Apetropics One Chews Review – Is This CBD Supplement The One You Need?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

apetropics one chews review

With high stress that so many people experience, it’s common to look for something to “take the edge off”. 

Most often, this is in the form of alcohol, drugs, or prescription meds, unfortunately. 

But more and more people are looking for natural alternatives to reduce stress, improve brain function, and get through the day a bit easier.

One supplement that claims to do all of that (and more!) is Apetropics One Chews. Keep reading this Apetropics One Chews review to see what exactly is in this supplement and the possible benefits. 

About Apetropics One Chews

Apetropics One Chews is a supplement that has CBD and mushroom-infused fruit-flavored gummies. 

apetropics one chew

This formula includes broad-spectrum CBD alongside lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms. 

With this combination, Apetropics One Chews is designed to help anyone who experiences a lot of stress in their daily life and wants to get through the day a bit easier. 

Apetropics uses a gentle filtration process to keep all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in CBD intact, so you can experience the optimal benefits. Plus, their special isolation technique removes 100% of the THC from the hemp.

Apetropics One Chews Benefits

Apetropics One Chews claims to offer several different benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced Energy & Vitality
  • Decreases Aches & Pains
  • Improved Focus
  • Reduced Anxiety & Stress
apetropics one chew benefit

Enhanced Energy & Vitality

Some days, it can be hard to stay productive the whole day without getting tired or feeling overwhelmed.

Apeptropics One Chews claims to enhance energy and vitality without resorting to caffeine or other drugs. The combination of lion’s mane, CBD, and cordyceps are designed to give your brain and body a natural boost in calm, steady, energy that lasts the whole day.

Decreased Aches & Pains

Many people suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. And this really impacts life quality.

Apetropics One Chews is designed to decrease aches and pains to give you more comfort and mobility. They say that the full-spectrum CBD in particular helps to decrease inflammation and soothe headaches, joint pain, and other similar issues.

Improved Focus

When you have a lot to do, brain fog can make it impossible to get everything done.

The makers of Apetropics One Chews state that this supplement will improve focus and mental clarity. The natural blend of lion’s mane, CBD, and cordyceps may work together to enhance cognitive function and slash away brain fog so you can be more focused and productive.

Reduced Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety are obviously no fun to deal with. These can mess with your sleep, work performance, and overall life satisfaction.

Apetropics One Chews are specifically designed to reduce anxiety and stress without resorting to prescription drugs or alcohol. This supplement only uses natural CBD and mushrooms to slash away anxiety and promote more mental calmness and relaxation.

Altogether, Apetropics One Chews seems like a great way to get through the day. But are these chews really effective?

Keep reading to find out!

Apetropics One Chews Ingredients

There are four primary ingredients in Apetropics One Chews:

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
  • Cordyceps Mushroom Extract
  • Black Pepper Extract
Apetropics One Chews Ingredients

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (25mg)

The Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract contains not only CBD but a number of other bioactive compounds in hemp, including CBG, CBN, CBDV, and terpenes.

Apetropics uses Clean CO2 extraction, which is a highly effective extraction method to ensure THC-free, highly pure hemp constituents.

They also use a gentle filtration process to keep the cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

Among the components in this extract, CBD is by far the most well-researched. It acts on the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which is involved in sleep, pain, mood, appetite, and several other things.

Plus, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. And it also increases levels of GABA, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters.

For these reasons, it seems CBD is effective for reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, decreasing pain, and even aiding depression. 

The other cannabinoids in here also act on the endocannabinoid system and may have similar effects. But they just aren’t as well-researched.

Lion’s Mane (N/A)

It may not be a dedicated Lion’s Mane supplement such as the likes of Life Cykel Lion’s Mane, but lion’s mane is the first of three ingredients in Apetropics One Chews’ proprietary blend (which has a total weight of 401mg).

This ingredient is a medicinal mushroom with many possible mental health benefits. There are various compounds in lion’s mane that seem to decrease brain inflammation and promote brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a compound critical for cognitive function and overall brain health.

Lion’s mane mushroom may be beneficial for anxiety and depression. And it also may enhance cognitive functions such as focus and memory.

Cordyceps (N/A)

Cordyceps is also a medicinal mushroom. It’s loaded with many bioactive components that have various effects.

One of the main things cordyceps can do is activate immune cells and regulate inflammation. But cordyceps may also be involved in energy production, blood flow, and metabolism.

Currently, it seems that cordyceps mushroom is effective for reducing fatigue, enhancing immune function, and reducing stress.

Black Pepper Extract (N/A)

Black pepper extract contains piperine. This compound in it enhances the digestion and absorption of other ingredients. Therefore, it may increase the effects of the other ingredients in Apetropics One Chews.

Does Apetropics One Chews Work?

Apetropics One Chews seems likely to work for the benefits claimed. 

apetropics one chew gummies

However, individual results will vary. 

But we like that Apetropics uses a nice selection of natural ingredients and focuses on ingredient quality and proper sourcing too. 

There’s a pretty good dose of CBD and other cannabinoids. Although it may be too high or low, depending on your exact needs.

Also, Apetropics unfortunately uses a proprietary blend for the mushrooms and black pepper, so we can’t tell how much is in each ingredient. Ultimately, it’s likely that this portion is dosed too low for maximal benefits since the total weight is only 400mg, yet lion’s mane alone is typically best around 1,000mg or more.

Overall, Apetropics One Chews seem to support mood, focus, cognitive function, stress management, and pain control. Just don’t expect it to do anything miraculous.

How Does Apetropics One Chews Compare?

Honestly, Apetropics One Chews is a rather unique supplement. We don’t see hardly any products with the combination of CBD/cannabinoids, lion’s mane, and cordyceps.

And it also comes as gummies, whereas most products like this typically are in liquid or powdered forms. 

So, generally speaking, Apetropics One Chews seems to be a convenient supplement to provide unique benefits. 

However, when it comes to actual nootropic supplements, Apetropics One Chews likely falls short. This is simply because it doesn’t contain that many nootropic-specific ingredients.

So, if you’re looking for a really high-powered nootropic supplement, you’re likely better off with something like Hunter Focus or Mind Lab Pro. These supplements are loaded with nootropic ingredients, such as citicoline, theanine, tyrosine, Rhodiola, and lion’s mane mushroom. As a result, they’re designed to lead to more cognitive benefits, such as focus, alertness, memory, concentration, and processing speed.

Who is Apetropics One Chews Best For?

Apetropics One Chews is best for people who are looking for a convenient way to get a balanced effect of stress management, cognitive support, and pain reduction. 

apetropics one chew perfect for

It likely has pretty mild effects overall. So it’s not for anyone that wants massive improvement in the areas we just mentioned. But it is likely a useful supplement for anyone who wants to make it through their day a bit easier with less stress, discomfort, and brain fog.

How to Take Apetropics One Chews

Take one to two of the Apetropics One Chews daily. Ideally, take it in the morning and/or afternoon.

We also recommend taking it with a meal that contains at least some fat to increase the absorption of CBD.

Is Apetropics One Chews Safe?

Based on the ingredients, Apetropics One Chews has a few possible side effects, such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness/lightheadedness
  • Allergic reactions

Apetropics One Chews is made from THC-free, non-GMO hemp and organically grown mushrooms. This product is made in a GMP-certified, FDA-approved facility and is third-party tested for consistency, quality, and purity.

Apetropics One Chews is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and free from chemicals and harmful additives. However, it does contain artificial colors.

Where to Buy Apetropics One Chews

You can buy Apetropics One Chews right on the Apetropics website.

apetropics one chew website

There are 30 servings (30 gummies/chews) per bottle of Apetropics One Chews. 

It comes in a Strawberry Banana flavor.

One bottle costs $59.95 ($2/serving). Or you can save 15% by purchasing three bottles at a time, which costs $149.95 $1.67/serving). 

These are somewhat high prices, but still not too bad considering the type of supplement it is. The daily price can get really high though if you need to take two servings every day.

They also offer a 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You just need to return any unused or unopened bottles within 120 days of the order date.

Final Thoughts: Apetropics One Chews Review

Apetropics One Chews is a really unique supplement that definitely has possible benefits. The formula uses a high-quality form of CBD and other cannabinoids along with organically sourced medicinal mushrooms.

Together, these may provide benefits for focus and mental clarity, stress management, energy, and pain relief. However, the effects might not be too huge given the pretty modest. But the doses are still pretty good overall, especially for a gummy.

With all things considered, we think Apetropics One Chews is worth buying for people who are looking for a convenient way to feel less stressed and more at ease throughout their day. 

FAQ: Apetropics One Chews

Is there THC in Apetropics One Chews?

No. This supplement is THC-free. 

Are medicinal mushrooms psychoactive?

No. Lion’s mane and cordyceps in this supplement are not psychoactive.

What is the difference between CBD and other cannabinoids?

CBD is by far more well-researched and likely more effective overall than other cannabinoids. Although they all act on the endocannabinoid system to some degree. 

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Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.

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