LYMA Review – Is It Really The Ultimate Supplement?

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By Ryan Brennan

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LYMA Review

The LYMA Supplement is an all-in-one pill claimed to boost sleep, health, beauty, performance, and anxiety.

The supplement industry is growing every year, and new formulas are being created constantly, so finding the right supplement for you can be a daunting task. There are thousands of different brands that all claim to do different things, which can be frustrating to any consumer. 

Most of the supplements available today are designed to target a small niche of people. This is great for someone looking to gain a specific benefit from their supplement, but it only does a little for the people that want an all-in-one solution.

The LYMA Supplement is claimed to do all that, and it isn’t a scam. In fact, it’s a real supplement designed to relieve your body from many angles. So, what is LYMA all about? We will take a closer look at this supplement, its ingredients, and whether or not it’s really worth the price in this LYMA review.

LYMA For Sleep

About LYMA

LYMA is a unique supplement that’s gained a wide range of attention internationally. It’s marketed as “the ultimate supplement” and is known as one of the most expensive supplements on the market today. 

The company was founded by Lucy Goff, who was battling septicemia back in 2012. She was ready to give up hope on her recovery after meeting with several different physicians and being prescribed many prescriptions/supplements. Nothing was working. 

Then she met Dr. Paul Clayton in 2013, and everything changed. Dr. Clayton is a world authority on preventative degenerative disease and was the main reason Lucy Goff finally started to see some relief. They traveled the world speaking with other scientists, researchers, and doctors to create a supplement that would work for everyone. 

The two took an evidence-based approach to their formula and eventually created what we now know as LYMA. They officially launched in early 2017, meaning they took several years to research the perfect formula — hence why they market it as “the ultimate supplement.”

LYMA Supplement In Can

As one of the most expensive supplements on the market, it has earned a title as the “Rolls-Royce of supplements.” It has become a social media sensation thanks to a wide range of celebrity influencers — including Ellie Goulding, Luke Smith, James Rhodes, Alex Steinherr, and Nichola Joss. 

LYMA Supplement Benefits

LYMA is designed for anyone struggling to find balance in their life. It’s designed to help you look, feel, think, breathe, and sleep your absolute best. The longer you keep up with the supplement, the more it’ll reward your body and overall wellness. 

LYMA Capsules

There are six main benefits you receive with LYMA:

  1. Sleep – without proper sleep, your body doesn’t have a clear opportunity to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate itself for the day ahead. LYMA helps you balance your hormones so you can get eight hours of sleep.
  2. Health – improving your overall health from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect helps you feel free again. Your body will work at its peak, and you’ll finally feel your best.
  3. Performance – not only will you feel your best, but you’ll also operate at your best. Every move you make throughout the day will feel better than the last, and you’ll be a well-oiled machine until it’s time to sleep again.
  4. Beauty – we all want healthy hair, skin, and nails, but achieving it is much easier said than done. With LYMA, you’ll feel and look your best with proven ingredients. You’ll finally see that inner glow shine through.
  5. Focus – do you feel like you never get done what you were hoping to accomplish each day? It could be a result of poor focus and concentration, which means distractions control your life. LYMA can change that and help you get back to your productive self. 
  6. Anxiety – the everyday stresses of life are something we can’t run from, but we can always teach our body to handle the stress better and naturally calm our nerves. LYMA helps relieve you of stress and anxiety, allowing you to finally breathe and relax.

Safe to consume daily, this is the perfect all-in-one solution for anyone not feeling 100%. It contains nine ingredients backed by scientific research, giving you the confidence you need when consuming LYMA. 

LYMA Ingredients

 LYMA claims to have ten potent ingredients, and they traveled the world to gather insight from different scientists and researchers to ensure it. These ingredients are Vitamin D3, Beta Glucans, Ashwagandha, Citicoline, Turmeric, Lycopene, Vitamin K2, Keratin, Levagen, and Saffron. 

LYMA Supplement With Model

Let’s take a closer look at these ingredients and what they do for the body. 

Vitamin D3

Benefits: strengthens bones, teeth, and muscles, reduces inflammation, supports a healthy immune system, helps treat hypertension, reduces the risk of depression, and may help you lose weight.

Source: also known as cholecalciferol, we mostly get it from sunlight exposure to the skin, but it’s also found in egg yolks, fatty fish, beef liver, and cheese; LYMA uses a patented form called Vita-algae D3™ 

Recommended Dosage: 600-2,000IU per day 

Side Effects: elevated blood levels, elevated blood calcium levels, nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite when taken in high or low doses

Beta Glucans

Benefits: enhances heart health, promotes healthy gut bacteria growth, regulates blood sugar levels, improves the immune system, and lowers cholesterol

Source: soluble dietary fiber, one of the healthiest types of fiber, found in oatmeal, barley, reishi and shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, and algae, LYMA uses a patented form called Wellmune® 

Recommended Dosage: 100-500mg per day

Side Effects: diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting when taken in high doses


Benefits: reduces blood sugar levels, helps the body manage and adapt to stress, reduces cortisol levels and risk of depression, boosts testosterone in men, improves cognitive function, can help increase muscle mass, and reduces inflammation in the body

Source: ancient medicinal herb that also goes by the name Withania somnifera, was a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, known as an adaptogen, LYMA uses a patented form called KSM-66

Recommended Dosage: 400-750mg per day

Side Effects: stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting when taken in high doses


Benefits: increases the release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain, improves cognitive function (largely memory), reduces risk of neuronal death and enhances neuronal membrane integrity

Source: a brain nutrient that occurs naturally in the body, increases phosphatidylcholine in the brain, also transfers uridine to the brain, LYMA uses a patented form called Cognizin® 

Recommended Dosage: 250-600mg per day

Side Effects: insomnia, headache, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, blurred vision, and chest pains when taken in high doses


Benefits: rich with antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, improved cognitive function, lowered risk of brain disease, can help decrease risk of depression

Source: the spice that gives curry its yellow color, largely popular in India, curcumin is the active ingredient, LYMA uses an extract called HydroCurc® 

Recommended Dosage: 500-1,000mg per day

Side Effects: stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea when taken in high doses


Benefits: rich with antioxidants, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, supports a healthy heart, protects against the sun and certain cancers, can also improve eyesight, reduce pain, protect the brain, and strengthen bones

Source: a plant nutrient that helps give red and pink fruits their color, found in tomatoes, watermelon, guava, papaya, sweet red peppers, and pink grapefruit, LYMA uses a patented form called Lycored Lycopene™ 

Recommended Dosage: 20-60mg per day

Side Effects: can cause skin discoloration when taken in high doses

Vitamin K2

Benefits: improves bone health, prevents heart disease, enhances dental health, and prevents blood clotting

Source: also known as Koagulationsvitamin or menaquinone, one of the least-heard about vitamins, discovered in 1929, found in butter, cheese, egg yolks, dark chicken meat, and goose liver, LYMA uses a patented form called K2VITAL® DELTA (which is Vitamin K2 as MK-7, one of the most effective forms of K2)

Recommended Dosage: 50-200mcg per day

Side Effects: flushing, pain, dizziness, sweating, and shortness of breath when taken in high doses


Benefits: healthier hair that looks stronger, more full, more glossy, and more aesthetically pleasing, also improves health of skin and nails

Source: a type of protective protein that makes up your hair, also found in the organs and glands, LYMA uses a patented form called Cynatine® HNS 

Recommended Dosage: 400-750mg per day

Side Effects: likely safe for consumption


Benefits: rich with antioxidants, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, improves mood and reduces risk of depression, acts as an aphrodisiac, reduces appetite and helps you lose weight, lowers blood sugar levels, and improves memory

Source: the most expensive spice in the world, harvested by hand from the Crocus sativus flower, originated from Greece; LYMA uses a patented form called affron® 

Recommended Dosage: no more than 1,500mg per day 

Side Effects: dry mouth, anxiety, agitation, drowsiness, low mood, sweating, nausea or vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, change in appetite, flushing, and headache when taken in high doses


Levagen is a form of a naturally occurring fatty acid called PEA (palmitoylethanolamide).

PEA has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain. It is found in foods such as egg yolk and peanuts and the human body.

Children typically have more PEA in their bodies, allowing them to experience less pain from minor injuries. However, as we age, our bodies produce less PEA.

Here’s a quick look at the dosages of each ingredient in each serving of LYMA Supplement:

  • Vitamin D3 – 2,000IU
  • Beta Glucans – 250mg
  • Ashwagandha – 600mg
  • Citicoline – 250mg
  • Turmeric – 600mg
  • Lycopene – 30mg
  • Vitamin K2 – 75µg
  • Keratin – 500mg
  • Saffron – 28mg
  • Levagen – 350mg

LYMA Packaging & Pricing

LYMA truly is a luxury supplement. It comes in an all-black box with nothing but gold ‘LYMA’ letters on the front. It looks like a box with some expensive jewelry inside. Instead, you open it up to three items — a bag with the capsules, an iconic copper vessel to hold the capsules, and an exclusive LYMA concierge card.

LYMA Supplement Packaging

You’re going to love unboxing this supplement. Even the capsules were given a makeover and had that copper/shiny look with their logo on them. The amount of detail in this supplement is spectacular. 

When we say luxury, however, that does mean price as well. A one-time purchase costs you $269 for a 30-day supply — which includes the copper vessel and card. If you sign up for the monthly subscription, the initial cost is $269, and the monthly refills are $199.


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LYMA Supplement Pros vs. Cons

It doesn’t matter what supplement you’re looking at or considering buying; there will be a list of pros and cons to consider — and things are no different with this $200 supplement. 

LYMA For Mood

Since we want to ensure you make the right supplement purchase for your body and lifestyle, we will share the pros and cons we’ve found when reviewing LYMA. For the right person this supplement will bring plenty of rewards — but only for the right person. 

Let’s start with the pros of taking LYMA.


  • Formula was created with the help of several scientists, researchers, and doctors — including Dr. Paul Clayton
  • Helps improve sleep, health, beauty, performance, focus, and anxiety
  • Only need to take one capsule per serving
  • Known as a luxury supplement — and looks like one too
  • Great for social media pictures, especially with the neat and unique vessel you get for the capsules
  • Has a monthly service option that makes it easy to get refills every month
  • Vitamin D3, Turmeric, and Ashwagandha helps improve sleep, performance, focus, anxiety, beauty, and health
  • Beta Glucans help improve performance, focus, anxiety, and health
  • Citicoline helps improve performance, focus, sleep, and health
  • Lycopene and Vitamin K2 help improve beauty, performance, and health
  • Keratin helps improve beauty
  • Saffron helps improve focus, sleep, health, performance, anxiety, and health


  • Extremely expensive and will definitely break the bank if you’re not prepared for it
  • Even if you want to purchase a one-time supply, it still costs the same
  • No sample size to try out or a smaller one-time offer package to get started

LYMA Claims vs. Results

LYMA claims to benefit six key areas of your life, but you’re probably wondering how long it takes for the supplement to show results. While it will vary depending on each individual’s body, LYMA provides an estimate.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve found to be the expected timeline of results when taking LYMA daily:

  • In the first month, you’ll start to feel much calmer throughout your day-to-day life and have much more balanced sleep patterns. 
  • In the second month, your sleep will continue to improve, and you’ll feel more confident with yourself daily. Your skin, hair, and nails will start looking more beautiful, and you’ll feel better. 

  • By the third month, LYMA is working at its full potential. Your energy levels are at a peak, you’re more productive than ever, and you feel much better about your overall health and wellness.
  • Once you’ve used the supplement for six months, your body will be used to its new balance, and it will become your new expectation every single day. 

Like most supplements, you’ll likely feel a change after as little as one week since they’re designed to act fast. With LYMA, however, those benefits continue to improve the more you take it daily. 

LYMA Alternatives

There’s a lot to like about LYMA. In fact, there’s little to not like about the supplement, and the price is likely the one thing you can complain about. There are some other ingredients I would’ve liked to see, but they would only add to the strength of the benefits — opposed to adding new benefits.

With that being said, there are going to be a lot of people that shrug this supplement off due to the price. Don’t worry; it’s completely understandable, given its cost. Still, that doesn’t mean you should be left in the dust, and that’s not what we’re going to do here. 

Let’s consider some of the most prominent competitors and alternatives if LYMA is too expensive. The three listed below will all provide a wide range of benefits for you and your body.

HealthyCell Pro AM/PM Health System

Healthycell Pro


HealthyCell Pro AM/PM Health System is a 2-in-1 supplement that gives you a world of benefits. Where LYMA contains ten ingredients, HealthyCell contains 90+ ingredients, and they’re all considered safe to consume. 

There are two pills that you’ll take each day — one in the morning and one in the evening. The Morning Formula is designed to help you focus, give you mental clarity, enhance your energy, and support optimal cell function. The Evening Formula, on the other hand, enables you to revitalize, detoxify, restore, and repair the body while you sleep.

While the Pro AM/PM Health System is less expensive than LYMA, it’s still going to cost a pretty penny. Each box costs $130 and will last you one month, but you’ll definitely get what you pay for. 

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic

Mind Lab Pro doesn’t contain as many ingredients as HealthyCell, but it does contain more than LYMA. There are 11 research-backed ingredients that provide a wide range of benefits to the body. The formula is primarily marketed as a nootropic. 

It contains Citicoline, which is in LYMA’s formula, but it also contains L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamins B6, B9, B12, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

Each bottle costs half of what HealthyCell costs ($65), but the savings are even sweeter when you purchase a three-month supply because you receive a free one-month supply. You’ll still be required to take two capsules per day instead of the one capsule needed with LYMA.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend

Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend

If you’re interested in something even cheaper than that, I’ve got the perfect all-in-one powdered supplement for you called Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend. Don’t be turned off by the word ‘mushroom’ here. While it contains ten different mushrooms, it won’t taste like mushrooms and will taste more like coffee.

The ten mushrooms — Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Maitake, Enokitake, Agaricus Blazei, Meshima, and Tremella — provide benefits that improve skin health, immune system, digestive system, vitality, cognition, relaxation, and so much more. 

Each jug contains 30 servings and only costs you $30, just $1 per day. It makes for the perfect addition to your morning beverage and improves your health and wellness. It also contains Rose Hips Extract, which is high in Vitamin C.

Final Verdict: LYMA

Before reading this review, you probably didn’t even know luxury supplements existed. Well, you’ve found it, and you have the same opportunity as everyone else to try it. Of course, you’ll have to be prepared for the steep price that comes with it. 

The good news is you’ll get a completely safe and effective supplement designed to help you look and feel your best. Oh, and you’ll get a fancy little vessel to not only hold these capsules in but any other supplement you choose to take — if this one doesn’t quite cut it for you long-term.

If you have the money to invest in LYMA, try it today. It can’t go wrong, and you’ll likely start feeling your best by the end of the first month. If you need something more affordable, we’ve listed a few amazing all-in-one type supplements above. 

Overall Rating:
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