Wild Nutrition Magnesium Review – Is Food-Grown Magnesium Worth Using?

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wild nutrition magnesium review

From their very beginnings, Wild Nutrition wanted to do things differently. Their goal was to create products with purpose that are backed by science, don’t skimp on the quality, and that support holistic health and tangible change. 

Their founder, Henrietta Norton BSc Dip NT, is not only a best-selling author and nutritional practitioner, her background as a formulator for some of the biggest supplement brands in Europe brought her to the conclusion that she could do better since there was little from these massive companies that she could whole-heartedly recommend. But today, her products are marketed in 52 countries, with their vision growing along with communities. 

This includes Wild Nutrition Food Grown Magnesium, which is Norton’s answer to your need for a highly bioavailable version of this essential mineral. Does this supplement measure up? is it worth buying and using? Let’s find out in this Wild Nutrition Magnesium review!

Magnesium and Wild Nutrition Magnesium

About Wild Nutrition Magnesium

Wild Nutrition brings you magnesium that’s sourced from where it should be: food. It’s a mineral that not only has hundreds of functions in you, including helping your muscles relax, relaying signals between nerves, and helping your bones absorb calcium. 

It’s also an important mineral to supplement with since many of us are deficient in it. That’s because, along with it lacking in many of our modern, processed foods, it’s depleted through coffee and tea consumption, nervous sweat, and even good, healthy sweat sessions in the gym. 

Though they’re rather vague about the specific foods it’s sourced from, it seems to be from “lactobacillus bulgaricus producing magnesium,” as well as heat-treated brown rice flour. However, we’d like to see both more transparency in sourcing (how does a probiotic produce magnesium, for instance?), as well as an explanation of why we should pay more for their product than for other companies’ product—especially since Wild Nutrition only provides around 20% of your daily needs of this commonly-depleted mineral. 

Wild Nutrition Magnesium Benefits

Supports a Good Night’s Rest

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, magnesium is wonderful stuff. It helps calm, relax, and ease your mind so that you can drift off to sleep and, more importantly, stay that way throughout the night. 

That’s because magnesium is essential in relaying messages throughout your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation, and it also helps regulate the sleep hormone melatonin. It also binds to GABA receptors, which are the neurotransmitters responsible for calming nerve activity, and altogether this helps you clear your mind of stress, relax your entire body, and help you drift off into deep, healthy sleep. 

Wild Nutrition Magnesium Supports Sleep

Optimizes Energy Levels and Reduces Tiredness

When your nerves communicate as they should, it not only helps you relax, but produce energy as well. Magnesium is also involved in converting food to energy, and it helps lower blood pressure so that your heart works more efficiently during athletic performance. This includes providing sugar energy to your muscles while preventing lactate buildup, which means you can work out longer and harder with less soreness later. 

Pretty wonderful stuff, magnesium!

Promotes Healthy Bones, Teeth, and Muscles

Okay, so most of us are aware of calcium’s role in keeping our bones strong, dense, and healthy, though calcium needs magnesium for absorption. It should also be noted that of the magnesium in you, around 60% is in your bones, which tells you how important it is in osteo care. 

Remember, it isn’t only magnesium you need to maintain bone strength and avoid osteoporosis—especially as you get older. You also need a balanced supply of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals, meaning just adding magnesium to your diet isn’t an end-all solution to bone health. 

It is, however, a great place to start in your comprehensive approach to good overall health. 

Promotes Psychological Wellbeing

With over 300 functions in the human body, there isn’t a whole lot that magnesium isn’t either directly or indirectly involved in. This includes helping you maintain a healthy nervous system, bones, muscle function, sleep, and even hormone balance and stress relief. 

Part of having your hormones working harmoniously without the negative influence of stress is clear thinking, better memory, and a positive sense of wellbeing. 

Wild Nutrition Magnesium Ingredients

Wild Nutrition Food Grown Magnesium contains the main ingredient of 8 mg of magnesium. let’s take a closer look below.

Magnesium For Food Sources

Magnesium 80 mg

There’s only one main ingredient in Food Grown Magnesium, just not very much of it. Though Wild Nutrition lets us repeatedly know on their site that their product is uniquely from food, they don’t go over any key benefits to this, nor do they let you know why they expect you to pay a premium price for a product that delivers so little of what many of us need LOTS of. 

For instance, Garden of Life makes a favorite product of ours called Whole Food Magnesium that retails for about $20, which is about $4 less than Wild Nutrition’s version. Better yet, as we go over the label, we not only find that it delivers 85-servings, those 85-servings all deliver nearly an entire day’s worth of food-based magnesium from sources that include three probiotic cultures and brown rice. Plus, Garden of Life’s magnesium comes in a non-GMO ionic blend that makes a lightly sweet, sugar-free drink with a pleasant hint of natural raspberry and lemon flavor.

Besides Garden of Life’s supplement, some other magnesium options that include a higher dosage and are worth checking out include Life Extension Magnesium Caps with 500 mg magnesium, MagTech Magnesium with 200 mg, and Nature’s Lab Magnesium Soothe Powder with 350 mg.

Sorry Wild Nutrition, you’re just not delivering the goods in comparison!

Does Wild Nutrition Magnesium Work?

The basic answer to this question is “yes,” since supplementing with nearly any form of magnesium will help you if you’re depleted. Where Wild Nutrition Magnesium falls short in our book is their attempt to pitch it as something unique enough to warrant a premium price despite not delivering what you need each day—at least not affordably and without having to shovel handfuls of pills down you. 

In short, yes, Wild Nutrition Magnesium is beneficial, all-natural, and something you need each day, just that Wild Nutrition wants to convince you that by calling it a premium product and charging a lot, it’s going to be better for you than other magnesium supplements on the market. 

Hint: it isn’t. 

Who Is Wild Nutrition Magnesium Best For?

We all need magnesium for nerve function, muscle relaxation, good digestion, restful sleep, and the list goes on. This includes athletes looking to optimize their androgen and energy output for better performance and endurance. 

Wild Nutrition Magnesium For Athletes

And yes, being found in many foods you eat, there is little chance that you’re going to have a negative reaction to it—though do beware that when you begin supplementing with magnesium, it can cause diarrhea-like symptoms. Don’t worry, though; the speedy bowels are not only temporary but good for you in that it’s your body getting rid of waste. 

Not pleasant, but you’ll get over it!

Claims vs. Reality

When it comes to what magnesium can do for you, the claims made by Wild Nutrition are all correct. What they don’t mention is that to get these benefits, it’s likely that you need to take around 10-capsules of their product per day unless you subside on a very healthy, mineral-dense diet. 

And of course, if that’s the case with you, why bother paying a premium price for a product that you may or may not need? Sure, if you have plenty of disposable income and like Wild Nutrition’s marketing, by all means, it’s a quality product that can enhance what you’re doing already. But for us, we’d prefer a bit more genuine value, especially since the product is hardly unique. 

Is Wild Nutrition Magnesium Safe?

As mentioned above, supplementing with magnesium can clean you out like a white tornado, and you may experience diarrhea-like symptoms at first. Don’t worry though, that’s just magnesium going to work cleaning out the bad stuff, and you’ll be fine after the first day or so. 

Other than that, the only “side effects” of supplementing with magnesium are likely to be better sleep, calmer nerves, more energy, and again, the list goes on. 

Where to Buy Wild Nutrition Magnesium

At $24 for what appears to be about a month’s worth, Wild Nutrition at first seems like a decent value. But again, if you’re interested in supplementing with a full day’s supply of magnesium, this is less than a week’s worth, which is VERY expensive. 

But they do offer a 10% discount when you sign up for auto-ship, though no mention of any free shipping or other perks. They also don’t guarantee their products so that if you find it isn’t for you, too bad once you’ve opened it. You can return the unopened container within 14-days of purchase if you bought it from Wild Nutrition, though if you bought it from another retailer, you need to rely on that retailer’s return policy. 

Along with Wild Nutrition’s own site, the product is available on Amazon and a number of what appear to be independent retailers, mostly in Europe.


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