NCN Genbolin Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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ncn genbolin review

In the world of weightlifting, the word “anabolic” gets thrown around quite a bit. After all, anabolism refers to a state of maximum muscle-building and growth, so who wouldn’t want to be anabolic at all times? 

And interestingly, there are a number of supplements out there that claim to promote anabolism, but you know…without all of the potential side effects of anabolic steroids. 

Within this, one unique supplement we wanted to take a look at is called NCN Genbolin. So, keep reading this NCN Genbolin review if you want to know more about this product, what its ingredients are, and if it can truly work as an anabolic compound. 

ncn genbolin

About NCN Genbolin

NCN Genbolin is made by Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals (hence the NCN). It is designed to be the ultimate muscle-builder for men (and women too) without compromising natural hormone production. 

Instead, NCN Genbolin is designed to work with your body’s natural hormone production with the use of plant-based steroidal compounds. In turn, you’ll elevate anabolism to levels never seen before, so you can experience your best performance and physique results ever. 

NCN Genbolin Benefits

NCN Genbolin is advertised to be a potent anabolic delivering the following benefits:

  • Increased Muscle Growth, Strength, and Recovery
  • Reduced Cortisol
  • Enhanced Muscle Pumps
ncn genbolin benefits

Increased Muscle Growth, Strength, and Recovery

No surprise here that an anabolic supplement claims to increase muscle growth, strength, and recovery. NCN Genbolin is featured by Smilax Sieboldii extract, which they say sparks protein synthesis, increases nitrogen retention, and amplifies protein metabolism, leading to bigger and stronger muscles as well as improved recovery. 

Reduced Cortisol

Too much cortisol can hamper muscle growth, and NCN Genbolin is advertised to reduce cortisol levels to minimize muscle wasting and promote faster muscle growth. 

Enhanced Muscle Pumps

Third, NCN Genbolin is promoted to enhance the coveted muscle pump and increase vascularity, which can also help improve exercise performance. 

Overall, NCN Genbolin is advertised to help you achieve optimal strength, vascularity, and muscle growth. And they claim it can happen in as little as seven days!

But will NCN Genbolin actually work this quickly or effectively? Read on to find out. 

NCN Genbolin Ingredients

There is actually only one ingredient in NCN Genbolin: Smilax Sieboldii extract, which is standardized for laxogenin.

ncn genbolin supplement facts

Smilax Sieboldii

As mentioned, Smilax Sieboldii extract is the only ingredient. Smilax Sieboldii is a climbing plant that is known for its laxogenin content. And laxogenin is actually one substance in a group of compounds called brassinosteroids, which help promote the growth of plants. 

One rat study found that brassinosteroid supplementation increased anabolism and led to greater weight gain and muscle mass, but no research has been done on humans. 

There are actually hundreds (if not thousands) of anecdotal reports out there claiming the effectiveness of laxogenin, but that’s all the evidence there is. And within these reports, most users have been taking 100 to 200mg.

Does NCN Genbolin Work?

It’s tough to say whether NCN Genbolin will help you gain strength and muscle and improve recovery. 

On the one hand, it’s on the WADA-banned substance list and there are many anecdotal reports of users gaining muscle and strength with it, so that’s a positive (unless you’re a competitive/regulated athlete). 

But on the other hand, there are exactly zero studies detailing the effects of laxogenin in humans. 

So, even though it likely works, I can’t say for sure without some research (because you never know if people are lying in their own reviews). 

Claims vs. Reality

So, based on these facts, the only thing we can say is that the benefits from NCN Genbolin might occur.

Specifically, it’s possible that you’ll experience an increase in muscle growth, strength, and recovery, but not guaranteed. 

And as for reducing cortisol and improving muscle pumps, these claims are even less substantiated, so I really can’t guarantee anything here either. 

Who is NCN Genbolin Best For?

Now, given everything that’s been said so far, you might think that it’s not worth buying. But if you’re a recreational lifter or similar person that is a little curious and wants to experiment with a potential way to boost muscle growth and strength, then I think NCN Genbolin may be worth trying out. 

ncn genbolin bodybuilder

Is NCN Genbolin Safe?

There haven’t been any studies done on humans, so the overall safety profile is unclear. Some possible side effects of NCN Genbolin include:

  • Kidney damage
  • Upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Excess urination
  • Shock

NCN Genbolin is formulated in an FDA and GMP-inspected laboratory. And it goes through a strict quality control process with a certificate of analysis.

NCN also mentions that users do not need post-cycle therapy, even when consumed regularly. But always discuss any supplements you take with your doctor or other healthcare professional. 

Where to Buy NCN Genbolin

You can buy NCN Genbolin on Amazon at this product link

ncn genbolin where to buy

Each bottle of NCN Genbolin has 60 servings (60 capsules) for a price of $32.00 ($0.53/serving). 

So, if you want to try it out, you clearly won’t be putting too big of a dent in your wallet. But most people who have had success with it typically used at least 100mg, which would be two capsules, thus bringing the price per serving to over a buck (still pretty cheap overall). 

Final Verdict: NCN Genbolin Review

Despite the lack of research, there are quite a few reports from users who’ve had great results with NCN Genbolin for muscle growth, recovery, and strength. So, we’d say it’s worth trying for some recreational and non-competitive lifters/athletes, but don’t expect anything miraculous from it (we warned you!). 

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