Joyome Collagen Complex Review – Is This Supplement Worth Using?

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joyome collagen complex review

Are you looking for a simple way to add some glow to your facial complexion while also losing some wrinkles? With just two scoops per day mixed in any liquid, you may be able to get your desired skin appearance in as little as 15 days; at least that’s what Joyome Collagen Complex claims to do.

Joyome Collagen Complex provides a formula containing collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, and other antioxidants designed to create a miracle beauty blend. Does it work? Is it really worth the purchase? In this Joyome Collagen Complex review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this supplement to decide whether or not it’s the pick you’ve been searching for.

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Joyome Collagen Complex Supplement

Joyome Collagen Complex Benefits

Decreases Signs of Aging 

Collagen production naturally begins to decrease as we age, especially after our 20s. Supplementing with collagen peptides helps strengthen the structure of skin by reducing the natural rate of collagen breakdown and stimulating the synthesis of growth.

Increase Skin Elasticity

Collagen supplementation helps to hydrate the skin, which in return makes it feel smoother and firmer. This promotion of elasticity is what helps to decrease the likelihood of wrinkles or sagging skin. 

Joyome Collagen Complex - Decreases Signs of Aging 

Supports Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

The addition of a superfood blend provides antioxidants to help decrease oxidative damage in the cells of our body. Plus, the added vitamin C is an essential cofactor to the collagen, which together creates this powerful formula to help build healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Joyome Collagen Complex Ingredients

Collagen Complex

Wild-caught salmon skin and grass-fed bovine skin are used to make these collagen peptides that are then broken down into the most easily absorbable form. These forms provide a source of Type I and Type III Collagen Peptides, which together support wanted beauty benefits. 

Joyome Collagen Complex - Ingredients

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin used to support cell function and provide antioxidant activity. Vitamin C combined with collagen, helps to create even more elasticity in the skin as opposed to just collagen by itself. The form of vitamin C used in this formula is ascorbic acid, which is the chemically synthesized version compared to natural vitamin C you would find in fruits and vegetables. This means that the type of vitamin C used here is not as rich in nutrients or as bioavailable for absorption. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for skin health by protecting the skin against environmental damage and can help to reduce oxidative stress in the body. The form of vitamin E used in this product is d-alpha tocopherol acetate, which is another synthetic form of this nutrient and is not the more natural form.


Research shows that biotin, also known as vitamin B7, can be extremely beneficial for hair health, especially for those who are experiencing hair thinning. Supplementing with biotin can help support hair length, thickness, strength, and shine. 

Superfood Blend

It may not be a dedicated superfood supplement, such as the likes of Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein or Delicious Green Superfood, but Joyome Collagen Complex still makes sure to include these healthy and helpful ingredients within its formula. This superfood blend consists of lucuma fruit, pomegranate, asparagus shoot, okra pod, coffee fruit, quercetin, acerola fruit, camu- camu, acai, and mangosteen fruit. All of these superfoods are full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, and more, making them an excellent additive on a micronutrient level. 


Fructooligosaccharides are a natural prebiotic found in many plants that help to feed the good bacteria found in the gut. These prebiotics are technically considered indigestible by humans, but play a strong role in maintaining a healthy microbiome. 

Wheat Seed Extract

Wheat seed extract is used as a source for plant ceramides, which help to keep the skin hydrated and to produce a strong barrier for protection.

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide is used for product consistency and moisture control and is made up of silicon and oxygen. Silica is found in most rocks on Earth or naturally in plants. The FDA recognizes this product as generally safe in food or supplements.


Maltodextrin is a highly processed ingredient made from vegetable starches that is comprised of mostly sugar molecules. Due to this processing, it actually has a higher glycemic index than regular table sugar, meaning it has the ability to quickly spike blood sugar. 

Natural Flavors

Typically, natural flavors is a product to avoid considering the term is loosely regulated, making it hard to know what is actually used. However, Joyome Collagen states the natural flavors in this product are taken from essential oils, resins, or extracts, which provides a little more transparency here.

Does Joyome Collagen Complex Work?

It’s no secret that collagen supplementation can work wonders on the skin, hair, and nails. Joyome has a full brand of multiple skincare products that provide nice before and after pictures from product usage so, naturally, we were expecting big things from their collagen powder.

Joyome Collagen Complex - Supplement Powder

The consumer reviews of this collagen complex powder are mixed. Some people absolutely love it, while others have yet to see a difference. These mixed reviews are pretty standard, considering some people may have previous skin damage or more wrinkles compared to others. The good news is that they have a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Many people can agree that this product dissolves best in hot liquids. If you don’t drink hot coffee or hot tea, you may have a hard time trying to get this powder to dissolve.

On more of a scientific research note, this product contains the correct ingredients to be able to support healthy skin. The collagen peptides are ethically sourced and are combined with essential cofactors. However, the synthetic version of vitamins may not be seen as effective as the more natural form. These natural forms of vitamin E and vitamin C lead to better results due to the bioavailability of the nutrient. 

Claims vs. Reality

Joyome Collagen Complex claims to use wild-caught fish and grass-fed bovine for collagen sources; however, they do not list exactly where they source from. Other competitors do list this information on their websites for transparency purposes.

In addition, this superfood blend is full of antioxidants, but these super fruits and vegetables are not from organic sources. Non-organic produce may expose possible sources of pesticides from conventional farming methods, which may be seen as an issue for some people. 

Who is Joyome Collagen Complex Best For?

Joyome Collagen Complex is best for those who are looking to brighten their appearance, decrease wrinkles, provide hydration to the skin, and grow their hair and nails.

Joyome Collagen Complex - Best in Brightening Skin

This collagen complex can provide the extra boost you may be looking for to step up your complexion or hair and nail growth. This may be a more reasonable option than jumping straight into other cosmetic procedures. 

How Does Joyome Collagen Complex Compare?

This product has way more ingredients than other collagen products. Most of its competitors simply just contain collagen peptides, such as Bare Biology Skinful, for example. Joyome Collagen Complex contains collagen peptides plus Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and a superfood blend. With these other additions, also comes the increase in price. Consumers report the cost of this product is pricey compared to others and is consistently increasing in price. If you are looking for just a basic collagen supplement, this may not be the one for you. 

Is Joyome Collagen Complex Safe?

When purchasing supplements, it is extremely important to break down all the ingredients. With this specific product, maltodextrin is an ingredient to be on the lookout for someone who has blood sugar regulation issues. 

In addition, this product does contain wheat, according to the label. At the very bottom, it states that the FDA still lists the product as gluten-free due to the extraction process of the wheat. However, please be aware of this for those who have a severe gluten allergy or has celiac disease.

Where to Buy Joyome Collagen Complex

Joyome Collagen Complex can be purchased directly from the official Plexus website here.

Joyome Collagen Complex - Where to Buy

One bottle of Joyome Collagen Complex contains 30 servings for the cost of $65.95 for a one-time purchase or for 10% off with a total of $59.36 on auto-ship. They do also offer a payment plan.

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