Skinnytabs Review – Does This Superfood Provide The Ultimate Body Cleanse?

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Skinnytabs Review – Does This Superfood Provide The Ultimate Body Cleanse?

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“Superfoods’ have become the newest trend in the health world. According to fitness gurus, superfoods are the key to living a long life and being as healthy as possible. As such, several superfood supplements have hit the market that claim to do all kinds of things like boost your immune system, help you burn fat, and promote better workout recovery. With so many superfood options, like Invigor8 and Grown American Superfood, it makes it difficult to know what kind of superfood product to choose.

A few things: First, “superfood” is not a dietary description, it is a marketing one. That is, there is nothing “special” about superfoods other than they might have more dietary nutrients than other food. So we get somewhat skeptical when a product sells itself mostly on its branding as a superfood. 

Skinnytabs are a detox tablet that is made from a blend of superfoods and vitamin supplements. Skinnytabs claims that it can boost your metabolism and flatten your tummy. Today, we are going to take a look at these detox superfood tablets and see if they are really all they are cracked up to be.

Skinnytabs Superfood Tabs

What Is Skinnytabs?

Skinnytabs 15 Superfoods

Skinnytabs is a detox dietary tablet designed to clear your intestines and promote healthy metabolism. Skinnytabs says that it can help you lose weight, burn fat, boost energy, reduce bloating, promote healthy skin and hair, and flush toxins. The product contains no laxatives but it does contain some ingredients that are known diuretics.  

“Toxin” is another of those words like superfood that have a lot of marketing potential, even if their scientific rigor is lacking. “Toxins” gets used to describe all kinds of substances that are apparently bad for you. But “detox” supplements never describe which toxins they remove and how they do it. 

Each Skinnytab is a small tablet. Simply drop the tablet in 16-20 ounces of your drink and it will dissolve in three minutes. The creators recommend taking one tablet 30 minutes before each meal. Each tablet contains a blend of 15 superfoods that are designed to kickstart your metabolism and clear the intestines. 


  • 15 superfood ingredients
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Promotes hair growth and skin health
  • Burns fat


  • Expensive
  • Questionable shipping practices
  • Claims are likely exaggerated
NOTE: We currently recommend Athletic Greens over Skinny Tabs. Here’s why

Who Makes Skinnytabs?

Skinnytabs Superfoods Company Logo

Skinnytabs is created by Superfood Company, a detox supplement company founded in 2019. The website does not have an about section so we could not find any specifics on the company’s founders or mission statement. We did find a BBB page which has a number of complaints, mostly related to their shipping and payment processes.

Superfood Company only seems to make one other product, which is a gummy version of Skinnytabs. Other than that, we couldn’t find any other products on the company website. 

Skinnytabs does have a lot of positive reviews on their website and other outlets. That is usually a good sign, and there are some negative views, which means the company doesn’t scrub bad reviews from the page.  

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How Does Skinnytabs Work?

Skinnytabs are designed to boost your metabolism and get the most out of your metabolism. Each ingredient contains a high concentration of superfood ingredients that are supposed to have a lot of positive benefits. 

Unfortunately, though, there does not seem to be much science backing the claims. Our research found that none of the ingredients are strongly connected to the product’s claims. IN fact, many of the ingredients are known diuretics which means they increase urination. That means that any weight loss you experience while taking Skinnytabs could just be water weight.

Skinnytabs does seem effective for boosting energy and mental concentration, but that is likely just because of the caffeine. Each tab contains about 40 mg of caffeine, which is a bit less than a standard cup of coffee. 

Skinnytabs Ingredients

Skinnytabs Superfood Tabs Ingredients

Skinnytabs has over 15 superfood ingredients, including:

  • Elderberry extract
  • Beetroot
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Matcha tea leaf
  • Burdock root
  • Ginger root
  • Dandelion extract
  • Lemon balm extract
  • Milk thistle seed
  • Ginseng
  • Pomegranate fruit
  • Aloe vera powder
  • Wheatgrass
  • Chlorella algae

A lot of these ingredients are just for flavor or have no known benefits, so we will cover some of the most important ones. 

Elderberry extract might have some potential for weight loss, but there are no studies of it in humans. It can be used to help with colds though. Beetroot contains high quantities of nitric oxide which have been shown to help with weight loss but only in large concentrations. 

Both Matcha tea and green tea extract are stimulants that are known to help with some weight loss. These two ingredients also work to suppress the appetite. Match and green tea are also known to help manage stress levels. 

Burdock root, ginger root, and dandelion extract are all known diuretics, which means they make you urinate. That means that these three ingredients are likely to cause you to lose a lot in water weight. 

NOTE: We currently recommend Athletic Greens over Skinny Tabs. Here’s why

Safety and Side Effects

Skinnytabs Facts & Disclaimer

Skinnytabs has a few side effects that are relatively mild. The most common one we found was excessive urination which is likely due to the diuretics. Others complained of bloating or nausea when they first started taking it. A few reported that it gave them a rash though this is likely due to some unknown allergy rather than the product itself. 

Where To Buy Skinnytabs And Cost

Skinnytabs Website

You can buy Skinnytabs directly from the manufacturer’s website or from an online retailer like Amazon. Skinnytabs does not seem the be available in any physical retail stores. A 30-day supply costs $79 but you can cut $25 off by signing up for a subscription. That is still pretty expensive though. 

Detox Alternatives

While a superfood detox like Skinnytabs may be what you’re interested in, there are still many detox alternatives out in the market.

Let’s look at some alternative detoxes:

Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify Mega Clean contains multiple vitamins and electrolytes. This detox claims to clean out toxins in your body in as little as 24 hours. You can purchase a 32-ounce bottle of Detoxify Mega Clean for about $21.

FitTea 14 Day Detox

Another detox to have on your radar is FitTea 14 Day Detox. FitTea contains a mixture of both leaves and herbs. It’s formula includes green tea, ginger, and more that are shown to enhance health. You can get the FitTea 14-day detox package for $24.99.

Skinnytabs: Worth It Or Not?

To be honest, we could take it or leave it. Skinnytabs is probably just about as effective as any of the other superfood detox supplements out there so it’s not really that special. It does have a pretty high price tag which might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people, not to mention the company’s questionable shipping practices. 

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Overall Rating: 2.75 out of 5


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