Naked Mass Review – Does This Naked Nutrition Powder Measure Up?

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Naked Mass Review

Naked Mass is a “weight gainer” supplement designed to be an easy way to increase your caloric intake to gain weight. It comes in powder form and can be added to water or mixed into a shake.

Unlike a traditional protein powder, Naked Mass includes carbohydrates and fat to fit more calories into each scoop. 

Gaining weight is the opposite goal of most people beginning their health and fitness journey. However, there are a fair amount of people who would like to add mass, build muscle, and improve their strength. In this case, you may be looking to increase, instead of cut back on, your caloric intake. 

If this is true for you, then could using Naked Mass be an effective way to gain weight? What are the pros and cons of using a supplement like Naked Mass instead of simply eating more food? We’ll answer those questions and more in this full Naked Mass review.

Ready? Let’s find out if this supplement could be a valuable addition to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Naked Mass By Naked Nutrition

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Before going any further, it is important to break down the mechanism behind weight loss/gain. We will keep it simple for the sake of this article and understanding how a “weight gainer” supplement like Naked Mass can be effective.

Everyone has what is called a Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). This is basically how many calories your body burns in a day. There are calculators available online, like this one from, that can help you find your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

Once you find your TDEE, you know how many calories you need to consume daily to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. Eating less than your TDEE, you will lose weight. Eating more than your TDEE, you will gain weight. Now that we know that managing our weight ultimately comes down to managing our caloric intake let’s talk more about how a supplement like Naked Mass works to put on weight and mass.

Naked Mass Benefits

Naked Mass is a “weight gainer” supplement from a well-known supplement company, Naked Nutrition. Naked Nutrition aims to provide premium supplements that help support your fitness goals. The benefit of Naked Mass is quite simple. If you are trying to gain weight and need to consume more calories, then a “weight gainer” supplement will provide a substantial number of calories in the easiest, quickest way possible. 

One serving of Naked Mass (4 scoops) contains a whopping 1250 calories! Each serving contains 50g of protein, 2.5g of fat, and 252g of carbohydrates. Keep this sizeable amount of carbohydrates in mind, as we will refer back to this when talking about the potential drawbacks of this supplement later.

So to summarize, the main benefit of Naked Mass is providing A LOT of calories in an easily accessible form. Each serving has as many calories as a large meal, without having to cook or stuff yourself full to get them.

Naked Mass Ingredients

Naked Nutrition prides itself on offering clean products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients and additives. Naked Mass only has three ingredients, Naked Whey Protein Concentrate, Naked Micellar Casein Protein, and Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin. We will take a closer look at each of these ingredients below.

Naked Mass By Naked Nutrition - Shake

Naked Whey Protein Concentrate

Naked Mass includes a combination of two proteins, the first being its own brand-name Whey Protein. Whey protein is more quickly digested than other forms of protein, making it the preferred post-workout shake for right after your workout.

Naked whey is a whey protein concentrate derived from grass-fed cows and includes no added sweeteners or artificial flavors.

Naked Micellar Casein Protein

The second ingredient is casein protein, which differs from whey because it is a slower-digesting protein. Both proteins are similarly derived from milk and are effective at helping build muscle. Casein helps prevent muscle breakdown because it is absorbed slowly over a longer period. This is especially beneficial during periods of fasting and/or rest, like when you are asleep.

Once again, Naked uses their brand-name casein in their Naked Mass product. Naked Casein is also sourced from US farms and is free from additional sweeteners and artificial flavors.

Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin 

Maltodextrin is a type of carbohydrate that has undergone intense processing so that it no longer resembles the food it was derived from but instead becomes a fine powder.

Its main purpose in Naked Mass is to provide calories in the form of carbohydrates, and it also works to thicken the formula and bind the ingredients together into a quickly dissolving powder.

Naked Mass uses organic tapioca maltodextrin as a gluten-free alternative to wheat-derived maltodextrin. Maltodextrin provides a pure carbohydrate with minimal nutritional value because it has been so heavily processed.

naked mass supplement facts

Does Naked Mass Work?

If the goal is to gain weight, then yes. If you add one serving of Naked Mass to your daily routine, you are increasing your caloric intake by 1250 calories a day. This is how you gain weight. Of course, you still need to make sure that you are exceeding your Total Daily Energy Expenditure in total.

A better question may be, is Naked Mass necessary – or is it the best option to increase weight? So let’s analyze who would benefit most from this type of supplement.

Who is Naked Mass Best For?

Naked Mass is obviously for people who want to gain weight. But if you understand how this supplement works, you may find yourself pondering an obvious question. “Can I just eat more food?” And the answer is… yes. You can just up your portion sizes to add calories to your diet and accomplish the same goal – but that may also be the BEST option for most people.

Eating whole foods like meats, vegetables, and fruit provides more than just calories. Whole foods contain important micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are crucial to your overall health. Naked Mass provides lots of calories but does not provide much else in terms of nutritional value. 

If you are looking to gain weight and need more calories, your best bet would be to do it in the form of whole foods. Now, this isn’t always realistic, and in those certain situations, Naked Mass could be a useful supplement to add in addition to a healthy diet. 

So who is Naked Mass best for? Those who need to gain weight but cannot reach their caloric goal through whole foods alone, hard gainers, or those with medical conditions that prevent them from eating larger volumes of food. 

Naked Mass Best For people who want to gain weight

Claims vs. Reality

Naked Mass makes a few claims on their website regarding what you can expect by taking their product. Most of them are basic and realistic.

Fuel Your Workouts. Yes. Naked Mass contains 252 grams of rapidly available carbohydrates to help you to work out harder and longer.

Meet Daily Calorie Requirement. Yes. Naked Mass has 1250 calories per serving. So, if you are having trouble meeting your daily calorie requirement, it is a fast and easy way to supplement your existing diet to reach your goal.

Build and Sustain Muscle Mass. Partly true. To build muscle mass, you still need to include resistance training in your workout schedule. If you are doing that, Naked Mass will help provide the protein and calories you need to build muscle and recover stronger.

These claims are pretty straightforward. Where they may exaggerate some of their claims is in their comparison to other “weight gainer” supplements. So, what do they say makes them different than other like products?

Naked Mass vs. Other Weight Gainer Supplements

There are tons of “weight gainer” mass supplements on the market, from CrazyMass to Serious Mass. So, how does Naked Mass compare? Here are the most important claims Naked Mass makes on their product page on how they stack up versus other brands…

Naked Nutrition Naked Mass Supplement Powder

3 Ingredients vs. 10+ Ingredients

This is a worthy comparison. Naked Mass does keep its ingredients to a minimum, whereas most weight gainer supplements are loaded with sweeteners and artificial ingredients.


Naked claims their protein has the ideal combination of Protein + Carbohydrates to promote muscle growth. The main issue with this claim is that this is highly dependent on the rest of your diet. Naked Mass itself contains a 5:1 carb-to-protein ratio. If you were to mimic this across your entire daily intake, you’d be consuming entirely too many carbohydrates

In fact, because of the extremely high carbohydrate intake, you may want to limit your carbohydrates across your everyday meals to create an ideal macronutrient ratio (Protein, Carbs + Fat). Again, how many macronutrients you need is also highly dependent on the individual.

Your best bet to get your macronutrient intake right is to seek out a nutrition coach to help.


Naked Mass also claims that it contains natural and complex carbohydrates, and other weight gainers use unhealthy processed carbohydrates. This is misleading. Naked Mass still uses maltodextrin, albeit an “organic tapioca maltodextrin.”

The issue with this claim is that maltodextrin is highly processed, and regardless of what it is derived from, it all becomes similar in the end. There may be benefits to using tapioca vs. wheat or corn, but it is still far from a “natural and complex carbohydrate” after being heavily processed into maltodextrin.

Naked Mass Safety

Naked Mass is a mostly safe product, and potential side effects have a lot to do with what the rest of your diet looks like in combination with using it. Below, we’ve discussed some health concerns that may arise with using Naked Mass.

Nutritional Deficiency

As mentioned earlier, Naked Mass provides calories but little in terms of micronutrients. It should be used as a supplement to a healthy diet and not in place of one. 

Spikes Blood Sugar

Naked Mass packs 252 grams of carbs into one serving and does so in the form of maltodextrin, which has a very high Glycemic Index (higher than table sugar). This means it can spike your blood sugar quickly, which can be especially dangerous for diabetics and those with insulin resistance.

Gain Body Fat

Due to the very high carbohydrate count in this supplement, it is recommended that you use it in conjunction with strenuous exercise.

Naked Mass could help fuel an intense workout and help to replenish used-up glycogen stores afterward. However, if you consume this many carbohydrates without using them as fuel, they could be stored as body fat instead.

You may still put on the weight you were looking for, but whether that weight is lean mass versus fat mass is most likely crucial to you as well.

Imbalance in Gut Bacteria

Maltodextrin has been shown to cause an imbalance in gut bacteria by suppressing “good” gut bacteria while simultaneously promoting the growth of unhealthy bacteria. An imbalance in your gut can lead to stomach issues and problems with digestion.

More importantly, a gut imbalance could suppress your immune system. Those with autoimmune conditions or who are prone to stomach issues like IBS should avoid large amounts of maltodextrin.

Where to Buy Naked Mass

Naked Nutrition Naked Mass WebsiteYou can buy Naked Mass from their official website. Naked Mass costs $69.99 for a one-time purchase. If you like to keep the protein coming, though, you can sign up for their subscribe and save option to save 8% on your order.

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Naked Mass Review FAQs

How does Naked Mass taste?

Naked Mass prides itself on not containing added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Great for creating a clean supplement! However, you’re not going to have a super sweet, dessert type of drink – if that’s what you’re looking for. 

With that being said, both the chocolate and vanilla flavors are alright. Just plain as far as protein powders go. Since you need four scoops for each serving, you may end up with a clumpy drink unless you mix in a blender or shaker bottle, also.

Are Naked Mass’ ingredients top quality?

The quality of Naked Mass is as good as it gets when it comes to weight gainer supplements. The protein used is cold-processed and free of any added hormones. There are no filler ingredients, artificial colors, dyes, or sweeteners. Naked Mass is certified gluten-free, GMO-free, and soy-free. 

The only deduction this supplement gets for quality is because of the maltodextrin, which is highly processed and lacks nutritional value. Still, it’s derived from organic tapioca instead of wheat, and there’s no acid/ bleach used in processing. There are not many ways to fit 1250 calories into a supplement. So, it’s as good as it’s going to get!

Does Naked Mass have the right ingredient dosage?

Most popular weight gainer supplements contain about 700-1000 calories per serving. Naked Mass has 1250. So, it definitely delivers if your goal is to up your caloric intake and gain weight. Depending on your caloric goal, you may be able to take half a serving and get everything you need.

Is Naked Nutrition trustworthy?

Naked Nutrition products undergo third-party testing for heavy metals and purity of ingredients. Most of their supplements are certified through They also have a ton of genuine client reviews which are largely positive. They have an all-in-all good reputation in the supplement space!

How does Naked Mass compare to alternatives?

Naked Mass has just as many calories as the other top weight gainers and does it with higher quality ingredients (and fewer of them). So, unless you opt for making an extra meal yourself – you probably won’t find a better option in powder form.

Is Naked Mass a good value?

Naked Mass only contains 11 servings per container at a price of $69.99. That could add up quickly if you plan on adding Naked Mass to your daily routine. It would become much more cost-effective if you only opted for ½ serving, which is still 600+ calories. 

However, other weight gainers are still comparable in price. What you can gain in money saved, you can lose in quality when you choose another supplement versus Naked Mass. So, if quality and cleanliness are important to you, then Naked Mass still wins versus the competition. 


You plan on cooking or preparing real food. This can actually be a cheaper and healthier option. 

Is Naked Mass a good weight gainer supplement?

Naked Mass is a solid supplement as far as weight gainers go. It’s super clean and avoids unnecessary and/or toxic ingredients. It provides a massive number of calories, so it is sure to be effective in helping you gain weight. Even though it could get pricey, it is still comparable to other weight gainers – it’s just what this type of supplement costs.

Before considering using ANY weight gainer, you should ensure it is completely necessary. If you can get the calories you need from real food, that could be a more affordable and healthier option. But if you’ve already determined that a supplement is what you need to reach your goal – Naked Mass should be at the top of your list for consideration.

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