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Keto Fuel-Review

What Is Team Keto Fuel?

Team Keto Fuel is an exogenous ketone supplement designed for people on the keto diet and for those first entering the ketosis phase/getting back into the ketosis phase. This product provides a source of ketones through BHB (Beta Hydroxy-Butyrate) salts. This supplement can be used during ketosis, before or during exercise, and during a fasting period.

Keto Fuel is highly rated by users and is supposedly a great product for those following the keto diet. The only question is, with so many keto supplements on the market, such as Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base and Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones, how do you know if Keto Fuel is the right pick? Let’s take a closer look at this supplement and decide if it’s worth your money in this review of Keto Fuel.

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Keto Fuel Benefits

Provides Instant Ketones & Facilitates Ketosis

Exogenous ketones are ketones from external, outside sources. The keto diet involves following a low-carb diet, which forces your body into a state of ketosis where fat (instead of glucose) is converted into ketones and used as fuel. Consuming these exogenous ketones raises your ketone levels in your body, which may help maximize the benefits associated with ketosis and the keto diet.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Taking these ketones in between meals keeps your body in a fat-burning state as your body burns fat for fuel instead of glucose. Ketones and ketosis, in general, may increase your energy levels to enhance athletic performance, while also suppressing your appetite to control your hunger and facilitate weight loss.

Enhances Physical Performance

These exogenous ketones provide the body with a source of energy and fuel that helps facilitate workouts and exercise activities. These ketones also help your body receive more electrolytes, which increases energy levels as well.

Enhances Mental Performance

The keto diet, in general, may have some benefits on our mental performance. Our brain relies on fat found in our bodies and from dietary sources to help it operate properly. Some research shows that consuming more fat in our diets enhances our mental performance and overall cognitive abilities.

Team Keto Fuel Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product is pure BHB. BHB stands for beta hydroxy-butyrate, which is a ketone salt often used as a dietary source of ketones. This product contains 11.7 grams of BHB in the form of a keto salt complex known as goBHB. BHB salts are supposedly beneficial for individuals looking to raise their ketone levels in their bodies. Raising ketone levels helps facilitate ketosis, which has benefits like improved mental performance, increased athletic performance, increased energy, and potential weight loss.

The BHB salts are derived from magnesium, calcium, and sodium sources. These are electrolyte sources as well, which helps combat a common symptom from the keto diet and ketosis known as the “keto flu.” These flu-like symptoms involve headaches and nausea and often result from low electrolytes and fluid imbalances in the body. These ketone salts thus help reverse some of those keto flu symptoms.

This product comes in different flavors and is sweetened with stevia. Because of some of the artificial flavors and sweeteners, there are some associated side effects like stomach discomfort, bloating, and headaches. Staying away from artificial flavors and ingredients is important when looking to enhance overall health.

Team Keto Fuel Supplement Facts

Does Keto Fuel Really Work?

Keto products, in general, can often be a little misleading as many of them advertise extreme weight loss benefits. However, this product is a bit unique, as unlike other keto products, this product contains pure BHB and a large quantity of it, which helps maximize benefits. This also will help you reach ketosis and its associated benefits faster.

The user reviews are also pretty promising too. Many users claimed they achieved higher levels of energy, increased athletic performance, and an enhanced/prolonged state of ketosis. This company provides a good amount of evidence concerning the product’s benefits, but more research is definitely needed and should be provided on the product’s website.

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Claims Vs. Reality

Like most keto supplements, this product claims that it will lead to weight loss and increases fat-burn. Although there is science that supports these claims, it is often misinformed and not conclusive. Many of these keto companies like Team Keto use weight loss and fat burn as their staple claims to draw users in. Diet and exercise are far more important for weight loss, which fortunately, this company does mention as crucial factors.

In fact, there is some science that supports the idea that the higher your blood ketone levels are, the less ketones your body actually produces, which may inhibit body fat from being used as fuel (only short-term though). This counteracts the whole premise of the keto diet as a result. This science is also inconclusive, but it is interesting that exogenous ketones may have an adverse, counterintuitive effect.

Who Should Take Team Keto Fuel?

Team Keto Fuel is targeted towards individuals looking to get back into ketosis or start ketosis. This usually applies to people consuming a high-fat, low-carb diet, otherwise known as the keto diet. This product provides a source of exogenous ketones, so it raises the amount of ketones in the body. Therefore, if you are not following the keto diet or looking to get your body into a state of ketosis, this product isn’t really necessary.

Is Keto Fuel Safe?

Exogenous ketones are generally labeled as safe. However, much of the research concerning keto supplements is inconclusive, especially when it comes to long-term effects. The keto diet and a state of ketosis may be beneficial for short-term use and short-term weight loss, but it is often ridiculed as it is not sustainable long-term, and many researchers are not aware of the potential side effects of consuming a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Some reported side effects of consuming exogenous ketones involve diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain. Additionally, because of the BHB content, you are consuming a lot of salts and electrolytes, and electrolyte imbalances can have negative effects on your health and should not be tampered with long-term.

Where To Buy Keto Fuel?

Team Keto Fuel Exogenous Ketones is available for purchase on the Team Keto website for $60.00.

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