Mooless Protein Review – Is It Right For You?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Mooless Protein Review

Nowadays, there are all kinds of protein supplements available that can fit a wide variety of individual needs and preferences.

And one of the newest kinds of protein supplements we’ve come across is Mooless, which is an animal-free whey protein powder.

But what does that even mean, anyway? Keep reading below to find out as we go over all aspects of Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein.

By the end of this Mooless Protein review, you’ll know if this protein powder is truly the right one for you.

About Mooless Protein

Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein is a very unique whey protein supplement created by Natreve, the same maker as Natreve Vegan Protein Powder

Mooless Protein

Obviously, whey typically only comes from cows. But Mooless Protein contains a special type of whey protein that was made via microbial fermentation, using cow’s milk protein DNA at the outset. We know, it sounds almost unbelievable and definitely a little out there!

So basically, Mooless is an animal-free, lactose-free whey protein powder for those who still want the benefits of whey protein but don’t want to consume animal products.

Mooless Protein Benefits

Mooless has a few possible benefits, including:

  • Muscle & Strength Support
  • Helps Reach Protein Needs
  • Less Environmental Impact
Mooless Protein Benefits

Muscle & Strength Support

Since Mooless Protein contains whey identical to that from cow’s milk, it is rich in essential amino acids. This may boost muscle protein synthesis and improve muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

Helps Reach Protein Needs

It can be hard to get enough protein in your diet, especially if you are very active and tax your muscles often.

Not to mention vegans and vegetarians have a harder time getting enough protein.

But Mooless Protein may help you reach your protein needs by providing 20g of high-quality protein per serving. 

Less Environmental Impact

According to reports from third-party testing, Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein results in a 99% reduction in water consumption, 97% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and 60% reduction in energy usage compared to conventional whey protein production methods.

Therefore, it may be more beneficial for the environment and is potentially a great option for people who value sustainable practices. 

Of course, with all of this said, Mooless is one of the first products of its kind.

So, this begs the question: does it really work?

Keep reading to find out!

Mooless Protein Ingredients

The main ingredients in Mooless Protein are:

  • Non-Animal Whey Protein Isolate
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Other ingredients:
    • Natural flavors
    • Monk fruit
    • Guar gum
    • Xanthan gum
    • Coconut milk
Mooless Protein Supplement Facts

Non-Animal Whey Protein Isolate

The biggest aspect of Mooless Protein is obviously their non-animal whey protein isolate. We’re sure this name probably has a lot of people scratching their heads.

After all, whey only comes from cows!

But Natreve actually uses a specific process with microflora (bacteria) to create a bioidentical form of whey protein.

To do this, they give microflora an exact copy of DNA that corresponds to cow’s milk protein. Then, the microflora do their thing, eating what they normally eat, and the fermentation process creates animal-free milk protein. This is then isolated to lead to the exact whey protein (at least structurally speaking) that’s found in cow’s milk.

So, in theory, it should still contain all of the essential amino acids (including the important BCAAs) that are naturally in whey protein. And given this, it’s likely that this form of whey should still provide benefits for muscle health and related areas.

Mooless also provides 20g of protein per serving, which is in the normal range that you’d typically see for whey protein supplements.

Digestive Enzymes

Mooless Protein also contains DigeSEB, which is a trademarked digestive enzyme blend. It contains amylase, cellulase, lipase, lactase, and protease.

These digestive enzymes assist the digestion of protein, carbs, fats, lactose, and plant fibers, so it offers a variety of potential digestive benefits.

Other Ingredients

Mooless also has several other ingredients for flavor, texture, and sweetness. All of these are natural ingredients, so it’s good to see that they didn’t include anything artificial here.

Does Mooless Protein Work?

Mooless Protein Powder should likely work and is comparable to normal whey protein. The essential amino acid content should be identical to regular whey protein and can thus provide benefits for muscle protein synthesis and overall muscle health.

Mooless Protein Vanilla Bean Cupcake

How Does Mooless Protein Compare?

Obviously, Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein is very unique because it’s one of only non-animal-based whey proteins out there (if not the only one).

At a dose of 20g per serving, it’s slightly lower than average but still a solid amount to fuel recovery, support muscle growth, and help you reach your protein requirements. 

We also like that it’s third-party tested and verified for safety and purity. However, we know some people may be a little hesitant to buy this product as it’s made from a bioengineered process.

And that’s completely fine. If this is you, you’re better off just going with a regular whey protein supplement such as Naked Whey or Swolverine Whey Protein Isolate

Who is Mooless Protein Best For?

Mooless Protein is best for people who place a high importance on environmental-friendly supplements and want to get a whey protein that’s less environmentally impactful.

It’s also a possible choice for vegans, vegetarians, or other people that don’t want to consume animals. However, it does depend on how you define veganism or vegetarianism.

mooless protein 1

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Mooless Protein

  • Formula includes whey protein isolate, digestive enzymes, and more
  • Made in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility
  • Benefits muscle strength and protein needs

How to Take Mooless Protein

Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein is a powder. It comes in packets. Mix one packet with 12oz of liquid of choice. Shake thoroughly. 

How To Use Mooless Protein

Is Mooless Protein Safe?

Mooless Protein Powder seems safe for most people. Possible side effects are mild and mainly related to digestion, such as bloating, upset stomach, or abdominal pain.

Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein is made in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility and is third-party tested. It is also gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and free from hormones and antibiotics. Mooless is potentially suitable for vegans/vegetarians, depending on how you define these diets.

Importantly, it is not dairy-free because the protein is identical to whey protein and isn’t suitable for people with milk allergies.

Where to Buy Mooless Protein

You can buy Mooless Protein on the Natreve website.

Mooless Protein Website

There are 10 servings (10 packets) per container of Mooless Protein. It comes in four flavors:

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Vanilla Bean Cupcake

The regular price is $24 ($2.40/serving), but you can save 7% with a subscription. This price is a bit higher than most whey protein supplements, but it’s no surprise given the unique aspects of this product.

Verdict: Mooless Protein Review

Mooless Animal-Free Whey Protein is definitely a unique supplement. Fortunately, it seems to be effective too. The whey protein in Mooless should deliver very similar benefits as regular whey protein. And given the reduction in environmental impact, it’s a great choice for people who want to benefit their health and the environment. Not to mention it’s fully lactose-free, so it may lead to fewer digestive side effects. 

However, some people may be averse to the non-natural process used. And if that’s you, that’s totally fine, and you’re better off with a “normal” whey protein product.

.All in all, Mooless Protein certainly doesn’t need to replace your regular whey protein, especially if you are already satisfied. But it is just another nice option, especially if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

FAQ: Mooless Protein

How is non-animal whey protein made?

It is made with microflora using a fermentation process. They’re given a DNA copy of cow’s milk protein and use it to create bio-identical whey protein isolate.

Is Mooless vegan?

It depends on how you define a vegan diet. They do use DNA from cow’s milk protein, so it depends on how strict your definition is.

Is Mooless dairy-free?

No. Technically, since they use cow’s milk protein at the onset, it’s not completely dairy-free. And it’s not suitable for people with cow’s milk allergies.

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