Naked Fire Shot Review – Is This Energy Drink Worth Using?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

Naked Fire Shot Review

Energy drinks are certainly tempting, especially on some days more than others. But even if you like taking these for an energy boost, you have to be pretty careful because most of them are just really unhealthy. 

Loaded with sugar, too much caffeine, artificial ingredients, and other no-nos, it’s just the unfortunate truth that many energy drinks out there suck. 

However, there are a few more natural energy drinks coming to market these days, including one called Naked Fire Shot. 

So, if you’re interested in not only energy but also overall wellness, continue reading this Naked Fire Shot review as we go over the details of this drink, its ingredients, benefits, and whether or not it ranks high as a quality energy drink. 

Naked Fire Shot

About Naked Fire Shot

Naked Fire Shot is made by Naked Nutrition, a company that focuses on delivering health benefits through all-natural ingredients and no BS. You may be familiar with Naked Nutrition as they have produced a large variety of popular supplements, including the below:

Their Naked Fire Shot is ultimately designed to be an energy wellness shot. Sure, it has caffeine for energy, but it also includes things such as apple cider vinegar for detoxification, ginger for gut health, and Panax ginseng for cognitive function. 

Naked Fire Shot Bottles

All in all, Naked Fire Shot is designed to deliver a healthy dose of energy, cleansing, and wellness to those who need it most, all in a convenient shot form. 

Naked Fire Shot Benefits

The main benefits of Naked Fire Shot are the following:

  • Energy Boost
  • Detoxification
  • Better Digestion
  • Enhanced Cognitive Function
Naked Fire Shot Box

Energy Boost

With caffeine from green coffee beans and various adaptogens such as Panax ginseng, Naked Fire Shot is advertised to give you a quick, clean energy boost without all of the jitters and crash. 


Naked Fire Shot is also designed to enhance detoxification and overall wellness with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger and apple cider vinegar. 

Better Digestion

Cayenne pepper, ginger, and apple cider vinegar in Naked Fire shot are all supposed to increase digestive enzymes, helping to improve digestion and giving you the most out of your diet. 

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Naked Shot is also advertised to improve aspects of cognitive function, such as focus and short-term memory, with ashwagandha and Panax ginseng. 

As you can see, Naked Fire Shot is touted to be much more than an energy drink. But can it live up to its claims and truly provide you with energy and overall wellness? Read on to find out. 

Naked Fire Shot Ingredients

We’ve talked a bit about some of the ingredients in Naked Fire Shot, but below is the full rundown of its active ingredients:

  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • PurCaf Caffeine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Ginger Root
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha
  • Cayenne Pepper
Naked Fire Shot Supplement Facts

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made from apples that have gone through bacterial fermentation. It is rich in numerous beneficial compounds, including catechins, chlorogenic acid, various vitamins, and flavonoids. 

Apple cider vinegar has been studied to have numerous health benefits. For example, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, it offers antimicrobial effects and can even improve digestion. 

Lastly, some research shows apple cider vinegar may be able to balance blood sugar, reduce fat accumulation, and suppress appetite. 

Recommended Dose: 15 to 45mL


Up next is PurCaf, which is a trademarked form of green coffee bean extract. This source of green coffee bean extract delivers a solid dose of caffeine, which we know improves alertness, attention, and energy thanks to its ability to increase sympathetic nervous system activation. PurCaf also contains chlorogenic acid and other beneficial compounds for overall health. 

Recommended Dose: 100 to 200mg

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is an adaptogen that has been used in Asia for centuries, but is now used all over. It’s most known for its energy-enhancing and immune-supportive properties. Ginseng has a high concentration of ginsenosides and other bioactive compounds, which play roles in overall health and wellness. 

It is an adaptogen, which means it helps the body respond to and recover from stress. 

And research shows that Panax ginseng offers a number of potential benefits, such as enhanced energy and cognitive function, improved immunity, better digestion, decreased diabetes, and enhanced sexual function. 

Recommended Dose: 200 to 400mg

Ginger Root

Naked Fire Shot also has ginger root extract in it. Ginger is an herb with many different health benefits, but it’s most known for its digestive benefits. It contains gingerols and other bioactive components that deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other health benefits. 

Ginger has been shown to help regulate blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, enhance digestion, reduce bloating, gas, and nausea, and improve immune function. 

Recommended Dose: 500mg

Sensoril Ashwagandha

Another trademarked ingredient in Naked Fire Shot is Sensoril, which is an ashwagandha extract. 

Like Panax ginseng, ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, so it can help the body deal with, resist, and recover from stressors. So you can find it in many stress support supplements, such as Avantera Unwind

Clinical trials have shown that Sensoril is effective for reducing stress, improving sleep, enhancing cognition and mood, and even increasing physical strength. 

Recommended Dose: 500mg

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a hot red pepper rich in capsaicin and other bioactive components as well. 

Cayenne pepper has been shown to improve cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and glucose levels, while also enhancing digestion. 

Plus, it has stimulating properties that may make it mildly beneficial for appetite suppression and weight loss. 

Recommended Dose: 1,000mg to yield 2.5mg capsaicin.

Does Naked Fire Shot Work?

Overall, Naked Fire Shot is likely an effective all-natural energy and wellness enhancer. 

It contains a clean source of caffeine at a modest dosage of 100mg, so that should provide you with a nice energy boost without overdoing it. 

Naked Fire Shot Bottle And Box

Naked Fire Shot is also backed by a number of other healthy ingredients, but the problem is that most of them are dosed too low. 

The dosages for Panax ginseng and apple cider vinegar are pretty good, so these might give you some benefits for energy, cognitive function, and detoxification. 

But the dosages for ashwagandha, ginger, and cayenne pepper are very low and might not even do anything. With these low dosages, Naked Fire Shot is missing out on what could’ve been added benefits for stress reduction, digestive health, and many other wellness benefits. 

But overall, since it is mainly advertised as a health energy drink, Naked Fire Shot looks just fine in that regard. 

Claims vs. Reality

It’s unlikely that the benefits of Naked Fire Shot will be as good as they claim. 

But this isn’t to say Naked Fire Shot is a bad product. In fact, it’s a really good and clean energy formula that should give you a nice boost in energy, mood, and perhaps cognitive function, while also supporting overall health and wellness. 

Would I expect Naked Fire Shot to significantly improve your digestion, detoxification, or short-term memory/cognitive functions? Not necessarily. 

But it still should support these areas, and without any BS ingredients, Naked Fire Shot is definitely better than a lot of other products out there. 

Who is Naked Fire Shot Best For?

Naked Fire Shot is best for anybody looking for a clean and natural energy boost that supports overall health and wellness too. If you’re tired of the sugar-loaded, artificial ingredient-packed, stimulant-raging energy drinks of the norm, Naked Fire Shot is a great potential alternative. 

Naked Fire Shot Energy Drink Bottles

Is Naked Fire Shot Safe?

Some possible side effects of Naked Fire Shot include:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, jitters, and insomnia
  • Nausea, bloating, upset stomach, and other digestive symptoms
  • Headache and Dizziness

Also, Naked Recovery is made in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. 

It is free from additives and artificial sweeteners and independent third-party tested for heavy metals. 

Additionally, Naked Recovery is certified gluten-free, keto-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and vegan.

How to Take Naked Fire Shot

You can take one-half to a full shot of Naked Fire Shot, depending on your desired effects. 

You can take it whenever you need an energy boost, but it’s best to take it in the morning or early afternoon at the latest to prevent sleep disruptions. 

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Where to Buy Naked Fire Shot

You can buy Naked Fire Shot on the official Naked Nutrition website at this link.

naked fire shot where to buy

You can buy Naked Fire Shot either in a 4-pack or 12-pack. And with both options, you can pick the regular price or save 20% by choosing the Subscribe & Save option. 

The 4-pack costs $13.99 ($3.50/serving) regularly or $11.19 ($2.80/serving) with a subscription

The 12-packs costs $34.99 ($2.92/serving) regularly or $27.99 ($2.33/serving) with a subscription

Subscriptions can be delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months. 

All-in-all, Naked Fire Shot is a pretty expensive energy shot, but still not really more than you’d pay for any other energy drink. So, it’s a pretty fair price overall, especially considering the better ingredient quality. 

Final Verdict: Naked Fire Shot Review

With so many subpar energy drinks out there, Naked Fire Shot is a breath of fresh air. While we’d ideally like to see higher dosages for some of the ingredients, Naked Fire Shot is an all-around healthy energy drink that’s worth looking into if you’re looking for a boost in overall energy and wellness.

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Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.