FLO GTFO Gummies Review – Can These Immunity Gummies Do The Job?

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By Scot Mills

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FLO GTFO Gummies Review

OMG! If someone tells you to GTFO, tell them to just shut the front door! That way, nobody’s goin’ anywhere, especially your immune health, which is what this product is all about. 

GTFO is an immunity support supplement from FLO. The question is, are these gummies worth the price? We’ll take a closer look at this supplement and what it can do for your immune health and sweet tooth in this FLO GTFO review. Let’s dive in!

FLO GTFO Gummies

About FLO GTFO Gummies

FLO is a health and wellness company that loves their gummy supplements! You may have heard of FLO PMS Gummy Vitamins, and FLO has kept that gummy ball rolling with their additions of FLO RETRO, FLO GOGO, DISCO Gummies, and (of course) FLO GTFO Immunity Gummies.

FLO GTFO and Other FLO Products

FLO GTFO Gummies make staying healthy fun, tasty, and all-natural. They bring the candy store temptation of fruit chewies to the world of health and use simple ingredients to get keep your immune system in strong fighting order. 

Yes, they’re sugary, though for some that may be what’s needed to get the medicine down. 

FLO GTFO Gummies Benefits

Simple Formula

Why muddy things up? With three simple active ingredients to go along with organic sugar, more organic sugar, and some natural fruitiness and flavor, Immunity Gummies won’t have you squinting to read any long ingredient lists. 

Even better, the zinc, elderberry, and vitamin C that make up the active ingredients are just what your immune system needs against illness, and the organic sugar is there to sweeten the deal. 

FLO GTFO Gummy Vitamins

Gluten Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO

For a supplement to really be healthy, it needs to go beyond merely including effective ingredients. This means omitting such things as red dye #-whatever, or any other artificial nonsense that should never be in a health supplement—or ANYTHING consumable for that matter. 

Instead, FLO GTFO Gummies ensures that those with celiac disease, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone concerned with the possible effects of genetic modification of our food can use them. They use organic ingredients whenever possible, which basically means the product is loaded with organic sugar. 

Oh well, we can’t have everything…

Supports Immune Health

Your immune health is key to your overall health and can be thought of as your health “base.” Remember that a strong immune system does more than just keep the occasional cold or flu away; it also protects you against infection, helps you heal faster, and helps guard you against dangerous chronic diseases such as cancer. 

In short, your immune health IS your health. 

FLO GTFO Gummies Ingredients

FLO GTFO Gummies are comprised of a variety of ingredients, including Ascorbic acid, Zinc, Elderberry, organic cane sugar, and more. Below we will take a more detailed look at these ingredients.

FLO GTFO Supplement Label

Ascorbic Acid 105 mg

Some call it vitamin C, though we call it GMO, corn-derived, and imported from China, which is the case with the vast majority of vitamin C in this country. Still, vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that fights oxidative stress while boosting your immune system. 

Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C starts by reducing inflammation that can occupy and weaken your immune system. It also helps boost your body’s supply of white blood cells, and also protects them against damage from oxidative stress. 

Something else we’d like to point out that we appreciate with GTFO is that by not overloading the product with more water-soluble vitamin C than your body can ever possibly use, they are keeping the formula efficient and effective. We like that. 

Overall, this standard ingredient is just that: the one ingredient any immune booster should contain. Yes, many companies add a gazillion other ingredients, each one of which may have the science behind it, saying that it boosts immune health by X-amount. But in the world of natural health, X + X + X + X rarely equals Y, or anything for that matter other than what the most predominant X in the formula represents. Since that X is typically vitamin C, that’s a great place to start!

Now that we’ve all mastered these higher mathematics, let’s move on.

Zinc 8.5 mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that ensures your immune cells stay strong and communicative. 

It also helps in the synthesis of collagen for wound healing, and it reduces oxidative stress in cells while we’re at it. 

In short, zinc is your—and your immune health’s—friend, and Immunity Gummies along with your healthy, whole foods diet will deliver what you need each day. 

Elderberry Extract 115 mg

It’s been used by indigenous people since ancient times to reduce the severity of colds and flu, and modern science is also on board with the notion that elderberry can help against viral infections. Like most berries, it’s high in antioxidants that can give your immune system a break from battling the effects of oxidative stress so it can stand ready for bigger threats.

Elderberry’s benefits are so well-known that a few health companies have jumped on board producing Elderberry supplements. You can even get dedicated Elderberry gummies with Essential Elements Elderberry Gummies. So, safe to say, this ingredient is beneficial.

Organic Cane Sugar, More Organic Sugar, and Other Natural Ingredients

Alright, so organic or not, sugar is sugar, which means a glycemic response and energy storage around your middle. Sure, it’s only 4-grams per recommended dose, though it all adds up. It’s also a couple of small candies here, so along with the active ingredients and some other natural ingredients to create texture, etc., you get a sharp dose of pure sugar. 

And that’s NOT what’s recommended for good health, especially when you think about sugar’s connection with the very inflammation zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry team up to fight against, so there’s some seeming contradiction in this formula. 

But sure, we get it—some need the encouragement of their palate to take their supplements, and there are worse things than a couple of grams of sugar, we suppose. 

Still, it is meant to be a “healthy” supplement, so perhaps a sweetened date, or a fruit leather version could help the medicine go down without the spoonful of sugar. 

FLO GTFO Supplement Gummies

Do FLO GTFO Gummies Work?

If you’ve got immune health to protect but need a spoonful of sugar to get the elderberry down, Immunity Gummies may be for you. They contain 3-simple-but-effective active ingredients to help bolster your immune system, reduce your body’s inflammation, and help you heal faster. 

And yes, they’re tasty and sweet while we’re at it—just don’t sit and nosh the whole bottle like it’s a movie theater pack of gummies. 

Who are FLO GTFO Gummies Best For?

Anyone 18-years-or-older with immune health to protect can benefit from this product. It’s easily transportable and can be used to satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting immune health, making it ideal for the rigors and stress of travel. 

It’s also the kind of supplement to consider in these times of viral health crisis when even the most careful masking and hand washing can still result in a dangerous infection. Seriously, every bit counts when it comes to your body’s ability to ward off illness!

FLO GTFO Gummies for Immune Health

Claims vs. Reality

The product gives your body essential vitamins and minerals it needs for immune health, and the three active ingredients in it are all backed by science for their efficacy, so just GTFO if you think GTFO is lying. 

Are FLO GTFO Immunity Gummies Safe?

Sugar isn’t good for you, though other than that, there’s nothing in FLO GTFO Gummies known for its ill effects. Two of the three active ingredients are essential to your health, and though some may be allergic or sensitive to elderberry or Immunity Gummy’s other ingredients, few, if any, are. 

Really, the biggest danger is treating them like a jar of candy and consuming too many, which is also one of the reasons this product needs to stay out of reach of kids. Those who are pregnant or nursing should also check with their physician first, as should anyone on medication. 

Where to Buy FLO GTFO Gummies

FLO GTFO Gummies are available directly from their official website here.FLO GTFO Gummies Website

They offer 1 month, 2 month, and a subscribe and save option for purchasing these immunity gummies. There are a few discounts available as well. Below is a breakdown of the pricing and discounts.

FLO GTFO Pricing:

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Additionally, you’ve got a 60-day Happiness Guarantee to take advantage of if there’s anything you don’t like about FLO GTFO Gummies, so nothing to lose!

So far, it appears that FLO GTFO Immunity Gummies are only available on their company website

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