FitTea 14 Day Detox Review – Can This Help You Lose Weight And Get Healthier?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Detoxes can be good for many reasons, namely helping to clean out the intestinal tract and give your body a fresh start. Of course, some can clean you out a little too well, akin to the effects of prune juice.

However, it can be a good idea to reset your digestive system on occasion, which can jump-start weight loss and help you to feel better. Ridding your body of toxins is never a bad thing. But what’s in a tea such as FitTea that would help this process—and does it work?

About FitTea 14 Day Detox

About FitTea 14 Day Detox

When it comes to tea, there is regular tea (black, green, etc.) and then there is herbal tea, made with any number or combination of herbs. FitTea contains a mixture of both leaves and herbs. Its formulation is ideal for enhancing health, so there’s a possibility it just may work like it claims.

FitTea Ingredients


The ingredients in FitTea are what makes it somewhat unique. It seems that FitTea has chosen each ingredient carefully, so let’s take a look at what they are and what they do.

Organic Green Tea

It’s well-known that green tea has many healthful properties, not the least of which is boosting metabolism. It also contains antioxidants, increases fat-burning properties, may help improve memory, and is good for the heart. In short, it makes sense for FitTea to use green tea as part of its base—and it’s worth mentioning that matcha (concentrated green tea in powder form) is also in the ingredient list.


Rooibos tea is technically an herbal tea, made from a South African plant that creates a reddish-brown infusion when brewed. Rooibos has many health benefits, from boosting weight loss and improving digestion to heart health and even pain relief. Rooibos is good for relieving stomach cramps, which is probably a good thing for a detox tea just in case some side effects pop up.

Oolong Wu Yi Tea

A partially fermented part of the tea family, oolong is made differently from other teas in that it uses buds and stems as well as leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant (the shrub that regular leaf teas are made of). It’s grown in the more mountainous regions of China, specifically the Wuyi Mountains, and that’s why oolong is a bit less common than some other teas. Oolong is also good for weight loss, heart health, fighting against diseases, and improving digestion.


An ingredient with numerous health benefits, ginger root is well-known for its digestive properties and zingy taste. It’s also anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, heart-healthy, and disease-preventing. When used in conjunction with other ingredients in tea, it is a great flavor boost as well. 


Well-known for its super antioxidant benefits, pomegranate is a great addition to FitTea, as it is full of vitamins and flavor. It’s also anti-inflammatory, heart-healthy, disease-fighting, and helps with digestion.

Garcinia Cambogia

This exotic fruit extract may actually help with weight loss by reducing cravings and suppressing appetite. It improves energy levels and assists with digestion as well as reducing inflammation and even boosting mood. This plant alone in supplement form has been studied for weight-loss effects, and while it may not work for everybody, it does seem to help, so it makes sense for it to be included in FitTea.

Stevia and Honey

With all these natural ingredients, it doesn’t hurt to add a little natural sweetener to make FitTea taste great. Being an herb, stevia leaf is about as natural as you can get—but so is honey, for that matter. Stevia has zero calories; honey has some, but its nutritional benefits balance them out. Ultimately, the combo is ideal for both flavor and health reasons.


FitTea’s website lists “fuarana,” but they can only be referring to guarana, the antioxidant and caffeinated plant included in many supplements and energy beverages. Guarana has been associated with claims of weight loss, boosting heart health, improving mental clarity and focus, and offering pain relief. It may even help with digestive issues, so there’s yet another reason it’s on the list.

Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, and Citric Acid

The final three ingredients (on our list, not theirs) are included with specific purpose as well. Sea salt provides necessary electrolytes that your body needs, especially while detoxing. Lemon juice and citric acid both add to the tea’s flavor and provide a few natural preservative properties to keep the tea fresh longer as well as providing vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

In addition to FitTea’s natural ingredient profile, it’s worth mentioning that the company avoids GMOs, gluten, dairy, and soy. The tea is made in the USA and is compliant with FDA regulations. Although the packaging doesn’t mention it, the company also states that each ingredient comes from certified organic suppliers. Hopefully, this claim is valid, considering it’s an extensive process for a company to get organic certification (note that FitTea does not claim “organic” anywhere on its packaging).

FitTea Health Benefits

FitTea Health Benefits

The primary benefit of FitTea’s blend is, like other detox teas such as Fit Life Tea, detoxification. It’s also a natural source of caffeine, antioxidants, and metabolism/energy boosters. FitTea helps reduce bloating and cleanses your digestive system, removing extraneous waste that gets trapped in the intestines. 

FitTea Clinical Studies

FitTea Clinical Studies

It’s somewhat rare and seemingly a sign of a reputable company—FitTea performed a clinical study on 50 participants to study weight-loss properties and tea side effects. It turns out 66% of participants lost weight over the 28-day study, and a majority reported increases in energy and concentration levels.

A whopping 94% saw a decrease in appetite, and a small number (24%) reported side effects. Those side effects included diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and bloating—and evidently, the effects all resolved themselves by the study’s end.

Does FitTea Really Work?

Does FitTea Really Work?

As with any product claiming to aid in weight loss, it depends on the individual. If you fall into the same category as the 66% of study participants for whom it worked, FitTea will likely assist you in your weight-loss efforts. There is also the possibility that the tea will have little to no effect on your waist, and even if that is the case, there are still numerous health benefits to reap from drinking it.

It’s also important to remember that no product will cause weight loss on its own (at least not in a healthy manner). FitTea is designed to be a complement to a healthy diet and exercise program, and if you include it, the odds will be tilted further in your favor.

FitTea Directions

FitTea Directions

Considering the caffeine content in the ingredients of FitTea, it’s a logical assumption that it probably isn’t ideal to drink several cups of it per day. When you consider the detoxification benefits and the fact that the packaging says “14-day detox,” one may wonder whether FitTea is designed to be used long term.

In answer on its FAQ page, the company states that FitTea can be used “as long as you want to lose weight.” Of course, it’s best to pay attention to your body and base your usage on the way it affects you, both in the short term and the long term. Regardless, FitTea can be consumed in the morning, before a workout, or in the early afternoon slump (but it’s probably best to avoid it after about 4 p.m. due to the caffeine).

It’s also worth mentioning that while FitTea does seem to be a reputable company for the most part, there are a few typos in the directions (not to mention the mythical “fuarana” ingredient) that indicate the company could’ve used a decent proofreader. For example, directions (under “How to Prepere”) state to brew the tea for “3–5 inutes” and then remove the “stainer.” While this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it does leave one pondering the quality and claims of a company that can’t spell-check its packaging.

Where to Buy FitTea

FitTea can be purchased on the company’s website,, for $24.99 for the 14-day detox package. It’s also available on Amazon for $21.99. Additionally, some local vitamin stores such as GNC carry FitTea, as well as Walmart and even Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Final Verdict

FitTea Final Verdict

Overall, FitTea’s ingredient profile boasts enough health benefits that FitTea could be considered a very healthy drink regardless of its weight-loss/appetite-suppressing benefits. Sure, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but trying it for 14 days won’t break the bank. If you don’t get the results you want, move on—but if you’re lucky, you just might be one of the 66% it works well for.

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