CrazyMass Review – How Do These Steroid Alternatives Perform?

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By Scot Mills

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CrazyMass Review

If you’re crazy about gaining massive muscles without the risks involved with steroid use, CrazyMass is the company for you. They produce supplements that are as close to the real McCoy—AKA, illegal steroids—as can be without the risks to your freedom or health. 

But, as with any alternative to “the Real McCoy,” there may be some controversy over whether the company is legit and if their products work well. And, if so, just how “legal” are their supplements? 

Let’s find out in this review of the company, CrazyMass!

About CrazyMass

As their name indicates, CrazyMass is all about turning you into a lean, mean, BIG hunk of muscle. They do this by offering supplements that, though being proclaimed safe and all-natural, nonetheless work. 

They started in 2006 in response to seeing gym rats struggling to achieve gains using other companies’ products which they found damaged the body rather than making it stronger. As a group of bodybuilders and personal trainers who participated in regional bodybuilding contests, this simply didn’t sit well with them. 

This led them to create supplements that are hardcore enough to maximize the potential of serious bodybuilders while remaining safe and natural. They do this with products made from amino acids, plant compounds, and perhaps a few precursors to mimic such products as Trenbolone, which is as dangerous as it is illegal (and was created to increase the size of cattle, by the way). 

We did, however, notice right off the bat that they rely heavily on at least one controversial ingredient in many of their formulas—that would be DHEA—to boost androgen levels. Further exploration also led to the discovery of whole bovine pituitary glands as a source of growth hormone in another product which, while legal, may counter their claim that everything they sell is safe, though there’s more research to be done. 

CrazyMass Logo

CrazyMass Benefits

They’ll Pump You Up

!If you’re like so many of us, you hit the gym for one reason: to add as much lean bulk and strength as you can. But unless you’re willing to forgo your health and perhaps the current size of your nuts, it can take YEARS—if ever—to add pounds as an adult. Sure, if you start when you’re a teen with an endless supply of youthful hormones on tap to build and grow you and your muscles, no problem! But as an adult with declined androgen production, you’re lucky to make gains without “re-adding” all those hormones—or at least, synthetic or bovine versions of them. 

But CrazyMass is here to help you put on the pounds without sacrifices to your freedom and longevity—or so they claim. 

Safe, Legal, and All Natural

Okay, so while everything in CrazyMass’ products is legal here in the US and yes, technically the pituitary glands of cows are “all-natural,” there may be some gray area when it comes to their claims of safety. Sure, products such as this are absolutely safer than using synthetic steroids—especially without a doctor’s supervision—though there’s still more research to be done on such compounds as dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA. 

While it is true that it’s a precursor to hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, your body also produces less DHEA as you age. This is much like other muscle-building androgens including growth hormone and testosterone, both of which can cause health problems if “re-added” and elevated to unnatural blood levels.

Granted, this is based in pure speculation on our part, but wouldn’t it make sense that elevated levels of something that converts to something dangerous may in itself be dangerous? 

Hmmm, Perhaps. 

In fact, according to Andre T. Guay, MD, an endocrinologist at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass., “…nobody should be taking DHEA supplements unless they are under a doctor’s supervision.” 

Add to this the opinion of Baha Arafah, MD, an endocrinologist at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, who says, “Beneficial claims for DHEA supplements have not held up under the scrutiny of recent research.”

And since this is all stuff that affects your natural endocrine production, it would make sense to heed the advice of an endocrinologist. 

Finally, we get to the part about DHEA supplements having no approval by the FDA, which means they’re unregulated, and you don’t always know what you’re getting. This causes our red flags to fly high, and it doesn’t help that while compounds such as DHEA or the pituitary glands of cattle are legal for bodybuilding, they may not be for other types of competitions regulated by anti-doping agencies. 

But, CrazyMass does produce a few products that are very safe and all-natural, such as their nitric booster, which relies on such compounds as beet juice to elevate nitric oxide levels in the blood (a very healthy thing indeed). Their products meant to boost your androgen levels, on the other hand, do have some components to them that while much safer than steroids, nonetheless have questionable safety behind them. 

Produced by Bodybuilders for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders know what they want from a supplement, which, for those interested in doing it the legal way, means coming as close to an illegal supplement as possible without crossing any lines. And, that’s also why you want your bodybuilding supplements to be created by those who best know the results you seek and how to achieve them. 

With CrazyMass, you get a team of bodybuilders and personal trainers who have a passion for getting results collaborating on just that: getting you results. They do this with their in-house team of experts who have years of health and nutrition experience behind them creating supplements that work and do so without destroying your health or getting you busted. 

Yes, there may be some gray areas when it comes to the “health” part, and some product substances may be illegal in some athletic competitions, though this is still safer and more legal than steroids, which of course are illegal everywhere. 

CrazyMass By Bodybuilders for Bodybuilders

CrazyMass Products

CrazyMass produces supplements in three bodybuilding categories, with many of their products being stackable per their recommendations, including stacks for women. 

Supplements for cutting, bulking, strength & stamina all form a complete approach to helping you become big, strong, lean, and vascular.

CrazyMass Supplements

For Cutting

  • NitricBOOSTER – Max Elite Series: One of their safest products that uses a combination of amino acids and beets to relax blood vessels and increase vascularity
  • P-VAR Elite Series (Anavar Alternative): Helps you burn fat and get cut using a combination of wild yam, protein, amino acids, and ATP
  • Winnidrol Elite Series (Winstrol Alternative): Winstrol has some pretty nasty common side effects that include nausea, headaches, and acne, which this product circumvents using DHEA, wild yam, healthy fats, choline bitrate, and L-carnitine 
  • Clentrimix Elite Series (Clenbuterol Alternative): This is a formula that keeps it safe while cutting the fat and revving you up. It uses a combination of plant compounds, caffeine, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and more to pump you UP!

For Bulking

  • P-MB Elite Series (Somatropin HGH Alternative): Using a combination of amino acids shown to boost HGH levels along with whole bovine pituitary glands and deer antler velvet, this one does work, though at what cost? It is claimed that deer antler velvet contains insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), though it’s unproven whether this boosts growth hormone in humans. Add to it the idea of ingesting whole cow glands, and we’ve got a legal product that only the hardcore may be interested in. 
  • D-Anaoxn Elite Series: This alternative to Dianabol uses a combination of androgen-stimulating amino acids, inosine, colostrum, and DHEA to help you achieve results. 
  • Testosteroxn – Elite Series (Testosterone Alternative): This one uses Tribulus (Goat Head plant) extract, alpha-lipoic acid, ALC, vitamin E, and of course, the CrazyMass go-to ingredient, DHEA to help rev up your body’s testosterone production.
  • T-Bal 75 Elite Series (Trenbolone Alternative): This one uses plant compounds, colostrum, pepsin, and a bunch of ingredients under their “Other Ingredients” list that includes DHEA, making it look like they may be trying to hide the inclusion of DHEA in this one. That, or it’s an oversight—we’re not sure. 

For Strength and Stamina

  • P-MB Elite Series (Somatropin HGH Alternative)*
  • Testosteroxn – Elite Series (Testosterone Alternative)*
  • NitricBOOSTER – Max Elite Series*
  • T-Bal 75 Elite Series (Trenbolone Alternative)*
  • A-Anolone Elite Series (Anadrol Alternative): This one includes soy and whey protein, DHEA (yawn), ALC, and plant compounds known to boost the body’s androgen production. 

*You’ll notice that “Strength & Stamina” and “Bulking” categories are nearly the same, with A-Anolone being the only item unique to S&S. 

CrazyMass Strength and Stamina

So far as ingredients, most of the bulking and strengthening formulas contain DHEA along with other herbal compounds that are associated with androgen production. There’s also their Somatropin HGH alternative formula, P-MB, which a quick peak at the label reveals…bovine pituitary glands and deer antler velvet—yikes! 

Well, at least “yikes” so far as how the ingestion of cow glands sounds, since deer antler velvet has no scientific proof behind its proposed efficacy as a source of growth hormone. 

Interestingly, though we expected to find nothing but “use at your own risk” warnings when looking for information on the ingestion of cattle glands we find…nearly nothing. Yes, there are some studies about its efficacy in helping grow corneal cells, as well as another that shows promise in reducing oxidative stress in the prostate, though this was with pituitary extract, not whole glands. There is also very little else other than vague warnings from health sites telling us to avoid them due to concerns over mad cow disease (we’d call that a legitimate concern, if true), all of which references extract rather than whole glands. 

Remember too that these things are unregulated. 

So really what it comes down to with products containing cow glands and DHEA is, how comfortable are you adding these types of compounds to your body? Many are fine with it, and it’s certainly true that it’s better than hitting the black market for the real stuff. But the fact remains that there’s not much conclusive research on things like long-term safety—or even efficacy—to be found. This doesn’t mean they won’t work or that they’re certain to cause health problems, just that you need to be sure and understand that there may be risks you—and science—are yet unaware of. 

The good news is there are guidelines and recommendations to follow that the experienced folks at CrazyMass have put together, which includes cycling information, dosage, and stacks. This does boost our confidence in the product’s safety and efficacy in that these are the folks who have studied the use of these compounds and have first-hand experience using them. 

CrazyMass How To Take A Stack

Still, we personally aren’t comfortable messing with our hormone house, so we’ll stick to things like adaptogens, vitamins, amino acids, and perhaps small muscles. For bodybuilders though, small muscles aren’t an option, and these products are likely to take it a step further than adaptogens, etc., in allowing faster recovery, increased blood flow, more rapid cell production, and better stamina—all of which equate to bigger muscles (assuming you’re doing your part in the gym). 

For other athletes, there may be concern if you compete in a sport governed by antidoping bodies. This includes nearly any endurance sport, the NCAA, the NFL, the IOC, and many others who frown upon the use of DHEA, cow glands, and perhaps antler velvet. The fact that products containing DHEA, bovine pineal glands, and inosine need to be cycled should also tell you something; and even when cycled, too much DHT—which is what DHEA becomes before converting to testosterone—can cause irritability, acne, shrunken nuts, and more. 

That said, other than DHEA, deer antler velvet, inosine, and bovine glands, most of CrazyMass’ ingredients are plant compounds, vitamins, and amino acids, which are safe—and even healthy—when used as directed. In fact, they even take it a step further by ensuring their products are free of sugar, salt, starch, nuts, yeast, milk, eggs, shellfish, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavoring. Though we do find this refreshing in an industry that often considers cheap ingredients a good way to increase profits so long as the word “natural” is stamped somewhere on the label. This helps with the credibility of CrazyMass, and again, we do appreciate their minding of the “small stuff.”

Still, we couldn’t help but notice a lack of any guarantee, and their return policy is for unopened products sent within 14-days of the ship date only, and include a 20% restocking fee. 


Does CrazyMass Work?

For bodybuilders who are out of their teens and unwilling to go the route of illegal steroids, much of what CrazyMass produces can help. With combinations of precursors, glandulars, amino acids, plant compounds, and vitamins all designed to boost androgens, relax blood vessels, and get you pumped in the gym, CrazyMass has products that are as close to illegal as it gets. 

In fact, they are illegal in many competitions. 

For us, this still leaves too much gray area for our personal comfort. But chances are you’ll be just fine, and so long as you cycle carefully you can enjoy the extra aggression and speedy recovery these supplements can bring to your workouts, though we simply do not know for sure. 

Again though, these products are much safer than using illegal steroids, especially without a doctor’s guidance, both to your health and your freedom from getting busted. 

Who are CrazyMass Supplements Best For?

If you’re looking for big gains in the gym but aren’t willing to go the route of illegal steroids, these products are the next best thing. True, there isn’t a lot of research backing the safety or efficacy of some of their key ingredients such as bovine glands or DHEA, though there has to be a reason so many “natural” bodybuilders use them. 

But, while the company’s products can also be used by women, teens should NEVER use supplement with precursors or other androgen boosters, and pregnant or nursing women and those on medication should also avoid these products, or at least check with their doctor before using them. Your doctor will probably say “no,” and perhaps, “hell no.”

It’s also not such a good idea to use most of what CrazyMass has to offer if you have a heart condition, enlarged prostate, or other health issues that may be affected by altering your androgen output. 

CrazyMass Supplements For Bodybuilding

Claims vs. Reality

CrazyMass claims their products really work, and from what we can see, they mostly do. 

But they also claim complete safety, which, used as directed, may be true, though more research is probably needed. On a relative basis though, their supplements are far-and-away safer than illegal steroids.

But then again, most things are!

Is CrazyMass Safe?

Cycling is necessary when using many of CrazyMass’ products, and not using them as directed can have similar affects as synthetic steroid use. This includes headaches, acne, high blood pressure, irritability, shrunken nuts, and depression. 

No, the shrunken nuts don’t cause the depression, though they can certainly add to it. 

So yes, it’s important that you heed all advice offered by CrazyMass in the use of their products, and even then, everyone is different so back off if you experience any negative side-effects. 

Should I Try CrazyMass Supplements?

That’s entirely up to you, though if you’re deciding between what CrazyMass has to offer or illegal steroids, the answer is obvious since synthetic steroids are a sure way to poor health. 

But if you’re comfortable with precursors and cycling, CrazyMass is a good company to go with. They care enough about your health to leave out artificial colors, preservatives, and flavorings, and they are a group of bodybuilders and personal trainers with experience in “natural” bodybuilding, so we do have that confidence in them. 

When it comes to ingesting cattle glands and DHEA on the other hand–for us, not so much. 

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Where to Buy CrazyMass Supplements

Wanna get big? It’s gonna cost ya, since CrazyMass isn’t giving this stuff away. At an average cost of around $60-per month for their products, you stand the chance of becoming broke to get big. 

Then again, it apparently costs a bundle both in the initial cash outlay and the ensuing health problems to use illegal steroids, so in that respect, these are a bargain. They also offer stack rates for their best values, though no subscription discounts—or subscriptions offered for that matter. But right now they are offering a deal, if buy any 2 supplements or stacks you can get a third for free.

CrazyMass Website

Along with their own website, CrazyMass products can be found on Amazon and possibly other independent online retailers, and possibly at traditional retailers such as Walmart and GNC

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