Moon Juice Dream Dust Review – Can It Improve Sleep Quality?

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Dream Dust Review

Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of Moon Juice, started her company after ignoring the advice of “experts” who told her that her autoimmune deficiency would never be in control. After much research into food, lifestyle, and spirit, she proved them wrong by sending the disease into submission using alchemy and biology for functional benefits.

From there, Bacon developed products, including adaptogen supplements, skincare, and food, all of which were born of need. Each of her product’s ingredients must also exceed her standards for efficacy and purity.

In this review, we’ll look at Moon Juice Dream Dust, Amanda Chantal Bacon’s blend of herbs and adaptogens that helps you cope with stress, sleep better, and enjoy better overall health.

Dream Dust helps you sleep better by balancing your body’s chemistry. Today’s Moon Juice Dream Dust Review looks at its ingredients, benefits, side effects, cost, and more and can help you make a more informed decision on purchasing this product.

Moon Juice Dream Dust

About Moon Juice Dream Dust

Dream Dust is more than just another druggy version of substances more sedating than they are healthy (we’re looking at you, valerian and kava-kava). Instead, it works with your body to produce its natural results.

While it is true that sedatives and drugs will help you get to sleep and probably stay that way, they also cause hangovers and grogginess—or in other words, drug effects—the next day.

Moon Juice Dream Dust works by balancing your body’s chemistry, particularly when it comes to stress hormones, so that you sleep well naturally and wake refreshed and ready to face the day. That’s because insomnia is often stress-induced insomnia and linked with high cortisol levels, which could also happen when your adrenals are fatigued or out of balance.

This leads to such maladies as weight gain, brain fog, low energy, and you tossing-and-turning each night until it’s time to curse the alarm clock and go back to work.

By balancing your adrenals, your body can produce sleep hormones rather than stay-awake hormones when the time comes. Also, your thinking, well-being, energy levels, and ability to relax and destress all improve remarkably.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Benefits

Helps The Body Cope With Stress That Can Interfere With Sleep

Stress floods your body with fight-or-flight hormones, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, that boost your energy to either run or fight.

If you’ve ever watched a nature program where a prey escapes its predator, you’ll notice the first thing the prey does once safe is to shake vigorously, which is the animal’s way of “shaking off” the extra adrenaline in its body.

But by balancing your adrenals so that your system isn’t constantly bombarded by stress hormones that are impossible to simply “shake off,” you fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and enjoy the kind of deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep you need for optimum health.

Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep

Sleep isn’t just something that feels good; it’s what allows your body to repair and regenerate tissues, energy stores, and brain function.

However, when you’re stressed and your system is continuously bombarded with stress hormones, your sleep suffers along with your energy levels, mental focus, well-being, and productivity. It also increases your risk of chronic disease and accidents.

But, with the help of adaptogens and other herbs, Dream Dust reduces levels of stress hormones in your system, reverses symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and allows you to sleep more soundly, deeply, and without waking up for any rounds of tossing and turning in the night.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Benefits

Calms The Mind And Body, And Promotes Tranquility

With its combination of stress-reducing compounds working in synergy to promote healthy sleep and relaxation, you will experience a sense of calmness and well-being with Moon Juice’s formula.

For instance, chamomile has long been used for its ability to reduce stress and promote sleep, as has jujube fruit. Ashwagandha and Schisandra are also adaptogens that can reduce your body’s output of energizing (as in, keeps you awake and frantic) hormones. Polygala is an herb that promotes clear focus and healthy cognitive function.

Altogether, these help you stay calm, tranquil, and focused, with the ability to shake off stress and fall asleep more easily.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Ingredients

The Dream Dust Propriety Blend(3g) includes a variety of ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at each component below.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Ingredients

Jujube Seed Powder

Also known as Chinese Dates, jujube fruit has been used since ancient times to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. Modern science also shows us that jujube is rich in compounds that benefit your nervous system, digestion, and immune health, which includes a host of inflammation-reducing antioxidants.

Chamomile Flower Extract

You know those little daisy-like flowers you sometimes see growing in yards and on lawns? They can help you relax, sleep, stay asleep, and feel great in the morning. Chamomile flower extract can be found in sleep supplements besides Dream Dust, such as Luna Gentle Sleep Aid and Nocturest.

That’s because chamomile contains a particular antioxidant—apigenin—that binds to sleep-promoting receptors in your brain so that you nod off naturally, sleep like a log (we’d like to say baby, but who wants to wake crying every couple of hours?), and feel relaxed and destressed the rest of the time.

Organic Schisandra Berry Powder

Schisandra berries are a type of herb known as an adaptogen since they help your body respond appropriately to stress and fatigue. They are also scientifically proven to help you sleep, which along with Dream Dust’s other ingredients, leaves you feeling well-rested, tranquil, and focused when you awake.

Polygala Root Extract

Used extensively in Chinese medicine to promote tranquility, mental acuity, and sleep, polygala is a flowering plant that can increase the duration of deep, non-REM sleep and has the scientific backing to prove it.

Organic Ashwagandha Root And Leaf Extract

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen with properties that can improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster. This is in addition to its other benefits in managing your cortisol levels, helping control blood sugar, and possibly even guarding against cancer.

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract

Everything’s better when it’s sweet, but you might think that including sugar in a formula so focused on your health and well-being—2-things sugar tends to count against—is counter-productive. However, stevia is calorie-free and has a glycemic index of zero. This means that stevia won’t affect your blood sugar levels.

By including stevia, you can enjoy a lightly sweet flavor without the glycemic response—or high blood sugar—of other sweeteners.

Does Moon Juice Dream Dust Work?

For those under stress or who suffer from hypertension and insomnia for other reasons, this product will work wonderfully for you. That’s because it’s designed to work with your body’s chemistry and keep it balanced, healthy, and productive rather than drug you and possibly worsen adverse conditions.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Powder

Who Is Moon Juice Dream Dust Best For?

If you’re looking to fall asleep with your body’s circadian rhythms and enjoy quality sleep until it’s time to wake up rejuvenated and refreshed, this product is for you.

But, if you’re looking for sedatives or sleep hormones from an outside source to induce grogginess, a hangover, and possibly dangerous health conditions, keep looking since you won’t find any of that in Moon Juice’s formula.

Claims vs. Reality

Dream Dust does what it says it will and has the scientific evidence to prove it. This includes helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience the deep, rejuvenating sleep your body needs.

It is also a formula that combats stress and the damage it does to your health, and it does all of this while being free of drugs or outside hormones.

Is Dream Dust Safe?

As long as you’re not allergic to any of Dream Dust’s ingredients, you shouldn’t experience any side effects other than better sleep, peace of mind, and better focus, concentration, and overall health.

Where To Buy Moon Juice Dream Dust

Moon Juice retails for $38.00, which is a little steep, though not horribly so, when you consider its benefits. But you can also save an additional 10% if you ACT NOW and give them your email address, and setting up a monthly subscription will also knock an additional $3.80 off full retail.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Website

Along with Moon Juice’s site, Dream Dust can be purchased through many online retailers, including Amazon and many independents. So far, Moon Juice doesn’t appear to be available in traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.

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