Prestige Labs Power Greens Review – Is This Supplement Powder Right For You?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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prestige labs power greens review

Getting adequate greens can be tough, especially if you are physically active. Greens, like most vegetables, are very low in calories however, they are nutrient-dense. A diet rich in green vegetables supports our immune system and many body functions but, consuming enough, along with other essential nutrients, can be a difficult task for many people.

Because of this, consumers have opted to reach for supplemental greens, such as Prestige Labs Power Greens. But do supplements like this provide the same benefits as eating tons of vegetables or is it all a marketing scheme?

Let’s find out in this Prestige Labs Power Greens review. 

About Prestige Labs Power Greens

Prestige Labs, the health and fitness supplement brand, was founded by Alex Hormozi in 2018 to create supplements that solved real health problems. His brand focuses on high-performance sports nutrition supplements without all the added fillers and fluff most other supplement brands offer. In addition to Power Greens, Prestige Labs has also produced Sleep Multiplier, Burn AM, and Burn PM, among other products.

Prestige Labs created Power Greens to help consumers boost immunity while increasing energy and enhancing physical performance. It consists of a blend of nutrient-dense greens including wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, and alfalfa. 

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Prestige Labs Power Greens Benefits

According to the website, Prestige Labs Power Greens help to provide detox support, boost metabolism and immunity, aid in digestion, improve energy levels, and help to support healthy cholesterol levels. One container provides 30 servings in a powdered form that is easy to mix into water or add to smoothies or protein shakes.

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Prestige Labs Power Greens Ingredients

Power Greens includes a 5000mg dose of their organic greens blend, which includes organic barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, alfalfa leaf, beetroot, moringa leaf, tomato, and dulse. It also contains a 2000mg dose of acacia gum for prebiotic fiber. Because the mixture of greens is considered a proprietary blend, the doses of each ingredient are not provided.

Greens such as spirulina have been found to help improve blood pressure and athletic performance due to their high antioxidant content that helps to reduce inflammation. Moringa is rich in valuable antioxidants as well, such as quercetin, which may help lower blood pressure. Additionally, nitrates from beetroot have been shown to improve exercise stamina and reduce blood pressure by improving blood flow. 

Acacia gum helps add a hearty dose of prebiotic fiber which is essential for healthy cholesterol numbers. Some studies have even found acacia to help reduce overall body fat. Each ingredient provided in this organic greens blend comes with health benefits ranging from antioxidant activity to improved blood flow.

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Does Prestige Labs Power Greens Work?

Although some small studies support the benefits of consuming some of these ingredients, specifically spirulina, beetroot powder, and moringa, the benefits are dose specific. Because the doses are not provided, it’s difficult to say if this product will provide the benefits claimed. 

Many consumers taking this product have provided raving reviews. Although it is advertised to provide benefits for enhancing performance, it is lacking common ingredients many might look for in performance-enhancing supplements, such as adaptogens, branched-chain amino acids, protein, and more. This product might work better when combined with another product that contains these ingredients.

Who is Prestige Labs Power Greens Best For?

Power Greens supplement is best for healthy, active individuals who struggle to get in adequate vegetables into their diet and are looking to boost their intake of these nutrients. Those who are taking medication for a chronic condition should consult their healthcare provider before adding Power Greens to their routine. Those who are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant should also avoid taking this supplement. Always talk with your healthcare provider before adding any supplement to your diet.

Claims vs. Reality

Based on the research available on the ingredients in Power Greens, their claims are not without merit. However, because they do not disclose the amount of each ingredient in their organic greens blend, it’s difficult to assess whether this product lives up to its claims. Power Greens also comes with a hefty price tag, making it inaccessible to many consumers. 

Is Prestige Labs Power Greens Safe?

Taking a greens supplement such as Power Greens will not likely provide any substantial side effects unless allergies are present. It is important to note that this product is not gluten-free. Some might experience uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating or diarrhea when first taking Power Greens due to the combination of ingredients. This will often subside once your body gets used to it. 

Where to Buy Prestige Labs Power Greens

You can purchase Prestige Labs Power Greens directly from their website

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A 30-supply of Prestige Labs Power Greens is priced at $95.72, and it is only available on their website. 

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Meghan Stoops, RDN

Meghan Stoops is a Registered Dietitian and licensed Nutritionist with a bachelor’s in Dietetics from San Diego State University. Meghan developed an interest in dietetics early on through her own personal struggles with nutrition misinformation. She began doing her own research, which sparked her passion for nutrition and it’s impact on our physical and mental health. Today, she takes take a non-diet, all-foods-fit approach to nutrition, and is devoted to teaching others that eating healthy does not mean restriction or sacrifice.

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