type of protein you have the most of. 

As you age, your body’s natural collagen production decreases. That slow-down in production shows up as wear and tear in and on your body. 

There are different types of collagen. Four of the twenty-eight kinds present in your body make up the majority. They are:

  • Type IV – found in the inner ear, the kidneys, and the eye lenses
  • Type III – found in blood vessels and skin
  • Type II – found in the discs of your spine and the cushions of joints
  • Type I – found in connective tissue (most common)

As you can see, collagen is found throughout your body. That means it serves a lot of different purposes. It can help you look your best with healthier skin. It can help you feel more limber. It can promote better eyesight and hearing. And it also supports a healthy digestive system. 

HVMN Keto Collagen+ Ingredients

HVMN Keto Collagen+ has a short, concise ingredients list. The first ingredient on that list is collagen peptides. After that, the ingredients vary slightly from flavor to flavor. 

hvmn keto collagen chocolate

Another ingredient you’ll find throughout the variations is monk fruit extract. It’s part of what makes Keto Collagen+ delicious. It helps sweeten the taste, as this collagen powder has no sugar. 

Here’s an overview of some of the other natural ingredients you’ll see on the collagen powder labels.

  • Coconut cream powder
  • Caprylic acid triglycerides
  • Gum acacia fiber
  • Cocoa powder
  • Sea salt
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Matcha tea
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Copper amino acid chelate
  • Copper gluconate
  • Zinc amino acid chelate

When you look at the nutritional facts for HVMN Keto Collagen+, you’ll find a serving has 80 calories, 4 grams of fat, 40 milligrams of sodium, 0 cholesterol, 0 sugar, and 9 or 10 grams of protein. 

HVMN Keto Collagen+ does not contain gluten, sugar, or dairy. 

HVMN Keto Collagen+ Benefits

Collagen peptides provide benefits for factors affecting your overall health. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits you may experience.

hvmn keto collagen supports healthier skin

Healthier Skin

Collagen peptides are part of what makes your skin look and feel more elastic. Your skin will get what it needs to look more vibrant and supple. The aging process slows your body’s production of collagen. HVMN Keto Collagen+ gives you some collagen back but also helps support natural collagen production.

Better Gut Health

This Keto collagen powder includes acacia fiber, a prebiotic fiber. It helps fight off the bad bacteria while restoring the good bacteria in your intestines. Your gut will feel healthier, and you can experience less bloating. A healthy gut leads to better digestion, so you feel more energized. 

Support Your Joints

Collagen is found in the connective tissue and cushioning within your joints. As we age, those tissues begin to break down. HVMN Keto Collagen+ peptides help to restore the cushioning in your joints, so you don’t have to deal with achy sore joints.

Increase Muscle Mass

Keto collagen protein powder helps muscles recover quickly so they can grow faster. The more muscle mass you have, the better your metabolism will be and the easier it is for your body to burn fat. 

Improved Heart Health

Collagen peptides keep your blood vessels and arteries in better shape. Collagen allows the arteries to remain flexible and elastic, so they don’t become stiff and brittle. This, in turn, allows for better blood flow to and from the heart. 

Does It Support Natural Collagen Production?

HVMN Keto Collagen+ is formulated as a guilt-free powder that provides protection against wear and tear on your skin and tastes good doing it. It’s chock full of collagen peptides and is sweetened with monk fruit, so the product delivers the benefits you want without the sugar you don’t. This supplement provides health benefits, contributes to weight loss, promotes beautiful skin, and more.

HVMN Keto Collagen+ Flavors

HVMN Keto Collagen+ comes in 7 flavors. They include — Hazelnut, Vanilla, Matcha, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Flavor, Coconut Cream, and Unflavored. 

hvmn keto collagen flavors

The powder mixes easily and tastes great. The monk fruit extract and other ingredients make this collagen delicious. It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or unnatural ingredients to make it taste synthetic. 

How Does HVMN Keto Collagen+ Stand Up to Competitors?

One thing HVMN Keto Collagen+ powder has going for it is it mixes easily. Often there are complaints about protein powder because it is clumpy. This powder dissolves well and is easy for your body to digest. You’ll absorb more of the collagen peptides than you will from some other kinds of collagen supplement powders. 

HVMN also offers more flavors than some of its competitors. There’s likely a flavor for every taste preference. You have the option to use the unflavored powder, as well. Additionally, while there are tons of collagen options out there, from BioTrust Collagen to Royal Collagen, HVMN Keto Collagen+ stands out for its dedication to the ketogenic diet.

The HVMN Keto Collagen+ supplement doesn’t just provide your body with extra collagen. It also works to support natural collagen production. That means you get what’s in the supplement, as well as more, which your body produces from the boost it gets. 

Who Should Use Keto Collagen+?

Adults looking for ways to better their overall health should use HVMN Keto Collagen+. Modern nutrition trends have shown there are numerous benefits from taking in more collagen. 

hvmn keto collagen good for adult

If you have an exercise routine you stick to, Keto Collagen+ is a good supplement to use before and after workout sessions. It helps with endurance and strength, along with faster recovery.

Anyone with a known tree nut allergy should not use Keto Collagen+. This protein powder has tree nuts in it. Though it’s a healthy choice for others, it could be dangerous for those with allergic reactions to its ingredients. 

Claims vs. Reality

HVMN claims their Keto Collagen+ supplement supports the natural production of collagen by your body. This is true. The HVMN Keto Collagen+ formula includes copper, zinc, and vitamin C, which all work to increase collagen production.

The company claims it is easily dissolvable. It does mix well into many liquids. You can mix it in coffee, water, milk, and even recipes. HVMN makes the collagen more soluble before adding it to the other ingredients, so it mixes easily. 

HVMN touts its Keto Collagen+ as providing both beauty and health benefits. This is also true. Its ingredients promote healthy skin, nails, and hair. There are also many ingredients that provide several health benefits for improved overall health.

Where Can You Buy HVMN Keto Collagen+?

HVMN offers Keto Collagen+ for purchase directly from their official website here.

hvmn keto collagen website

A one-time purchase of HVMN Keto Collagen+ will cost you $39.95. You can also choose their subscribe and save option, which has Keto Collagen+ delivered monthly and will save you 10%, bringing the cost down to $35.96.

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HVMN Keto Collagen+ Review Ratings

  • Effectiveness – 5.0
  • Taste – 4.8
  • Ingredients – 4.9
  • Value – 4.5
  • Accessibility – 4.0

Our Bottom Line: HVMN Keto Collagen+

This is a good supplement for many types of people. It has plenty of flavors to choose from. There are many benefits that most people are looking for. We caution against using it for anyone who has a tree nut allergy. While many supplements are designed to give one type of benefit, HVMN Keto Collagen+ offers many benefits that support improvements in your overall health.

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