OxySpark Review – How Effective is This Nitric Oxide Booster?

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By Leslie Waterson

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OxySpark is a powdered nutritional supplement mix designed to boost nitric oxide, as well as a few other things. The product has been on the market for the last few years and is owned by an IT education company called SyberVision. The owner has a psychology and communications background and wanted to make a product to help his generation, “Baby Boomers”. Their website lists the product as on back-order but will begin shipping again January 30, 2020.

OxySpark Supplement-Product

Benefits of OxySpark

Widen Arteries for Increased Circulation

Ingredients found in OxySpark have been shown to boost nitric oxide production. This little gas molecule helps control circulation by relaxing the smooth muscle that surrounds blood vessels. As we age our body produces less nitric oxide. Restoring nitric oxide levels through supplementation can have great benefits.

Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

This is a very bold (and even dangerous claim) to make. Yes, nitric oxide plays a role in blood pressure. Yes, blood pressure plays a role in cardiovascular disease. But that does not automatically mean OxySpark can reverse cardiovascular disease. According to the FDA, it is illegal for supplement companies to make claims about their products in regards to specific diseases.

Reverse Kidney Disease & Failure

Similar to the above, this a very serious claim to make. Some ingredients may help underlying issues associated with kidney disease but that research is in its infancy at best.

Manage Diabetes by Regulating Insulin

Other than the magnesium in OxySpark, there doesn’t appear to be an ingredient that plays a direct role in insulin secretion/activity. This is another significant claim to make about a nutritional supplement.

OxySpark Ingredients

OxySpark Supplement Facts

Multivitamin/Multimineral Backbone

OxySpark is formulated with a weak multivitamin/multimineral backbone. That’s not to say it isn’t beneficial though. Oxypark includes good vitamins like D3, K2, and a B complex along with important minerals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium. All of these nutrients are dosed fairly well, except for magnesium which would be considered low. It’s not that these nutrients aren’t good, it’s just that they don’t add anything to the purpose of OxySpark’s claims. OxySpark is meant to improve nitric oxide production and therefore the cardiovascular system. The product could be more affordable and just as effective without these vitamins and minerals.

Proprietary Nitric Oxide/Vasodilator/Antioxidant Complex


This amino acid has become a staple ingredient for nitric oxide boosting supplements. While arginine is required to make nitric oxide, our liver limits how much we can absorb. Citrulline skirts this dilemma because there is essentially no limit to how much our body will absorb. That’s good because citrulline is readily converted into arginine and can then boost nitric oxide. Citrulline supplementation can actually boost arginine levels in our blood better than arginine supplementation. The recommended dose of citrulline tends to be around 3g or 3,000mg per day. OxySpark uses a proprietary blend and makes it impossible to determine its dose.

ViNitrox (grape & apple polyphenol concentrate)

Polyphenols found in things like grapes and apples have been shown to aid in vasodilation. These polyphenols work in a few ways. One thing they do is reduce inflammation. Another thing they have been shown to do is reduce foam cell formation and stiffness within a region of blood vessels called the intima. By doing this, blood vessels are more elastic which allows for better vasodilation. All polyphenols are not created equal though. It would be nice if OxySpark at least listed the type of polyphenols in this ingredient. They also don’t list the dose included which makes it impossible to compare against any of the trials that have been done on ViNitrox.

Beet Root Extract

Beets have long been used to support the heart and cardiovascular system. This root vegetable contains a high concentration of nitrites. Like you may already suspect, nitrites are easily converted into nitric oxide. There is very little research that looks at beetroot powder. Most recommendations are based on beetroot juice. OxySpark doesn’t mention the concentration of nitrites in their beetroot powder and doesn’t include the dose of beetroot powder.


Coenzyme Q10 is one of our most powerful antioxidants. We produce it naturally in our body, but as we age we produce less. CoQ10 is primarily used in the mitochondria where it helps to create more energy (ATP). Most doctors will recommend 100-300mg of CoQ10 to support cardiovascular function. However, this is based on liquid-gel capsules. CoQ10 is a fat-soluble compound and when it is converted into a powder, like in OxySpark, our body does not absorb nearly as much. Along with that powdered CoQ10 is very expensive. Supplementing with CoQ10 is better when it’s on its own in a liquid-gel capsule.

AstraGin (Astragulus + Panax notoginseng)

AstraGin is a registered ingredient that combines astragalus and ginseng. Preliminary evidence from the manufacturer appears to show that this combination ingredient can enhance the absorption of other ingredients. They specifically claim AstraGin an increase in citrulline absorption by 45%. It looks like the research has been done through something called in vitro. This means the scientists were studying cells in a petri dish. A petri dish of cells is vastly different from our complex digestive system. The research appears promising but without human trials or at least animal models, these claims do not mean much.

Enzogenol (New Zealand pine tree extract)

New Zealand pine tree contains antioxidant compounds called proanthocyanidins. These antioxidants have been shown to reduce inflammation by eliminating free radical damage. As a result blood pressure is better controlled. An added benefit of enzogenol is that it can actually reduce the amount of DNA damage that occurs in older adults. As with the other ingredients in OxySparks proprietary blend, we cannot be sure how much is included.

Trace Mineral Complex

There is no mention of what is included in the trace mineral complex. There are some trace minerals listed in the supplement facts box. Are we supposed to assume these are the trace minerals? Or are they other minerals? This ingredient is simply confusing.

How Does OxySpark Work?

How Does OxySpark Work

OxySpark contains some of the key ingredients routinely found in nitric oxide boosting supplements. OsySpark doesn’t just promote themselves as a vasodilator product though. Their website makes very bold claims, even more than what is listed above. There is no way this formulation can do everything they claim. It may boost nitric oxide and help some people with blood pressure/circulation.

Claims vs. Reality

OxySpark makes bold claims, most of them are in fact illegal to make according to the FDA. A direct quote from the FDA, “… the dietary supplement product is not intended to ‘diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,’ only a drug can legally make such a claim.” For more on this just read the Structure/Function Claims link provided below.

At best this product will mildly help with blood pressure and circulation issues. OxySpark claims to “Manage Diabetes by Regulating Insulin,” yet little to no ingredients included in the formulation have been studied in this capacity. Taking OxySpark is unlikely to cause harm but do not think this is an alternative to taking prescribed medication.


If you decide to take this, consult your physician. This product may impact blood pressure and is marketed toward those with cardiovascular issues. Combining this with blood pressure or heart medications can result in negative side-effects.

Where to Buy OxySpark

OxySpark Supplement Website

OxySpark $79.95


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Structure/Function Claims

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