SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Review – Is This Anti-Aging Supplement Worth It?

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By Leslie Waterson

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supersmart stem cells activator review

SuperSmart began back in 1992 when the brand’s anonymous French founder noticed that supplements helped him feel better and prevented minor health issues. 

Today, SuperSmart is a pioneer in the nutritional supplement market with products that are scientifically supported and respected. This includes their SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator that they claim will stimulate the activation of stem cells for a longer, healthier life. 

So, is this supplement truly worth the price? That’s what we’ll find out in this SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator review. Let’s get started!

About SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator 

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator combines plant extracts, potent antioxidants, and amino acids in a formula meant to do exactly what it says, activate your stem cells. 

But why is this so important, and just what are stem cells while we’re at it? 

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator

To answer, stem cells are the cells that all other cells in your body start out as. They act as a repair system for your body by replacing old, tired, worn-out cells with new healthy ones. They do this by dividing and renewing themselves, though they start out without any specific purpose, such as a muscle cell, blood cell, etc. Once they create a new cell, it is specific to a function, such as a brain or a lung cell. 

With SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator, the natural activation of stem cells is optimized so that the proliferation of new cells is stimulated. This helps you have strong immune health along with faster wound healing, better quality of life, and an increased lifespan by helping to restore lost cell function and repairing damaged tissue. 

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Benefits

Fewer Degenerative Complaints

It’s no secret that as we age, our health tends to decline. Bones weaken, joints become creaky, energy levels are reduced, and illness becomes more commonplace. 

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator For Joint Health

But when your cells regenerate at a healthy rate, these and other degenerative symptoms are slowed or even reversed. SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator does this by stimulating stem cells to reproduce and replace aging, ineffective cells in bones, organs, joints, and throughout your body, and do it rapidly enough to defy your age. 

Stronger Immune Function

By readily producing new cells to replace those damaged by illness or injury, your immune system has an easier job to do, and all thanks to healthy stem cells. Simply put, they give your immune system the building materials it needs for quick repairs, and even remember what repairs they did the last time so they can speed it up the next time.  

This leaves your immune system less “spread thin,” and more efficient. 

A Longer Life

Ultimately, a healthy influx of new cells to replace tired, spent cells help you live a longer, happier, more disease-free life. It’s like how if you were to replace all the worn-out parts on an old car with new ones, the car would last longer, run better, and spend less time in the shop.  

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Ingredients

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator’s formula includes a variety of ingredients. Below, we will detail each of the main ingredients found within this formula and what they may provide for your health.

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Supplement Facts

Extract of Polygonum Multiflorum 800 mg

Known in Chinese Medicine as Fo-ti, this plant extract has been associated with restoring the natural color of grey hair along with many other treatments. 

But even though it’s been used for thousands of years to treat everything from fatigue to nocturnal ejaculation, there is very little scientific evidence backing these claims. That said, the ancient Chinese believed that Polygonum Multiflorum works by building blood, which of course, requires new blood cells.

Fucoidan 300 mg

Fucoidan is a compound found in brown seaweeds, and is known for boosting immune health, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation. It also has promising anti-tumor properties, and may even improve the health of your gut flora.

All that and more, and everything backed by science—this stuff alone might be worth the price of admission!

Blueberry Extract 250 mg

Apparently, nerve tissue that’s been transplanted has a far greater chance of surviving with the help of blueberry extract—something that’s also a potent antioxidant. 

It’s also been shown to increase neurogenesis, at least in rats, and shows promise as a treatment for brain injuries. That’s because the polyphenols in blueberry extract help increase the proliferation of neural stem cells, which is what we’re looking for here. 

Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan 150 mg

They come from oats, they sky-out your immune health, and they help in the repair of white blood cells in bone marrow, and thus boost the proliferation of stem cells. 

All that, and they can lower your cholesterol and improve the health of your gut flora while they’re at it.

L-Carnosine 50 mg

Popular with the weight-loss crowd for its effects on delivering energy to cells, L-Carnosine also improves the replication of the stem cells you need for skeletal muscle formation. This means less age-related loss of muscle mass, not to mention more energy and fat burn. 

Does SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Work?

By eating right, avoiding substances like tobacco and alcohol, getting enough exercise, and loading up on antioxidant support, you can successfully increase your body’s proliferation of stem cells.

With its active ingredients, including a multitude of antioxidants and other compounds known to promote stem cell proliferation, SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. Notice we didn’t say that this product is the perfect way for you to sit in front of the TV noshing bon-bons and get healthy without moving a finger, since it just doesn’t work that way. 

Instead, adding this to your regular exercise and low-sugar, natural whole foods diet is how to get good long-term results.

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Benefits

Who is SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Best For?

Though SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator can help slow—or in some cases, even reverse—the aging process, why wait until you’re old, wrinkled, and creaky to be concerned with it? Not only can a proactive approach help you look better and age more slowly, but it can also help ward away many chronic diseases. 

For those 18-and-over who are willing to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and have deep enough pockets to afford the outlandish price tag, SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator can bring added pep to your step for years to come. 

Claims vs. Reality

Though we’re not certain how SuperSmart supports a claim such as that the product “contributes to the increase in average lifespan and quality of life…,” there’s no disputing it either. Seriously, does the coroner study the corpse and say, “Wow, here’s another one who took the pills and lived an extra 10-years—died with a smile on his face too, musta lived a good life!”?

Perhaps not, though it does make sense that new cells would make for a longer life, just like a new engine, transmission, and running gear make for a longer-running automobile. 

The good news is that there is enough science behind their claims that the company squeaks by on credibility, so we’ll just have to take their word for the whole live longer thing, what with no consultative coroners on hand and all…

Is SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Safe?

Though it’s best that the product be used only by healthy individuals who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, and are over 18, SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator is safe when taken as directed. 

But if you are allergic or sensitive to SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator or any of SuperSmart’s products, simply take advantage of the company’s generous, no-questions-asked 1-year guarantee for replacement or credit. 

Where to Buy SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator

You can purchase SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator directly from the official SuperSmart website here.

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Website

SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator will cost you $79.00 for a one-time purchase of 120 capsules. They do offer a Club SuperSmart option in which, if you sign up, you’ll receive 5% off all orders, a free weekly newsletter, and special offers for club members only.

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SuperSmart Stem Cells Activator Review Ratings

  • Ingredient Quality – 4.3
  • Ingredient Dosage – 4.7
  • Company Trustworthiness – 3.4
  • Comparison to Alternatives – 4.1
  • Value – 1.9

Overall Rating:
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