Naked Greens Review – Is This Superfood Worth Trying?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Naked Greens Review

If I had a dollar for every greens supplement out there, let’s just say that I’d have a lot of green. 

But with so many greens supplements on the market, how do you know which ones are best? 

Well, it all comes down to being able to critically review each one of them as they come.

So in this review, we’ll take a look at one specific greens supplement called Naked Greens to see where it stands amidst the hundreds of superfood supplements.

Ready to find out if this greens supplement is worth using? Let’s jump into this Naked Greens review! 

Naked Greens

About Naked Greens

Naked Greens is made by Naked Nutrition, a company that prides themselves on only using clean, pure, and limited ingredients to deliver the highest nutrition and health benefits possible. You may be familiar with some of Naked Nutrition’s other supplements, many of which we have previously reviewed.

Other Naked Nutrition products include:

Naked Greens is a premium daily greens powder that contains six different organic vegetables and grasses, along with organic prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens. 

It provides you with over 2 servings of vegetables and grasses per scoop, making it a simple and convenient way to get in a solid dose of nutrition, every day. 

Naked Greens Benefits

When taken on a daily basis, Naked Greens is advertised to deliver the following benefits:

  • Boosted Immunity
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Decreased Stress
  • Enhanced Gut Health
Naked Greens Supplement And Bottle

Boosted Immunity

Naked Greens claims to boost immunity thanks to the many greens in it that are solid sources of immune-supportive micronutrients. 

Reduced Inflammation

Different greens in Naked Greens, especially wheat grass and alfalfa grass, are advertised to support detoxification and reduce inflammation in the body. 

Decreased Stress

With two clinically studied adaptogens in ashwagandha and Panax ginseng, Naked Greens is touted as a way to decrease stress and support optimal cortisol levels and adrenal gland function. 

Enhanced Gut Health

Naked Greens is also advertised to support gut health by giving the right fiber and nutrients it needs for optimal digestion/gut support. 

These are all some pretty normal claims for a greens powder. But does Naked Greens actually stand up to its claims? Read on to find out. 

Naked Greens Ingredients

Naked Greens’ formula contains the following ingredients:

  • Naked Greens Blend
    • Broccoli, alfalfa grass, kale, spinach, spirulina, and wheat grass (all organic)
  • Organic Inulin
  • Organic Ashwagandha
  • Organic Panax Ginseng
  • Probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis) 
Naked Greens Powder

Naked Greens Blend

Likely the star of the show in Naked Greens is the Naked Greens blend, which you saw has broccoli, alfalfa grass, kale, spinach, spirulina, and wheat grass (all organic). 

So, it’s a combination of vegetables, grasses, and algae, all of which provide numerous micronutrients and health benefits. 

Some of the micronutrients these foods provide include vitamins A, C, E, and K; potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron; some B-complex vitamins; chlorophyll; numerous phytochemicals (e.g., alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids); enzymes; and even various amino acids. 

Some of the benefits you can get from these greens on a regular basis include enhanced digestion, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, reduced risk of cancer, improved cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and detoxification. 

Recommended Dose: Varies, but generally, 7 to 10g of powdered extracts is effective


Also included in Naked Greens is inulin (organic), which is a type of fiber from various vegetables. Inulin acts as a prebiotic and can thus work to increase the number of good bacteria in the but while also increasing short-chain fatty acid production. Overall, inulin is effective for improving gut health. 

Recommended Dose: At least 5g


Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb with many health benefits, largely due to its withanolide content. Primarily, it is an adaptogen, meaning it can help to balance stress levels in the body by acting on the HPA-axis and central nervous system. 

Ashwagandha has the most research behind it for reducing stress and anxiety, but other studies have shown that ashwagandha can enhance cognitive function, increase testosterone, and boost physical performance, just to name a few.

Recommended Dose: 300 to 600mg

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng (or Asian ginseng) is another adaptogenic herb with numerous benefits, attributed mainly to the ginsenosides and other active compounds in it. 

Panax ginseng acts on the central nervous system and other parts of the body. And research shows it may help with stress reduction, enhancing libido, decreasing fatigue, and improving mental and physical performance. 

Recommended Dose: 200 to 400mg

Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus Subtilis is a type of probiotic bacteria that may offer unique benefits for gut health. It is a very well-researched type of probiotic, with evidence that it can help reduce pathogenic bacteria, decrease intestinal inflammation, stimulate the immune system, normalize the gut microbiota, and decrease diarrhea. 

Plus, it has a high level of stability through its shelf life and through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which makes it more effective than some other probiotic strains. 

Recommended Dose: 10 Billion CFU

Does Naked Greens Work?

Naked Greens is a solid greens supplement.

The ingredients are all well-researched and loaded with different nutrients and other compounds known for their health benefits. 

Naked Greens Drink

With the combination of green vegetables, grasses, algae, prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens, you really can’t get much healthier than that. 

The only complaint we have is that the ingredient dosages aren’t listed. In fact, there isn’t even a dosage listed for the blend in total. While greens supplements rarely show the dosage of each individual ingredient, most popular products (such as Athletic Greens) show the dosages of the unique blends of ingredients.

The only thing we can do is go off of the serving size weight, which is 7 grams. So, that is actually a decent dosage, but it still doesn’t tell us how much of each ingredient is in there (which would be especially helpful for ingredients like ashwagandha, inulin, and probiotics). 

Ultimately, with Naked Nutrition’s reputation, I’m inclined to believe that they have the right amounts of these ingredients in here, however, some customers may like more information.

Overall, Naked Greens is likely to be an effective greens supplement and is likely one of the higher quality products on the market.

Claims vs. Reality

Naked Nutrition claims that Naked Greens will support immune health, gut health, stress reductions, and inflammation reductions. 

Naked Greens Supplement And Powder

Without knowing how much of each ingredient is in there, it’s difficult to determine how effective Naked Greens will be for each of the purported benefits. That said, it is likely to support the claimed benefits.

Specifically, the greens ingredients should support immune and gut health as well as detoxification. 

The adaptogens should support stress management. 

And the prebiotic and probiotic should support gut health. 

Who is Naked Greens Best For?

Naked Greens is best for anyone looking for a greens supplement to help support their overall health and wellness. 

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Is Naked Greens Safe?

Some potential side effects of Naked Greens are rare, but may include:

  • Nausea, bloating, upset stomach, and other GI symptoms
  • Allergic reactions

Also, Naked Greens is made in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. 

It is also free from additives and artificial sweeteners and independent third-party tested for heavy metals. 

Plus, Naked Greens is certified gluten-free, keto-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and vegan.

How to Take Naked Greens

You can use Naked Greens first thing in the morning, before lunch, or between meals. Mix one scoop into 8oz of water or your favorite beverage. 

Since Naked Greens is unflavored, consider mixing in fruits, vegetables, or flavorings for taste. 

It can be made into shakes, smoothies, or even baking recipes.

Where to Buy Naked Greens

You can buy Naked Greens on the official Naked Nutrition website at this link.

naked greens where to buy

If you buy the regular powder, you get 35 servings (35 scoops) per container. 

The one-time purchase price is $31.99 ($0.91/serving). But, you can save 20% by choosing the Subscribe & Save option, which lowers the price to $25.59 ($0.73/serving). 

For the latter option, you can choose to get it delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months. 

With both options under a dollar per serving, this is a pretty affordable greens supplement, but it honestly should be around that price since the dosage is likely not very high. 

You can also buy Naked Greens packets, in plain or berry flavor, but these are more expensive; 15, 1-serving packets cost $23.99 ($1.60/serving). 

Final Verdict: Naked Greens Review

Naked Greens is a pretty good greens supplement since it has numerous healthful ingredients, but they really should’ve put the dosages on there. With that being said, being a reputable company, this greens product is still worth trying out for anyone looking for a general greens supplement to aid their overall health.

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