Neuro-Natural Sleep Review – Does This XtendLife Natural Sleep Aid Work?

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In 1998, XtendLife founder Warren Matthews realized that just like the rest of us, he wasn’t getting any younger. Since 51-years-of-age was plenty enough for him, he decided that with the help of some careful research and the expertise of renowned bio-scientist Professor A. Munem Daoud, he’d create supplements specifically designed to keep him in a state of perpetual youth….or at least, slow his aging process to a dead crawl. 

One of his products he developed to accomplish this is Neuro-Natural Sleep, which, as its name implies, is an all-natural sleep aid that works on a neurological level to help you get the sleep you need to stay young. 

So, can it really benefit your sleep? Let’s find out in this review of Neuro-Natural Sleep.

XtendLife Neuro Natural Sleep

About Neuro-Natural Sleep

If you haven’t already figured it out, one of the best ways to look and feel old beyond your years is to skip getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is, after all, a time of rejuvenation for your body to go to work fixing and repairing all it can while you’re “in the shop,” so without enough of it, repairs don’t all get done. 

That’s because when you spend your nights tossing-and-turning without getting past the active, REM sleep stages, your body’s production of rebuilding hormones becomes limited at best. This is made worse by an influx of stress hormones such as cortisol, which not only make it even harder to sleep but contribute to your late-night snacking and that big, comfortable pillow around your middle. 

You know, the one you’d love to get rid of?

But Neuro-Natural Sleep combines hormone-balancing adaptogens, relaxation-inducing herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and about a zillion other ingredients in one convenient place. It’s designed to help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer, and experience the kind of deep, healthy sleep you need to look, feel, and be your youthful best. 

And oh yes, unlike seemingly every other natural sleep aid on the market, Neuro-Natural Sleep omits melatonin, and instead, helps your body produce more of its own, which is something we applaud. 

Neuro Natural Sleep Capsule

Neuro-Natural Sleep Benefits

Full, 365-Day Guarantee

Supplements aren’t typically cheap, nor do they always work for everyone, which can make trying a new one an expensive roll of the dice. But so long as you return no more than a 1-opened bottle or as many unopened bottles as you have within 365-days, XtendLife will cheerfully refund your money.

Trusted, 20-Year-Old Brand

Companies that produce inferior, underperforming products usually have one thing in common: they go out of business rather quickly. 

But when a company has not only been around for over 20-years, but continues to thrive, it means they know what they’re doing and are selling products that work as promised. 

Such is the case with XtendLife, whose track record speaks for itself. After all, if they sold you a sleep supplement that kept you awake, would you spend your hard-earned on more of it? That’s a question which WON’T keep you up at night!

Free Shipping On A Month’s Supply

Adding a shipping charge to a product that’s already expensive is like rubbing salt in a wound. Instead, XtendLife ships any order over $60 for free, which is an easy mark to hit due to their premium pricing. 

Granted, one of the reasons for the high cost is that shipping is built-in, though it’s still nice to know you won’t have to pay more just to have it delivered. 

Clean, All-Natural Ingredients

With a premium price comes premium ingredients, at least so far as what goes inside the capsule. The capsule itself, on the other hand, is made of some unpronounceable ingredients which we would like to see cleaned up. 

Yes, ingredients such as Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, which make up the capsule, may be common in many pharmaceuticals, reusable ice packs, and highly processed food products, but for the cost, we feel XtendLife should have delivered thoroughly from top-to-bottom, including the capsule. 

Neuro Natural Sleep For Insomnia

Neuro-Natural Sleep Ingredients

Unlike other sleep supplements, such as Performance Lab Sleep and Luna Gentle Sleep Aid, which contain few ingredients, Neuro-Natural Sleep includes quite a wide variety of ingredients within its formula.

Though Neuro-Natural Sleep does contain many, many ingredients (mostly herbal) that benefit sleep, in the interest of keeping this review from becoming “War and Peace,” below are a few highlighted ingredients.

Neuro Natural Sleep Supplement Facts

Vitamin B-6 (10 mg), Folic Acid (323 mg), and Biotin (2005 mg)

Poor sleep is often a result of poor nutrition since many vitamins and minerals are necessary for helping you relax and fall asleep. These include B-complex vitamins, all of which are water-soluble, play important roles in your nervous system, and are essential vitamins. 

For instance, B-6 helps convert tryptophan into serotonin, which is not only known as the “feel-good” hormone but helps regulate melatonin in your body. This helps your body produce a healthy release of melatonin as soon as your circadian rhythms tell it to—nighty-night!

Folic acid—or vitamin B-9—is also known to help relieve insomnia, though, on a side note, we’re not sure why magnesium and its ability to work alongside B-6 to produce your best sleep possible isn’t included in this formula? Not only is magnesium “nature’s muscle relaxer,” it along with vitamin B-6, help monitor your sleep cycles so that you get a proper balance of REM and deep sleep. With the massive number of ingredients in XtendLife’s formula, we feel that magnesium could not only have replaced at least a few of them but should be an automatic inclusion, to begin with. 

Hop Cone Powder (500 mg), Passionflower Leaf & Flower Extract (350 mg), and Valerian Root Extract (350 mg)

While balancing your hormones and internal chemistry is a great place to start when it comes to falling and staying asleep, sedatives also work—especially if they’re natural and not habit-forming. 

These can include such mild sleep inducer’s as passionflower, or a stronger, more barbiturate-like herb such as valerian root, which those who’ve read Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Curse of Lono” will recall being his sleep drug of choice. Unfortunately, as with the good doctor’s many other drugs of choice, valerian can produce a hangover, and it’s not a particularly good idea to drive or operate heavy machinery while under its influence either. 

SAMe (51 mg)

SAMe, AKA S-adenosyl-methionine, is a compound that’s naturally-occurring in plants, animals, and microorganisms that has the capacity to increase serotonin levels in the brain and reduce symptoms of depression. This also makes it useful as a sleep aid, since not only can depression upset your sleep patterns, it’s also easier to fall asleep when anxiety isn’t nagging you to stay awake. 

Chamomile Flower Extract (50 mg)

You may recall your grandmother or others of her generation enjoying chamomile tea before bed, and there’s a good reason for that: it works at helping you relax and fall asleep. 

That, and it has a few other benefits, including possibly improving digestion, which is another factor that can affect your sleep, as well as having antioxidant properties. Though more research needs to be conducted as to just why this small, daisy-like flower commonly found on lawns helps you sleep, ours and your grandmother’s experience is that it does. 

Eleuthero Root Extract (50 mg) and Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Extract (50)

A common reason for poor sleep is stress overload, which can throw your adrenals off and flood your system with “awake” hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol. But a certain group of herbs commonly referred to as “adaptogens” for their ability to adapt to your body’s stress and energy needs can help balance your adrenals so that you sleep and feel better. 

This is also a double-edged sword in the sense that too little sleep causes cortisol buildup, and cortisol buildup causes too little sleep. Add in the fact that this contributes to weight gain as well, which further impacts your body’s hormone production with yet another vicious cycle of fat’s negative influence on fat-burning hormones. Being overweight can also cause sleep apnea, which isn’t just annoying to those around you, but downright dangerous since it lowers oxygen levels and keeps you from experiencing truly deep sleep. 

That’s why Siberian Ginseng—AKA eleuthero and hawthorn leaf are such an important addition to XtendLife’s formula. Both are adaptogens that help balance your adrenals so that you produce enough sleep hormones for healthy sleep, and enough androgens to help you burn fat. 

Does Neuro-Natural Sleep Work?

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and just aren’t getting the kind of deep, quality sleep you need for optimum health, Neuro-Natural Sleep can help. Granted, it isn’t a cure for a lumpy mattress, noisy sleep environment, or caffeine overload, though it can help balance your hormones so that you stay on your natural circadian rhythms. 

But again, it doesn’t work on its own, and you need to do your part. This means sleeping in a cool, dark room that’s quiet and free of dust and other allergens, investing in a high-quality mattress and bedding that’s comfortable to you, and avoiding screen time in the evening so that you fall asleep at a regular time each night. Taking these measures along with XtendLife’s product, can help you sleep like a baby, just without the whole waking up crying every two-hours part! 

Who Is Neuro-Natural Sleep Best For?

Anyone over age 12 who is having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough deep, healthy, high-quality sleep may benefit from this product. This includes those suffering symptoms of adrenal fatigue, or those traveling through time zones who need help adapting to them. 

Neuro Natural Sleep For Better Sleep

But along with anyone allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, Neuro-Natural Sleep should not be used before driving or operating dangerous machinery. In fact, don’t take it before doing anything you need to stay awake for. 

You also need to consult with your doctor before using this product if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications. 

Claims vs. Reality

Mostly, XtendLife comes through on their claims, though the one area we will point a nit-picking finger (since that’s what we do!) is at the capsule itself. Please, folks, “all-natural” should be just that, which includes the capsule. Sure, it’s easy to dismiss it as only a tiny part of the ingredients, though think of it: this is a product that’s literally made from many tiny ingredients, and adding them up to a whole means the synthetic compounds are part of that whole. 

Other than that, this product, along with healthy sleep habits, diet, and exercise, can help you get the kind of sleep you need and deserve for optimum health and mental performance. 

Is Neuro-Natural Sleep Safe?

Though Neuro-Natural Sleep is mostly safe and free of side effects, not everyone is the same, and the experience by some may not be the same experience as all. The product also contains enough potent antioxidants that it’s likely your body may do some detoxing, which may produce mild symptoms such as stomach upset and acne, which, with plenty of water and a little time, will pass. 

Neuro-Natural Sleep should also NOT be used before operating motor vehicles or any equipment that requires full control of your motor skills. You also need to stay within the recommended dosage to avoid the barbiturate-like effects of compounds such as valerian, and also be aware that overuse can result in hangover and mental fog. 

Where To Buy Neuro-Natural Sleep

With good news comes bad, and while the good news being that the product works, the bad is that it costs a boatload. Yes, shipping is fast and free on all orders over $60, and the 365-day guarantee is about as generous as you can find in this industry, but $37 for a 15-day supply is just more than we’d be willing to spend in the long term.  

But it’s also hard to put a price tag on good, quality sleep each night, and if that’s something you’re lacking, using this product may well be worth it. 

If so, you can buy Neuro-Natural Sleep on XtendLife’s website, where you should have no problem hitting that $60 free shipping mark!

Neuro Natural Sleep Website

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