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Alpha Shredded Review – Can This Anabolic Warfare Supplement Help Your Cutting?

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If you’re looking for big, strong, vascular muscles but don’t want to hit the black market or risk the dangerous side-effects of illegal steroids, Anabolic Warfare has your back.

And, what a big, strong, powerful back it will be after experiencing the effects prohormones, ecdysteroids, and anabolic BCAA’s can offer you.

Anabolic Warfare produces quite a few supplements, from Cyclostane to Trenatestin to Epivar, so today we’re going to look at Anabolic Warfare’s Alpha Shredded supplement. We’ll examine this supplement’s ingredients, its claims, and more in this review of Alpha Shredded.

Alpha Shredded Supplement

About Alpha Shredded

Alpha Shredded is Anabolic Warfare’s answer to your need for a cutting formula that really works. It lights up body fat, helps you build muscle, and leaves you looking cut, vascular, and ripped.

It does this using a simple combination of prohormones and insect hormones specially formulated to bring you maximum results with minimal risk.

Anabolic Warfare Alpha Shredded

Alpha Shredded Benefits

Insane Cuts, Pumps & Density

The epiandrosterone in Alpha Shredded is known to light up body fat, cut excess water, and reform your body composition so that you experience the deep cuts and muscle density you’ve been looking for.

Massive Increase In Power, Recovery & Joint Repair

Next, ecdysterone and 1,4-OHP combine to deliver huge increases in power along with speedier joint and muscle recovery. Altogether, and along with epiandrosterone’s incredible effects, this means you not only look your chiseled best, but have the energy, focus, and drive to take on the world—not to mention a libido boost!


How it works may be mysterious and top-secret, although the fact is, Anabolic Warfare’s Cyclosone technology flat-out works at delivering maximum absorption for maximum results.

And as you know, a compound only benefits you if your body can take it in!

Alpha Shredded Ingredients


While stimulating power and recovery is important, so is maintaining your body composition to exclude excess water while burning away fat. This is where Epiandrosterone, or Epi-Andro, comes in since, along with itself having mild anabolic properties, it converts to Stanolone in the body, which is 5-times more anabolic than testosterone.

This leaves you with deep cuts and healthy libido, along with the power and ability to recover quickly for more muscle gain.

Beta Ecdysterone

Insect hormones may work differently in humans than in our 6-legged friends, but the bottom line is, for big, dense, powerful muscles and the energy to produce them, they work.

No, beta ecdysterone won’t help you molt or mature, though what it will do is combine with 1,4-OHP to facilitate a MASSIVE power increase for you.


While power, density, and lean muscle mass are what you’re after, they don’t mean anything if your joints are too sore and damaged to work out.

By not only helping boost your androgen levels for more power, confidence, and energy, but helping repair your joints, 1,4-OHP, and its co-compounds will have you in the gym more often, more aggressively, and with fewer injuries.

Does Alpha Shredded Work?

For those looking for deep cuts and insane pumps who are willing to put in the sweat equity and proper nutrition, this is your product. No, it’s not cheap, nor is it legal in competitions governed by WADA, the USADA, and possibly other anti-doping agencies, though when it comes to big muscles, insane pumps, and deep cuts, you’re going to be happy.

Alpha Shredded

Who Is Alpha Shredded Best For?

Anyone looking to shorten the time it takes (usually years) to grow really big, deeply cut muscles but isn’t concerned over the possible health risks, or in-competition legality of potent prohormones, will love this product. This includes older men or anyone else experiencing reversible androgen decline, or those who simply want to work out hard for maximum results.

But, if you have liver damage, high blood pressure, a heart condition, or are still in your teens, this product is NOT for you. That’s because despite this being one of the safest ways to boost your androgen levels to extremes, you are still doing just that: boosting androgen levels to extremes, which is not always safe.

And of course, pregnant or breastfeeding women need to find other ways to build big, strong, powerful muscles, since this product should not be used by them either.

Alpha Shredded For Body Builders

Claims vs. Reality

Do you want deep cuts? Insane pumps? Big, strong, dry, vascular muscles? Anabolic Warfare makes these claims…and backs them with results.

That is, so long as you’re getting your macros and reps, since nobody’s EVER gained muscle sitting on the couch eating Cheetos!

Alpha Shredded Supplement Bottle

Is Alpha Shredded Safe?

No, it won’t turn you into a complete mutant, though Alpha Shredded isn’t without some disturbing potential side effects. These include shrunken nuts, painful erections, man boobs, and hair loss.

Add in acne and heart disease—possibly even cancer—and we have a product that you want to use ONLY as directed, which includes never using it for longer than 8-consecutive weeks before cycling off.


Where To Buy Alpha Shredded

The retail cost of Alpha Shredded is an astronomical $79.99 per 1-month supply, though you can get an additional 10% off when you set up a subscription for monthly delivery. They also have interest-free payment options, if you could use such help.

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Along with Anabolic Warfare’s site, the product can be found on Amazon and other online retailers who sell bodybuilding supplements, as well as in major and independent stores, including Max Muscle and 5-Star Nutrition.

Alpha Shredded Review
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Alpha Shredded is a dietary supplement manufactured by Anabolic Warfare. This supplement claims to help increase physical power and recovery, as well as prevent the loss of muscle mass and stimulate joint recovery. It also claims to help increase metabolism, which results in a rapid weight loss, as well as assisting in building lean mass and boosting testosterone. Learn more about this supplement in this in-depth review of Alpha Shredded.

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