Best Energy Supplements

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Best Energy Supplements

Do you frequently find yourself becoming tired around 2 pm? Or are you finding that you are too tired to workout at the end of the workday? Maintaining high energy levels is very important in our lives. This is especially important considering that many of us live busy lives – getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, checking emails, going to work, spending time with family and friends, working out, and pursuing personal goals. Lack of energy will make us less productive in these activities and can also take a toll on our lifestyles and health in the long-run.

The best way to keep our energy levels intact is by getting proper sleep, eating a healthy diet, and working out on a regular basis. However, due to lifestyle factors, we may not be able to do all these. Also, there are times where we may need more energy even after keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, energy supplements come in handy. Energy supplements are made to supplement your energy needs if you need assistance. There are many energy supplements currently available, from Iaso Tea to CELSIUS Energy Drink to Gaia Herbs Energy Vitality. So, what are the best energy supplements?

In this article, we will briefly discuss what energy supplements are. We will cover the following:

  • What are the energy supplements?
  • 7 best energy supplements to use
  • Benefits of using energy supplements
  • How to take energy supplements?
  • Do energy supplements really work?
  • Are energy supplements right for you?

If energy levels are an issue in your life, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

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What Are Energy Supplements?

As the name suggests, energy supplements are supplements specifically made to assist you in getting and keeping the energy levels your body needs in relation to your current activities, routine or lifestyle.

Energy supplements are made of vitamins, minerals, and compounds you might already be familiar with, such as Vitamin D, Magnesium, and CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). These nutrients are not only found in supplements, but they are also found in the foods we eat! Some even are already produced on a daily basis by your own body.

Depending on the nutrient used, energy supplements can boost your energy levels in a few different ways. But perhaps, the most common form is increasing your ATP levels – which is related to your cell’s energy production – to boost your overall physical and mental energy.

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Best Energy Supplement Key Ingredients

There are quite a few nutrients and supplements that promote energy production in the human body. This list will detail some of the best energy supplements you can use to increase your productivity and simply tackle your day with high energy.

1) Vitamin B12

Just like other B vitamins, Vitamin B12 is a very powerful vitamin that helps sustain your body, especially in its energy production.

Vitamin B12 is a powerhouse vitamin that specifically addresses your body’s energy levels and deals with your tiredness. In fact, if you have low levels of Vitamin B12 in your body, it can lead to weakness and fatigue.

Vitamin B12 can be found in foods like meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Vitamin B12 benefits you with the following:

  • Helps in forming red blood cells
  • Helps your cells to produce energy
  • It supports your heart, bones and neurological function (beneficial for nerves)

2) Vitamin D

Waking up in the morning and taking in the brightness of the sun is the easiest way to get a good dose of Vitamin D. However, not all of us have this luxury – for instance, because of geography and climate, getting sunlight from the sun could be harder to absorb. If your body does not absorb enough vitamin D, it can lead to anxiety, weight gain, and depression. But what does Vitamin D have to do with energy?

Vitamin D increases your energy due to its impact on your mood. Handling a bad mood or dealing with mental health conditions like depression requires a lot of mental energy. Vitamin D helps us in dealing with emotional instability and helps regulate our moods better. Once we can manage our mood and depression well, it will take less mental energy to handle them, hence giving us more energy, which we can use elsewhere.

3) CoQ10

CoQ10 is a compound that naturally occurs in our bodies. It can also be found in fish, organ meat, and peanuts. One of CoQ10’s main roles is improving energy production in our cells, which improves our overall health as well.

4) Ginseng

Ginseng has always been popular as a traditional medicinal herb in China but has become increasingly more popular in other cultures over the last five years. Today, ginseng is known for its energy-boosting characteristics and is a common ingredient used in energy drinks.

Ginseng is not only great for dealing with stress and anxiety, but it also improves one’s physical and mental performance.

5) Magnesium

Magnesium is extremely helpful in energy production and regulation. Its main benefits include improved muscle function, regulating blood pressure, and moving blood sugar into your muscles for optimal energy use. It also aids in converting food into energy and activates ATP while maintaining mitochondrial health and function – a key in energy production.

6) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is another herb used in ancient times, specifically in India. It is loaded with plenty of physical and mental benefits, including improved energy. Ashwagandha is best known for helping the human body become resilient against physical and mental stress, therefore improving your energy levels.

7) Iron

Iron is essential in keeping your red blood cells intact by making a protein called hemoglobin. In turn, red blood cells are needed to transport oxygen throughout the body. By transporting oxygen throughout different parts of your body, such as organs and tissues, your red blood cells help keep your energy levels in top shape.

If you suffer from an iron deficiency, it negatively impacts your red blood cells, which leads to anemia. One symptom of anemia is feeling weak and fatigued, so facilitating a healthy level of iron benefits you in a plethora of ways.

Energy Supplement Benefits

The obvious benefit of energy supplements is that they will keep your energy levels in tip-top shape. Specifically, they help improve your physical and mental performance, as well.

On the physical side, they can aid in improving your endurance, stamina, and overall physical exertion. On the mental side, it helps to sharpen your brain and boosts your overall cognitive functions.

Since energy supplements are made up of vitamins and nutrients, they can have other positive effects on your body, aside from improving your energy. For instance, vitamin D helps regulate your mood and can even help with mental health conditions like depression.

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How To Take Energy Supplements

Energy supplements usually come in pill or capsule form, so you will take them just as how you take your pill and capsule medicine. They can also come in powder form, which is common if they are pre-workout energy supplements or herbal supplements.

And of course, be sure to check the proper dosage of your energy supplements, which may vary depending on your physical status and the energy supplement itself.

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Do Energy Supplements Really Work?

Yes, energy supplements work as long as they contain high-quality nutrients. Before buying any supplement, it is wise to get recommendations from trusted sources because some supplements are cheaply made and low quality due to fewer regulations imposed by the FDA. In other words, fraudsters will come in, so watch out and don’t just buy any supplement.

Lastly, keep in mind that energy supplements are just supplements. Proper sleep, diet, and regular exercise are still the basis of improving your energy levels. Energy supplements are meant to leverage your already healthy lifestyle or to sustain you if you cannot achieve the ideal lifestyle.

Are Energy Supplements Right For You?

Energy supplements work for most people, so typically, they will work for you as well. However, if you are pregnant, be sure to ask your doctor first to see if the supplement will have an impact on your pregnancy. Consult your doctor as well if you have a specific medical condition.

Best Energy Supplements

While there are a variety of energy-boosting supplements on the market, it’s important to keep your individual goals in mind. If you are looking for energy supplements that increase longevity long term, adding a vitamin to your regime will be beneficial. If you are looking for short, pre-workout energy, then a pre-workout supplement will be more fitting. Here are some of the best energy supplements on the market.

Garden of Life B12 Vitamin – mykind Organic Whole Food B-12 ($13)

Garden of Life B12 Vitamin - mykind Organic Whole Food B-12

This vitamin B12 supplement is both affordable and high-quality. It provides consumers with 500 Micrograms of vegan vitamin b12, which supports energy, metabolism, and even heart health. It comes in capsule form, making it easy to take every day.

Gaia Herbs Energy Vitality ($30)

Gaia Herbs Energy Vitality

This mix of herbs helps consumers with both short-term energy and long-term energy as well. Ginkgo, Ginseng, Green Tea, and Nettle, are combined to provide an optimal source of energy. These herbs help the human body facilitate and adapt to stressors, which also supports stamina and energy levels.

Ora Organic Renewable Energy Organic & Vegan Pre-Workout ($35)

Ora Organic Renewable Energy Organic & Vegan Pre-Workout

This energy supplement is perfect for anyone that needs an extra boost before working out. While many pre-workouts are packed full of shady ingredients, this mix provides a clean source of energy that doesn’t leave you feeling overly tired after working out. The organic beet and pomegranate flavor make this a delicious alternative as well.

Organic India Ashwagandha Supplement, Healthy Stress Response ($19)

Organic India Ashwagandha Supplement, Healthy Stress Response

This ashwagandha supplement provides a source of energy for anyone that deals with chronic stress. When our bodies internalize stress, it draws out our natural energy, making us increasingly more tired. Made from whole herbs, this ashwagandha supplement provides great bioavailability and efficacy.

Energy Supplement Alternatives 

There are a variety of ways you can gain energy and longevity aside from supplements. One way is simply through the foods that you eat. Increasing your healthy fats (omega-3’s, 6’s ,9’s), decreasing your processed foods, decreasing sugar intake, and increasing the number of vegetables you eat each day should help increase your energy levels, both in the short-term and the long-term.

Final Thoughts: Best Energy Supplements

If you are thinking about adding an energy supplement to your diet, now is a great time to try it out. Energy supplements can provide a variety of benefits, and now you know which ones are the best. If you start taking an energy supplement, and experience any negative symptoms, contact a medical professional for help.

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