Relacore Extra Review – Does This Fat Burner Stand Up To Its Claims?

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By Leslie Waterson

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated


Relacore Extra is a fat-burning supplement designed to target belly fat. Relacore Extra claims it works by reducing stress hormones like cortisol that prevent fat burn and contribute to the formation of fats. 

Tons of people have difficulties losing fat. One major problem is that they usually never work their metabolisms hard enough to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. If your body always has carbs and you are not very active, it will never have to resort to burning the visceral fat that collects around your stomach.

In today’s review, we will look at Relacore Extra and see if its stress reduction formula actually works. Does Relacore Extra stack up compared to other fat burners, like Skald or Slimvance? We will cover the product’s pros, cons, ingredients, effects, and whether or not it’s worth the purchase.  

Keep reading this Relacore Extra review to know more about this fat burner.

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Relacore Extra: Overview

Relacore Extra is an advanced weight loss formula that stands apart from other supplements by sporting a “stress-reduction” formula. Relacore Extra claims it works by reducing stress, which contributes to the formation of belly fat. In that sense, Relacore Extra is also supposed to have mental and physical effects. 

Relacore Extra claims that it can:

  • Target belly fat
  • Reduce stress
  • Elevate your mood
  • Minimize adverse effects of stress

Relacore Extra markets itself as “America’s No. 1 Belly Fat Pill,” but does it actually work? Our research found that while Relacore Extra’s ingredients might help reduce some aspects of stress, there does not seem to be anything that will help you lose weight other than the tangential effects of a better mood. 

You are supposed to take three pills of Relacore Extra every morning with a full glass of water with or without food. It is not recommended to take more than three tablets per day. 

Relacore Extra Pros vs. Cons

Like with most supplements, there are ups and downs to taking Relacore Extra. When the pros outweigh the cons, then it’s likely a winner. Let’s find out how Relacore Extra performs.


  • Claims to reduce stress
  • Claims to reduce body fat
  • Targets belly fat
  • Can elevate mood


  • Weight loss claims may be exaggerated
  • Some ingredients have known side effects

Who Makes Relacore Extra?

Relacore Extra is created by Relacore, an arm of the Carter-Reed Company (CRC). Unfortunately, we could only find very little information about either organization online and no stated company mission or list of founders.

We checked out CRC’s BBB page, and here is what we found. The profile is not accredited despite being in business for 17 years. They have an A+ customer rating but have absolutely 0 customer reviews on the page. They also only have one complaint about the company’s billing issue. Usually, reputable companies have a more significant online presence, making the sparse online presence of Relacore and CRC a red flag in our book. 

We also found that Relacore has been involved in 2 class-action lawsuits in the past seven years. In both cases, customers were reimbursed due to false advertising and misleading product labeling. So we were initially very skeptical about this company. A low internet presence and a history of lawsuits do not sit well with us. 

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How Does Relacore Extra Work?

Relacore Extra primarily works to reduce stress-related belly fat by promoting feelings of calm. While this isn’t your traditional fat burner, it prevents weight gain around the midsection, which usually happens with increased cortisol levels.

Relacore Extra has generally positive reviews on the product website and other retail sites. Most customers seem pleased with their results and notice that they feel less stressed and notice some fat loss. Although most reviews are positive, the majority of bad reviews are awful. Many people complain that the company recently changed its formula or that the product did nothing useful. 

Relacore Extra has often been attacked for not containing “actual” weight loss ingredients. That’s because Relacore Extra supports a different kind of weight loss and is most effective for cortisol-related belly fat.

Relacore Extra Ingredients

Relacore Extra has several ingredients. Here are some of the major ones.

  • Passionflower: Passionflower is sometimes used as a sleeping aid and to reduce insomnia, but there is no evidence it helps with weight loss.
  • Magnolia: Magnolia bark has been used in medicine for centuries. It is used for stress, constipation, and anxiety, but there is no evidence it is suitable for weight loss. 
  • Chinese skullcap: Baikal skullcap is used in medicines for respiratory infections and fever. It is also used in traditional medicines for kidney infections and pelvic inflammation. 
  • Asian ginseng: Ginseng is used for various purposes, most commonly as a stimulant. People claim ginseng can help lose weight, but no hard data exists. 
  • Poria extract: Poria is a mushroom used for dizziness and other sleep problems in traditional medicine. It may help with inflammation and kidney function, but no evidence it supports weight loss.  

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Relacore Extra Safety and Side Effects

Relacore Extra has some known side effects. Some recorded side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Acne
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Weakness

In rare cases, people report Relacore Extra causing them to lose hair. 

Where to Buy Relacore Extra

You can buy Relacore Extra directly from the product website, or you can buy it from a third-party retailer such as Amazon. A single 90-capsule bottle of Relacore Extra costs  $29.99. where to buy relacore

Relacore Extra: Final Thoughts

We say no; Relacore Extra is not worth buying. Although Relacore Extra targets stress-related belly fat, there are other supplements that target overall belly fat with more potent ingredients. It would be a long journey to first decipher if your belly fat is stress-related or not and then see if Relacore Extra works for you.

It might be able to make you feel slightly better mentally, but it is unlikely that it will have any direct weight loss benefits. It is pretty cheap, so trying it won’t cost much, but watch out for some side effects. We say to choose something else.

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