Swolverine Greens + Reds Review – Is It Worth The Purchase?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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swolverine greens + reds review

Groceries are getting more and more expensive, particularly produce items. Unfortunately, this means many Americans are opting out of fruits and vegetables. With the rise of chronic conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, we know this is a country-wide issue.

To help bridge the gap between what we can get in our diet through whole foods and what we know we need to be our healthiest selves, many have started to gravitate towards the ever-enticing green powders, such as Swolverine Greens + Reds.

Now the question becomes, is Swolverine Greens+Reds worth using? In this Swolverine Greens+Reds review, we’ll take a closer look at this supplement powder’s ingredients, benefits, and more so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Let’s dive in!

About Swolverine Greens + Reds

Swolverine is an active lifestyle brand that caters mainly to sports supplements to fuel and optimize athletic performance. They boast transparency with their products, clinically effective doses, and clinically proven ingredients with evidence-based outcomes. In addition to Swoverine Greens+Reds, they have produced quite the variety of products, many of which we have reviewed.

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Swolverine Greens + Reds is a green powder marketed as a high-quality proprietary-blend-free combination of organic super greens and antioxidant-rich reds from land and sea. Their product contains ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, organic beets, pomegranate, turmeric, and more in a natural orange-flavored powder.

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Swolverine Greens + Reds Benefits

Swolverine claims their Greens + Reds supplement provides increased energy and increased power for athletic performance along with filling in nutritional gaps and promoting overall health and wellness. They also advertise Greens + Reds for boosting immunity, aiding in digestive health, and improving blood flow. They claim their superfood green powder is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Swolverine Greens+Reds Benefits

This product contains 40 calories per serving (1 scoop), 4 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, and zero sugar. Greens + Reds also contains a good source of vitamin B12, B6, riboflavin, niacin, and zinc however, the rest of their vitamins and minerals only provide 8% or less of the percent Daily Value (%DV), a reference guide for the number of specific nutrients you should aim to consume (or not exceed) per day.

Swolverine Greens + Reds Ingredients

The main ingredients in Swolverine Greens + Reds include organic wheatgrass, organic spirulina powder, organic chlorella powder, organic beets, chia seed powder, organic turmeric powder, bilberry fruit, blueberry juice powder, pomegranate juice powder, and black pepper extract.

Swolverine Greens+Reds Supplement Facts

Greens (wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella)

When it comes to powdered greens, many of these ingredients are believed to work together to add beneficial effects. For example, wheatgrass contains beneficial digestive enzymes which can help to improve gut function and reduce gas, bloating, and upset stomach. 

Spirulina can help to boost healthy bacteria in the intestines which helps to produce vitamin B6, an important component in energy production. Additionally, ingredients like chlorella are antioxidant-rich and can potentially help to boost immune system function however, research is limited.

Although the side effects of these greens are mild and considered safe to use as supplements, further studies remain warranted on many of these claims. 

Reds (beets, bilberry, blueberry, pomegranate)

There is a relatively large amount of research available on the benefits of consuming some red powders, such as beetroot powder, for the increased production of nitric oxide (NO). 

NO is a compound that helps to increase blood flow and therefore can subsequently help to improve strength and endurance during exercise. This is also believed to help boost energy levels which can lead to an improvement in exercise performance.

Other red powders, such as bilberry and pomegranate powders, are best known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, a known contributor to a large variety of conditions. 

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a rich source of a variety of nutrients, including fiber, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants which help to contribute to reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and overall health. 

Turmeric and black pepper extract

Turmeric also acts as an anti-inflammatory and contains a high number of antioxidants. Black pepper extract can help improve the absorption of turmeric, increasing its bioavailability. Turmeric is believed to have many medicinal uses but most notably helps to reduce inflammation.

Does Swolverine Greens + Reds Work?

When looking at the ingredients compared to available research, Swolverine Greens + Reds does have solid research to back up some of its claims. However, there is no current research available on this specific mixture of ingredients. As with any supplement, results may vary.

According to their customers, Greens + Reds powder is exactly as it claims. Many noted improvements in energy and digestion with one reviewer stating “I actually feel energized!! I no longer need a cup of coffee in the a.m. anymore. Also soothe a “I ate my face off Thanksgiving and the days following” bellyache.” 

However, there are a few complaints also mentioned by reviewers. Many customers noted a dislike for the flavor of the powder and the film that is present on top when the product sits for a while after being mixed into a liquid. Others had some complaints about the price compared to other products as well as challenges with shipping.

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Swolverine Greens + Reds

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Who is Swolverine Greens+Reds Best For?

Swolverine Greens+Reds is best for the average healthy, active adult looking to improve their overall nutrition and athletic performance. This product is great for those who do not take pills or capsules well and can be helpful for those who don’t get a lot of fruits or vegetables in their diet. However, Greens+Reds should not be used in place of a healthy diet but rather to fill in any pre-existing nutritional gaps.

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If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant, you should avoid taking Swolverine Greens + Reds. Always speak to your healthcare provider before adding a supplement to your routine, especially if you are taking medication for a chronic condition. Some ingredients in Greens + Reds may interact with certain medications. 

Claims vs. Reality

Swolverine claims their Greens + Reds supplement provides increased energy and increased power for athletic performance, boosts immunity, aids in digestion, improves blood flow, and promotes overall health and wellness. Based on the ingredient profile and available research, their claims are not off-base. In fact, there is quite a bit of supportive research to justify most of the listed benefits of their product. 

Although some research is still warranted on some of the ingredients, the studies available are promising. It’s also important to note that the ingredients provided are not likely to result in severe or significant side effects for most healthy adults. As with any supplement, results will vary from person to person however, it is not unwarranted to suggest that this product might improve blood flow, immunity, and energy levels along with promoting overall health. This, of course, is in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Is Swolverine Greens + Reds Safe?

The ingredients in Swolverine Greens + Reds are not associated with a high risk for severe side effects however, there is limited research on the effects of consuming this combination of ingredients and potential interactions.

Some mild side effects associated with certain ingredients, such as spirulina and chlorella powder include upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, gas, cramping, and green-colored stools. Turmeric can cause dizziness in some, along with gastrointestinal upset.

Major side effects for some of these ingredients have been reported when consumed in large or excessive doses, including black pepper extract, bilberry fruit, and beetroot powder.

Where to Buy Swolverine Greens + Reds

You can purchase Greens + Reds directly from the Swolverine website here.

Swolverine Greens+Reds Website

A one-time purchase of a 30-day supply of Swolverine Greens + Reds is $52.99. You can also subscribe for monthly deliveries to save 15%, bringing the cost down to $45.04 per container.

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