Progenex Recovery Review – Should You Take This After A Workout?

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Progenex Recovery Review – Should You Take This After A Workout?

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Fast recovery is very important in many areas of fitness, especially in certain sports and weightlifting, because the faster you recover, the more you can perform and endure. Hence, you will gain more gains or do better in your game if your muscle can recover fast.

It is for this reason that post-workout supplements are very high in demand on the market. Supposedly, these supplements will help you perform more and endure more during your workout sessions so that you can get more from each of your workouts.

But just as with different products of different types, post-workout supplements are not created equal. Some are great, some are just good, and some are just plain bad!

There are quite a few post-workout choices out there, such as Clear Muscle and Clear Muscle Next Gen. Another post-workout choice to keep on your radar, though, is Progenex Recovery, a post-workout supplement created by Progenex. In this review of Progenex Recovery, we will cover this supplement’s pros, cons, price, where to buy, and most importantly, whether or not it’s worth your money.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Progenex Recovery

About Progenex Recovery

Recovery is a product created by Progenex, a company that creates mainly fitness food and supplement products.

As the name very clearly tells you, Recovery is a post-workout supplement. It aims to help you recover in as fast as possible – of course!

Here are some of the key features Recovery has for you according to its product description:

  • Tastes great and works (great taste is a big boost for a protein powder because protein powders are reputed to have terrible taste)
  • “Your workout isn’t over until you recover”
  • Fast absorption = fast recovery

Let’s further examine Recovery and see if it can meet its promises and claims.

Progenex Recovery Powder

Pros And Cons Of Progenex Recovery

As with many products, Recovery has its own sets of pros and cons. There are a variety of advantages to discuss, along with a few disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages to the supplement is that Recovery contains BCAAs – great for recovery and keeping gains! There are also only 130-150 calories per serving, which is great if you are counting your calories. The supplement is also packed with 23 grams of protein and comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

On the opposing side, the blend contains sucralose, a potentially dangerous sweetener. It also contains milk and soy, so if you are allergic to these products, this can be problematic. The supplement is also relatively expensive, making it difficult for some to keep up with.

Progenex Recovery Packets

Progenex Recovery Pros

1) Recovery Contains BCAAs

BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids are an important amino acid compound for muscle recovery and gains. BCAAs help us recover faster, grow our muscles quicker, and help us endure the soreness for an extended period of time.

Recovery contains BCAAs from its food and other sources to help you achieve faster muscle recovery and bigger gains.

2) 130-150 Calories Per Serving

Not all people are conscious about their calorie intake, but if you are – I mean, you really count calories that enter your body – then Recovery could be your friend.

Recovery only contains around 130-150 calories for each serving, so it will not put many calories in your body. It is indeed lean and fit for your workout sessions!

3) Protein-Packed

As a protein powder, this really does not come as a surprise, but nevertheless, it is worth mentioning – Recovery contains 23g of protein, great enough to help you recover and keep more muscle from your workouts!

4) Great Taste And Comes In Different Flavors

One of the best things about Recovery is its great taste. Now, you may think: why consider taste when we should be focusing on the results it delivers?

Well, all things being equal, protein powders are supposed to give you the results of faster recovery and bigger gains in your workout sessions. But as mentioned earlier, protein powders have a bad reputation when it comes to their taste – usually, it is because of the protein amount they contain. In some protein powders, even their chocolate flavor tastes chalky.

Recovery comes in different flavors:

  • Belgian chocolate
  • Peanut butter smash
  • Tropical vanilla
  • Loco mocha

As you can see, not only they come in different flavors, but these are the flavors you’ll typically see in coffee shops and milkshake shops – in other words, they’re truly delicious while, at the same time, helping you get in shape.

Progenex Recovery Cons

1) Contains Sucralose

Sucralose is a potentially dangerous artificial sweetener which is on the “avoid” list of Center for Science in the Public Interest.

For instance, according to CSPI, sucralose was shown to cause cancer, as shown in one animal study. In their words, “In 2016 an independent Italian laboratory published a large study on mice. The study found that sucralose caused leukemia and related blood cancers in male mice that were exposed to it throughout their lives starting from before birth.”

According to CSPI, sucralose “could have a range of consequences” and affect the following:

  • Blood sugar
  • Regulation of body weight
  • May cause inflammatory bowel disease

2) Contains Milk And Soy

Some people simply don’t like milk and soy, while others are allergic to them. In this case, Recovery is not for everyone as it contains both of these ingredients.

3) Relatively Expensive

At the current price of $59.95, Recovery is certainly expensive! Even at a 10% discount if you subscribe, it is still expensive. But of course, if you value Recovery more than its price tag, this will not be much of a concern.

What People Are Saying About Progenex Recovery

As of this writing, Recovery has 229 ratings on Amazon with a whopping 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Here is the breakdown of the star rating:

  • 5 stars – 84%
  • 4 stars – 7%
  • 3 stars – 2%
  • 2 stars – 3%
  • 1 star – 4%

Based on these ratings, Recovery seems to play well among its users. But of course, keep in mind that so far, it only comes from 229 reviewers.

Many commented that the product does work; however, a few ones noted that there is no noticeable difference between Recovery and less expensive protein shakes.

You can read the full Amazon reviews here.

Should You Try Progenex Recovery?

I would say that Recovery is worth trying for – if you don’t have problems with milk and soy, it’s a great protein to add to your workouts. However, depending on your income, it may not be great for long-term consumption due to its price.

Where To Buy Progenex Recovery

If you want to buy Recovery, you can purchase it here on their official store page. It costs $60 for one bottle, which provides 30 scoops. The serving size is two scoops, which means if you take it every day, you need to buy two bags a month. The price quickly adds up, coming to $120 a month just for a post-workout shake.

Progenex Website

Overall Rating: 4.53 out of 5


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