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Life Extension Senolytic Activator Review – Will This Supplement Make You Feel Rejuvenated?

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Life Extension is a company that translates science into everyday insights to promote your health, wellbeing, and longevity. Since they understand that everyone’s needs are unique, they offer complimentary health counseling through your personal wellness advocate along with a 1-year, 100% return policy on their products

They also back everything with 40-years of research and produce 99% of their products in the US. 

So how does Senolytic Activator, Life Extension’s answer to your rejuvenation needs, measure up? Let’s find out in this review of Life Extension Senolytic Activator.


About Life Extension Senolytic Activator

Cellular senescence, which is your body’s accumulation of cells that no longer function correctly, happens naturally as we age. This affects the healthy cells around the senescent ones and diminishes their day-to-day function.

By selectively targeting senescent cells with its potent yet safe, all-natural ingredients, Senolytic Activator removes and manages them to promote systematic rejuvenation and youthful cellular function. 

Senolytic Activator Benefits

Helps The Body Manage Senescent Cells

When cells age, they become increasingly reliant on certain check points and mechanisms for continued proliferation. Eventually, they transition into a senescent state in which they become “zombies” that are no longer able to proliferate but won’t die either. 

As senescent cells accumulate with age, they cause inflammation, exhaustion of stem cells, and increased risk of chronic, age-related disease. They also secrete certain signalling proteins which cause other cells around them to go senescent, which is why using a product like Senolytic Activator is so beneficial. 

That’s because the active ingredients in Senolytic Activator work to kill senescent cells to lower your risk of disease, improve respiratory function, and slow aging. 

Promotes Youthful, Healthy Cellular Function

When new cells proliferate and replace old, non-functional senescent cells, you look younger, feel younger, and have less risk of many chronic diseases. 

Supports Systemic Rejuvenation

By removing senescent cells, proteins which signal other cells to become senescent are no longer available so that your cells proliferate in a youthful, healthy manner. 

Senolytic Activator Benefits

Innovative Formula Made With All-Natural Ingredients

While removing senescent cells makes sense, using components which aren’t natural or necessarily healthy for your body doesn’t. Life Extension makes sure to not only include science and efficacy in their formulas, they do it with ingredients that work with your body to form a natural response to cellular senescence. 

Convenient Once-A-Week Dosing

Handfuls of pills everyday are never fun, convenient, or easy to remember. With Senolytic Activator, you only need one convenient dose each week to enjoy all its benefits. 

Senolytic Activator Ingredients

Theaflavins 275 mg

Theaflavins are red pigments in black tea that have many health benefits, including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and fat-reduction properties. It does this by working with Synolytic Activator’s other ingredients to target specific biological pathways and manage senescent cells. 

Bio-Quercetin phytosome 74 mg

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant commonly found in fruits and vegetables such as apples, leafy greens, and berries. 

But standard quercetin is hard to absorb, which is why Life Extension uses quercetin encased in a phospholipid sphere to make it around 50-times more absorbable, and effective. 

Apigenin 50 mg

Apigenin is a plant-based flavonoid that is also a powerful antioxidant. Life Extension includes it in Synolytic Activator to complement the theaflavins and quercetin in it for maximum potency.

Life Extension Senolytic Activator Supplement Facts

Does Life Extension Senolytic Activator Work?

If used as directed, and preferably along with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and enough exercise, you should feel a boost in your energy, alertness, and overall sense of wellbeing. 

Remember though, while some report feeling its effects nearly immediately, others need a few weeks of steady consumption before results are noticeable. Granted, most report positive results that include improved skin health and mental clarity, just that some may take longer than others to observe this. 

Senolytic Activator Pills

Who Is Life Extension Senolytic Activator Best For?

While it’s easy to say this product is for anyone feeling the effects of their age, why wait that long? Since its ingredients are widely available in many of the foods you already eat, there is nothing in it to prevent younger users from taking a proactive approach to healthy aging. 

Granted, the product’s ingredients are much more potent and concentrated than in their natural states, so overuse is NOT recommended, and the product should be kept out of reach of children. 

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Claims vs. Reality

Though there is controversy over whether or not quercetin is genuinely effective in managing senescent cells, it’s effects as a potent antioxidant cannot be denied. 

Plus, there are other studies indicating quercetin and Senolytic Activator’s other ingredients do work well for the intended purpose, and the bottom line is that Life Extension did their homework in creating a product that will help you feel more youthful and energetic, and they back their claims with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Is Senolytic Activator Safe?

While Senolytic Activator’s ingredients are widely viewed as safe, especially since you likely consume them every day in fruits and vegetables, overuse of the product can cause mild headache, stomach pains, and tingling sensations. 

The product should also be kept out of reach of children, and pregnant of lactating women should consult their healthcare professional before using it. 

Where To Buy Life Extension Senolytic Activator

At a mere $18 for an 84-day supply, Senolytic Activator is an outstanding value. They also have various popup sales and other discounts possibly available for those with the patience to navigate their mess of a website, which may not be necessary due to the product’s already-reasonable cost. 

Life Extension Senolytic Activator Website

It is also widely available both online and in brick-and-mortar shops, including Life Extension’s site, Walmart, Amazon, ProHealth, and many other independent and corporate stores that feature natural anti-aging supplements.  

Life Extension Senolytic Activator Review
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Life Extension Senolytic Activator is a dietary supplement that removes and manages senescent cells to promote systematic rejuvenation and youthful cellular function. Senolytic Activator aims to kill senescent cells to help lower your risk of disease, improve respiratory function, and slow aging. By removing senescent cells, proteins that signal other cells to become senescent are no longer available so that your cells proliferate in a youthful, healthy manner. Read our review of Life Extension Senolytic Activator to learn more.

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