BioTrust Collagen Review – Does This Ageless Multi-Collagen Work?

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BioTrust Collagen Review – Does This Ageless Multi-Collagen Work?

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As we get older, we take stock of various things. Like the things we worry about health-wise. For example, when we get older we seem to experience mobility issues. Let’s not forget some of the other issues like whether or not if our gut health is still satisfactory. Having digestive problems can be troublesome even as we age. But no time would be better to find a supplement that will not only improve and maintain your gut health, but also your joints, hair, nails, and skin. The solution is collagen. And there are different types of collagen that are laser-focused on providing you something beneficial. 

If you are looking for an all-natural multi-collagen solution that will help you defy age and make you feel younger than ever before you might want to give Biotrust’s Ageless Multi-Collagen a try. It’s filled with naturally flavored ingredients that you can include in your favorite foods or beverages every day so you can improve your overall health and feel younger by the day. 

Ageless Multi-Collagen Peptides

What Is BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen?

Ageless Multi-Collagen is a protein powder that is made from natural flavors. Which means there are no artificial sweeteners or anything silly like that. Plus, it’s free from any hormones, gluten or antibiotics. If you are looking for the closest thing to a natural solution this might be right up your alley. You get a flavorless powder that you can mix in your favorite beverages and certain foods. It’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. You’ll be eating or drinking normally but with a boost of five different collagen types that are aimed to improve the health of your skin, nails, hair, gut, and joints. Plus, you have a powder that never clumps so you can easily mix it up. 

Ageless Multi-Collagen Peptides Powder

Ageless Multi-Collagen Advantages

  • Helps improve skin, joints, hair, gut, and nail health
  • Feel younger and better than ever
  • Mix with hot or cold drinks and foods like pancake mix
  • No odor or taste
  • Doesn’t clump at all


  • Originates from a manufacturing facility known for processing foods that may contain various allergens like soy, milk, nuts, etc.

Who Makes Ageless Multi-Collagen?

Ageless Multi-Collagen is made by Biotrust. BioTrust Nutrition was founded in 2011 by Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. Currently, the headquarters for BioTrust is based in Austin, Texas. They are known for creating nutrition products that were honest and authentic. Their products include ingredients that are natural and include no artificial additives, sweeteners, or flavors among all else. Aside from creating Ageless Multi-Collagen, they manufacture products that include various health supplements and protein powders. 

BioTrust Company Logo

BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Ingredients

Ageless Multi-Collagen includes the following ingredients: hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, eggshell membrane, native undenatured chicken collagen, and fermented L-tryptophan. This also includes five different types of collagen: Types I, II, III, V, and X. Each of them has their own focus on improving your health (which we will cover shortly). 

Ageless Multi-Collagen Supplement Facts

How Does BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Work?

Ageless Multi-Collagen contains five different types of collagen. Type I is one of the major types as it focuses on your bones, organs, tendons, skin, and digestive system. Types II and X will focus more on your bones and joints. Type III will not only improve with heart and blood function, but it will also give you better skin elasticity as well. Type V will focus mostly on the skin and help you look younger than ever. No need for all those other age-defying beauty products or hacks. 

You can add Ageless Multi-Collagen every morning in your favorite hot or cold beverage and even in some foods that use mixes like pancakes. You’ll enjoy what you love to eat and drink while getting the collagen boost you need to ward off all the issues that come with the territory of age. This is a daily supplement that you can take and enjoy the age-defying benefits. After a while, you’ll feel like you’ve never even aged at all. 

How Does Ageless Multi-Collagen Work

Is Ageless Multi-Collagen Safe?

Considering the fact that Ageless Multi-Collagen is made from natural ingredients, there is little to no risk for side effects. However, keep in mind that is does contain tryptophan. Yes, the same tryptophan that is found in turkey. Of course, it is known to put you in a “turkey coma”. So whether it might cause some kind of drowsiness or not may vary from person to person. Other than that, it would be wise to just follow the directions of how much of this powder you need to consume daily. Remember, too much can be a bad thing rather than good. 

Ageless Multi-Collagen For Joints

As mentioned earlier, one of the disadvantages is that Ageless Multi-Collagen comes from a manufacturing facility that processes soy, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and other common food allergens. If you suffer from any food allergies, you may want to err on the side of caution and find an alternative so you won’t unknowingly trigger any allergic reactions. 

Where To Buy Ageless Multi-Collagen

You can purchase Ageless Multi-Collagen online through their website. One bag will be priced at $39. You can also purchase a package deal that includes either 3 bags or 6 bags. The prices will be $35 and $31 per bag, respectively. 

Ageless Multi-Collagen Peptides Website

Ageless Multi-Collagen: Is It Worth It?

If you are getting older and want to ward off all of the risk factors that come with aging, then you better believe that Ageless Multi-Collagen is worth using. Especially when you want to look younger and feel like you’ve reversed in age by almost twenty years. You’d be surprised by the transformation that you’ll undergo after applying collagen to your diet. Plus, since it’s made with natural ingredients it’s also another reason to give it a try. You can defy age without the nasty side effects that go along with it (unlike some other supplements).

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