Cortisol-Stress Balance Review – Can This Life Extension Supplement Help You Relax?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Cortisol-Stress Balance Review

Many people accept stress as a normal part of their lives. It’s as if stress is something that every adult is bound to live with. While stress in itself is not necessarily bad, once it became unmanaged, then it becomes bad.

Chronic stress can lead to physical, mental, and emotional health problems. Some of the diseases that can result from stress are heart and cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, and even cancer.

Regular exercise, taking a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and, of course, stress management can help you deal with stress properly. However, there are also supplements that you can take to help you get better at managing stress.

In this article, we are going to review one supplement that is supposed to help you with stress: Cortisol-Stress Balance by Life Extension.

We are going to take a deep look into this supplement – especially the ingredients section – and see if it is worth the price.

So, don’t be stressed. Sit back, relax, and let’s get started with this ultimate Cortisol-Stress Balance review!

Cortisol-Stress Balance

About Cortisol-Stress Balance

Cortisol-Stress Balance is a supplement made by Life Extension, a health supplement based in Florida, USA. Before we move on to the supplement, you should know that Life Extension prides its methodology in making supplements – using thorough research when formulating supplements rather than hyped-up “science” with little or no scientific basis. If the company prides itself on scientific rigor in their approach to making supplements, the supplements they make are certainly interesting to know about. You may be familiar with other supplements from Life Extension, such as Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator, Life Extension Migra-Eeze, Life Extension Bifido GI Balance, and Life Extension Senolytic Activator, among others.

Cortisol-Stress Balance is a stress supplement from Life Extension that aims to balance your cortisol levels and maintain it at healthy levels to help your body respond better to stress. This is achieved using a combination of plant extracts and compounds derived from green tea.

To better see if Cortisol-Stress Balance would potentially work or not, let’s take a deeper look at its ingredients – the label and ingredients would tell us whether or not a supplement can potentially deliver its promises or not. So, let’s check the label!

Cortisol-Stress Balance Capsules

Cortisol-Stress Balance Ingredients

The main ingredients of Cortisol-Stress Balance are Relora and Oligonol. These are mixtures of certain substances in hopes of achieving specific results. We are going to take a deeper look into these two mixtures or proprietary blend to see how they work – and, more importantly, if they can achieve the results the supplement had promised.

Cortisol-Stress Balance Supplement Facts


Relora is basically a combination of two Chinese tree barks: Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense. When combined, it can promote better stress levels in your body.

Magnolia officinalis works by supporting and promoting normal adrenal function. On the other hand, Phellodendron amurense can promote a calmer state of mind. Since Magnolia officinalis keeps adrenaline – our “fight or flight” hormone – at bay and Phellodendron amurense promotes calmness in our mind, the two (Relora®) can promote better well-being and can aid in stress management.

While further research is needed to support these claims, there are already research studies that back this claim. For example, according to one study, participants in the Relora group had experienced reduced tension, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion, and overall stress, and experienced higher levels of “Global Mood State” and vigor compared to the placebo. The study was conducted among 56 participants who are screened for moderate stress and lasted for 4 weeks of supplementation.


Oligonol is a proprietary blend and registered trademark of Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd. It is a combination of lychee and green tea extracts. Oligonol® is said to protect our body against free radicals, promotes circulation, and assists the body in bringing out inflammation response whenever needed. In short, Oligonol® is an ingredient that can mainly support your immune system. But because of its green tea extract, Oligonol® can also provide calming properties for anyone taking it. However, more research is needed to validate and confirm these claims about Oligonol®.

Cortisol-Stress Balance Pros And Cons

Pros Of Cortisol-Stress Balance 

Judging on its ingredients, we can conclude that Cortisol-Stress Balance is a promising supplement that may just help you with the stresses you face in life. This is because of some of the extracts contained in its proprietary blend, such as green tea extract in Oligonol, for example. However, we are still not sure of the effectiveness of the supplement.

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Cons Of Cortisol-Stress Balance

While I don’t think that Cortisol-Stress Balance is a bad supplement, I’d say that this supplement still has many rooms for improvement.

That being said, here are some holes in Cortisol-Stress Balance:

1) Lack of research on their proprietary blend – proprietary blends are often tricky to analyze compared to a single ingredient because you don’t know how they would actually work out. The best way to prove the effectiveness of a proprietary blend is through thorough research – and unfortunately, neither Relora® nor Oligonol underwent such rigorous research.

2) The price is relatively expensive – for $33.75, this price is relatively expensive for a supplement that we are not clearly sure if it would work out or not (at least, for you as this a case-to-case basis).

Is Cortisol-Stress Balance Safe?

As of the moment, there are no known side effects that may come from the supplement. As always, be sure to take the supplement in the proper dosage. If you feel any side effect during use, either lower your intake or stop it altogether.

Cortisol-Stress Balance For Stress Relief

Cortisol-Stress Balance: Is It Worth It?

Despite the holes I’ve pointed out, I would say that Cortisol-Stress Balance is worth checking out. It may not be very promising, unlike other supplements, but it does have potential.

Regarding whether the supplement works or not, it is important to consider that individual factors still affect its effectiveness. So long as the ingredients are promising or have the potential to bring out results, the supplement is still worth trying out even if it didn’t work with another person.

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Where To Buy Cortisol-Stress Balance

If you want to check out Cortisol-Stress Balance, you can check them out on the Life Extension official store! It costs $34 for a one month or 30-day bottle. 

Life Extension Cortisol-Stress Balance Website

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