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d-Lenolate Review – A Look At This East Park Research Immune System Supplement

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Your immune health is more important than ever these days, since not only are illness and death by infectious disease on the rise, so are antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”

The good news is that East Park Research founder Gordon Melcher knows a thing-or-2 about the natural immune-boosting properties of olive leaf. That’s because while he did sadly lose a son to HIV, he also used the experience along with his finances, professional experience, and network of experts to create a product with astonishing immune-boosting efficacy in hopes of helping save others.

There are quite a few immune system supplements available these days, from Immuneti to Immutol, so you’ll likely want to learn more about d-Lenolate before you make your decision. Here’s a look at Gordon’s signature product, d-Lenolate, which may be one of the most significant natural breakthroughs in immune system health of our era. So, let’s get started with this review of d-Lenolate!

East Park Research d-Lenolate Bottle

About d-Lenolate

The formulation of d-Lenolate is a culmination of years of scientific research into the healing properties of olive leaf. While its benefits have long been understood, it took Gordon Melcher many years of devotion to figuring out how to “crack the code.” Once he did, the results were so effective that an entire book was written about it by Dr. Morton Walker.

D-Lenolate’s formulation uses a patented process to extract oleuropein from olive leaves, which is the miracle element found in olive trees.

d-Lenolate Benefits

100% All-Natural And Research Tested 

What’s to say? Olive trees, their fruit, and their leaves are, of course, all-natural, and d-Lenolate only contains 1-ingredient in its vegetarian capsules: 100% pure oleuropein and other therapeutic plant compounds extracted from olive leaves.

That’s because having been proven in double-blind tests to eliminate toxins and boost successfully strengthen the immune system, why add anything else? It’s all-natural, and it works.

Powerful Nutrients Extracted From Olive Leaves 

Oleuropein & other therapeutic compounds combine for antioxidant strength that not only boosts your immune system, but reduces inflammation, improves digestive health, and lowers your risk of cancer as well.

D-Lenolate Olive Nutrients

Eliminates toxins by working with white blood cells and balancing the body’s natural chemistry

D-Lenolate’s main active ingredient, oleuropein, works by increasing the body’s white blood cell count. This is important to your immune health since while white blood cells make up only around 1% of your blood, they’re responsible for fighting pathogens and the toxins produced by them.

Plus, white blood cells have a fantastic memory so that once they learn of a certain threat to your immune system, they remember it forever and go to work fighting it immediately should it ever enter the body again.

d-Lenolate Ingredients

Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg

There’s a reason d-Lenolate only contains olive leaf compounds extracted through a patented process, and that’s because there’s no need for any other ingredients—most of which wouldn’t work as well as oleuropein anyway.

While olive leaf has long been used in traditional Mediterranean medicines, East Park Research’s patented extraction process enabling its clinical use was developed only recently. It reduces the number of delicate oleuropein molecules destroyed during extraction, which results in the product’s maximum potency.

D-Lenolate Supplement Facts

Does d-Lenolate Work?

With double-blind testing backing their claims along with centuries of medicinal use, olive leaf extract is one of your best defenses against most pathogens, and it can also help reduce your risk for many chronic diseases.

There is even evidence that it can protect your central nervous system, and it can lower your blood pressure, support weight loss, and reduce your inflammation, so it’s hardly a one-trick pony.

D-Lenolate Pills

Who Is d-Lenolate Best For?

Anyone who needs a boost to their immune system and general health who is not allergic to any of d-Lenolate’s ingredients can use it.

But, for those on blood thinners, who have type-2 diabetes, or who use other blood pressure medicines should check with their doctor before using olive leaf extract.

Other than that, the product is gluten-free, lactose-free, is safe for use with pets, and there’s even an easy-to-swallow children’s version available.

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Claims vs. Reality

While the loss of Gordon Melcher’s son was terribly tragic, it led to the development of a very effective product. That’s probably because he wasn’t interested in making a buck so much as he was in keeping others from having to endure the same experience.

And, he did a great job in doing just that, since the product does everything East Park Research says it will, and more.

Is d-Lenolate Safe?

While it’s mostly safe and free of side effects, those on blood thinners, blood pressure medications, or who are diabetic should consult with their doctor before using olive leaf extract.

Other than that, in rare occurrences of mild stomach pain and headaches from olive leaf extract have been reported, and some may develop an allergic reaction to it.

Where To Buy d-Lenolate

At $32.95 per 60ct 500 mg bottle (about a 1-2-month supply), the product is reasonably priced—especially when you consider the expense of getting sick.

You can also order the 180ct size for $89.95 to save an additional $2.97 per 60-capsules, and there is an easy-to-swallow 125 mg children’s version for $16.95 per 60ct as well.

East Park Research d-Lenolate Website

In addition to East Park Research’s own site, the product can be purchased at such major retailers as Amazon and Walmart, as well as other corporate and independent retailers, both online and traditional.

d-Lenolate Review
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D-Lenolate is a dietary supplement manufactured by East Park Research and founder Gordon Melcher. D-Lenolate’s formulation uses a patented process to extract oleuropein from olive leaves. Oleuropein and the other therapeutic compounds with d-Lenolate combine to provide antioxidant strength that claims to not only boost your immune system, but reduce inflammation, improve digestive health, and lower your risk of cancer as well. Read this review to learn more about d-Lenolate and see if it is right for you.

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