SkinnyMint Gummies Review – Will These Fat Burning Gummies Work For You?

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SkinnyMint Gummies Review

About SkinnyMint Gummies

SkinnyMint Fat Burning Gummies are vegan and gluten-free gummies formulated to drive weight loss and boost your overall metabolism. They are made by Skinnymint, a health and wellness company that also produces Skinnymint Teatox. These gummies help curb your cravings and provide a boost of energy as well. The ingredients in these gummies are known metabolic boosters, but can gummies really help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look to see if these gummies are really effective in this Skinnymint Gummies review.

SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies

SkinnyMint Gummies Benefits

Helps Boost Metabolism And Promotes Weight Loss

The main ingredients in these gummies are green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia extract. Green coffee bean extract is used to boost energy and supposedly helps accelerate fat burn during a workout. Research has shown that this extract helps increase metabolic rate, promote weight loss, and reduce the absorption of fat.

The garcinia cambogia extract helps keep hunger at bay, which may help promote overall weight loss.

Vegan And Gluten-Free

It’s almost impossible to find vegan gummies these days as most gummies use gelatin in their formula, which is considered an animal product. This definitely makes these gummies more desirable and supposedly more healthy as well. These gummies are also super easy to take in the morning and at night.

SkinnyMint Gummies

SkinnyMint Gummies Ingredients

The main ingredient in the morning gummies is green coffee bean extract. This provides an energy and metabolism boost and is also proven by some research to increase metabolic rate, promote weight loss, and decrease the absorption of fat within the body.

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The snacking gummy formula contains an ingredient known as garcinia cambogia extract. This extract may help curb hunger pangs, which helps reduce potentially unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

This gummy formula also contains maltitol and sucralose, which are artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners are very sweet and may be harmful to your health, especially in terms of bloating and digestive issues. These gummies also contain other preservatives like sodium citrate and artificial flavorings. Isomalt is another artificial sweetener included in the formula. These sugar alcohols can really take a toll on your digestive system if used in large amounts, and for the gummies, sugar alcohols are the first few ingredients listed.

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Do SkinnyMint Fat Burning Gummies Really Help You Lose Weight?

To be candid, any product that claims it burns fat is often very misleading. These gummies will not make you lose weight if they are not coupled with more important factors like exercise and following a healthy diet. Although the coffee extract may give you more energy for your workout, it’s probably not going to increase your metabolism that much. With the garcinia extract, it is also unlikely that it will completely curb your hunger. In fact, if you are really hungry, you should probably honor your hunger and eat something nutritious. That’s probably more beneficial for your health and metabolism anyways.

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Claims Vs. Reality

This company states a lot of misleading claims. Their main claims include this product burning fat and promoting weight loss. A healthy diet and active exercise routine are far more important for your metabolism and potential weight loss.

It is also misleading to say that these gummies curb your hunger. Although an individual ingredient may reduce hunger, if you’re hungry, it’s pretty impossible to keep that hunger away. Also, not eating for extended periods of time may prove harmful for your metabolism, which is counterintuitive to the company’s claims.

The company also says this product will boost your metabolism, but that is a long shot. The research is not provided, and any research on these ingredients is pretty limited in the first place. Eating healthy meals spaced throughout the day accompanied by exercise is more important for your metabolism and potential weight loss.

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Who Should Take SkinnyMint Gummies?

These gummies can be taken by anyone as there are no drugs or medications in them. However, if you are caffeine sensitive, the morning gummy formula may be harmful, and some users said they experienced jitters from the caffeine.

Also, if you have digestive issues, consuming these gummies is probably not a good idea as the sugar alcohol content can disrupt your digestive system and cause serious bloating. There’s also a good amount of sugar alcohols in the formula, so it really may take a toll on your gastrointestinal health.

If you’re trying to boost your metabolism and lose weight, you could consider this product as the reviews are pretty good, and the before and after pictures definitely indicate some results. However, consult with your doctor or a licensed nutritionist/ personal trainer first to see what other products or mechanisms you can use to boost your metabolism and lose weight, especially without the presence of sugar alcohols and preservatives.

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Are SkinnyMint Gummies Safe?

As stated, the sugar alcohol content makes these gummies potentially harmful for your digestive tract and can cause constipation and bloating. If you are caffeine sensitive, these also might not be the right product for you. Some users experienced bloating, jitters, indigestion, and a lack of effective weight loss.

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Where To Buy SkinnyMint Gummies

These gummies are available on the SkinnyMint website for a price of almost $60.00 for two bottles. You can also find them on resale sites like eBay.

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Final Thoughts: SkinnyMint Gummies

While there is no magic pill that will make you skinny over night, SkinnyMint Gummies could still be worth the purchase. While these include no drugs or medications, it’s important to remember they do have a high sugar alcohol content, which can affect your digestive tract. But, if you’re trying to boost your metabolism or lose weight, SkinnyMint Gummies could possibly help. Just remember, a good diet and exercise should be used in addition to SkinnyMint Gummies if you want to see maximum results.

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