CocoaVia Review – A Look At Their Cocoa Flavanol Capsules

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CocoaVia Review

CocoaVia has created a unique supplement made entirely of cocoa. These vegan capsules contain cocoa flavanols, which are the superfood nutrients found in cocoa beans. These superfoods pack all of the great benefits often associated with cocoa and cacao, notably being enhanced cognition, high antioxidant power, and heart health.

With a supplement as unique as cocoa powder, it definitely warrants a scientific examination to determine its efficacy, so let’s take a closer look in this review of CocoaVia.

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CocoaVia Cocoa Flavanol Benefits

Packed With Antioxidants

Cocoa flavanols come from raw cacao and cocoa powder, which both boast a high antioxidant content. In fact, raw cacao is the earth’s top source of antioxidants, with 40 times the amount of oxidants of blueberries. Antioxidants are crucial for our overall health as they help fight free radicals that arise from various environmental stressors. They also help keep our skin, brain, and hearts healthy.

Supports Brain, Heart And Skin Health

The main reasoning behind these benefits is due to a compound known as nitric oxide found in cocoa flavanols. Nitric oxide helps the walls of our arteries relax, which enhances proper blood flow and circulation throughout our bodies. This blood flow helps move oxygen and essential nutrients throughout our bodies, which benefits our skin, heart, and brain.

The high antioxidant property of cocoa flavanols also helps boost overall cognition and brain health, while keeping our heart and skin quite healthy too. These flavanols can also support the production of neurons and may help prevent brain-related disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Increases Energy

This benefit is due to the high caffeine content found in cocoa beans and cocoa flavonoids. This high caffeine content increases energy levels, which may help replace caffeinated beverages like coffee and may also help enhance physical performance and athletic abilities.

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CocoaVia Ingredients

CocoaVia’s Cocoa Flavanol product contains 450 mg of cocoa flavanols as the main ingredient. This amount is actually the highest level per serving that is available on the market, so that may help enhance the flavanol’s strength. These flavanols are packed with antioxidants and contribute to proper circulation within our bodies. They help keep blood, oxygen, and nutrients flowing to important parts of our bodies, like our hearts, skin, brains, and different tissues. Flavanols may also help fight brain-related disorders like Alzheimer’s. Flavanols are essentially the more beneficial aspect of cocoa products, just without the added sugar.

This flavanol product also contains some additives like silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, but these are for preservative and structural purposes. They are found in most supplement products.

CocoaVia Supplement facts

Does CocoaVia’s Cocoa Flavanol Really Work?

Research is still ongoing regarding the benefits behind cocoa flavanols and cocoa in general. Much of science shows us that cocoa (and especially cocoa flavanols) pack a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial for our health, and given today’s environmental stressors, they are even more important.

A lot of studies have been conducted concerning the efficacy of cocoa, cacao, and cocoa flavanols. Many studies have shown that these flavonoids help increase circulation and blood flow, which benefits our bodies greatly. A lot of research has also highlighted flavanol’s neuroprotective effects. Some research has shown that the second cocoa or chocolate is consumed, our brain responds and receives many different chemicals that can enhance our mood, learning and memory abilities, and overall cognition.

Not all flavanol products are created equally; however, CocoaVia stands out among other companies due to its use of quality flavanols in their formula. They also use the highest amount possible in their formula, which helps maximize potential benefits.

Claims Vs. Reality

This company doesn’t make any claims that have not already been proven by sufficient scientific evidence and research, so that’s a plus. They mostly claim that it will help your brain, heart, and skin health. This is due in part to the flavanoid’s antioxidant power as well as the increased blood flow that occurs in the body as a result.

It should also be noted that you must be consuming a healthy diet packed with nutrients and exercising regularly to really maximize some of these benefits. It is counterintuitive to take a health-boosting supplement without first working on your health through diet and exercise.

Who Should Take CocoaVia’s Cocoa Flavanol?

This flavanol product is generally safe for use; however, it’s not essential for good health. There are more important factors when taking health into account, like diet and exercise. These capsules cannot replace a healthy diet, especially one that is packed with antioxidants. Additionally, even if the flavanol is able to increase the circulation of nutrients in your body, you first need to consume these nutrients in your diet.

However, if you are looking to increase your antioxidant levels and maximize on some potential health benefits, this is a great option. It’s a clean supplement, meaning it does not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients that may prove counterintuitive to your health. It also allows you to get the health benefits from chocolate without the added sugar.

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Is CocoaVia Safe?

As stated, this product is generally marked as safe for consumption. It is basically the equivalent of consuming chocolate, but without any additives or sugar. However, cocoa flavanols and cocoa beans have a high caffeine content, so if you are caffeine sensitive, this might not be the best product. Caffeine may cause the following side effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Jittery feelings
  • Increased nervousness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Sleeplessness

Always consult with your doctor before taking a supplement, especially one like cocoa that is high in caffeine.

Where To Buy CocoaVia

This product is available directly from CocoaVia’s website for a price of $50.00. There are subscribe and save options offered on their site as well.

CocoaVia website

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