Sundaily Review – What Does This Oral Skin Care Gummy Do?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Skincare has been a big industry for a long time. People want smoother, younger looking skin. They want tan skin, they want no blemishes, no wrinkles, etc.

Every store in the country is full of lotions, creams, exfoliators and other products to achieve those goals. Soaps and shampoos all promise to hydrate the skin. Sundaily is the latest line of skincare products out there but they take a different approach to skincare.


What is Sundaily?


Sundaily is a line of supplement gummies designed for skincare. In that sense they’re very unusual; as far we know, they’re currently the only line of skincare products that are exclusively made for oral use. 

The theory behind this is that to really support healthy skin, you have to work from within the body. Most skincare products never penetrate deeper than the surface of the skin, but environmental stressors like UV radiation penetrate deeper. One way to think of this is that most skincare products are really beauty products, but Sundaily is attempting to make skincare products that are true healthcare products.

Advantages and Benefits of Sundaily

  • Approaches skincare in a unique way
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Great flavor
  • Supplement that tastes like candy
  • vegetarian-friendly
  • Potential to address skin health better than most topical products
  • Price is reasonable if you use the subscription service
  • The founder is a medical doctor
  • All ingredients have been proven to be effective in human trials


  • Won’t provide the immediate relief that topicals can give you for some conditions
  • While the ingredients are known to be beneficial, this method of skincare is unproven
  • If you don’t subscribe, the price goes up
  • Product claims not evaluated by the FDA

Who is the manufacturer of Sundaily?


Sundaily appears to be making their products themselves. Naturally, they probably outsource the actual production to an appropriate facility, but there’s no parent company here. Sundaily is Sundaily.

Sundaily Ingredients

Sundaily has a unique blend of ingredients when compared to other skin vitamins like Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex and Vitamedica Clear Skin.

In the Baselayer supplement, the active ingredient is Polypodium leucotomos extract- a botanical extract from a South American fern that’s been used for centuries to protect against sunburn by the natives. It also includes Vitamin D3, Organic Tapioca Syrup, organic cane sugar, cane inverted sugar, apple pectin, sodium citrate, tapioca maltodextrin, citric acid, and organic orange oil.Sundaily-Ingredients

The Back-Up supplement is made with astaxanthan, a substance derived from algae that have anti-aging properties. It also includes organic brown rice syrup, organic evaporated cane juice, fruit pectin, organic blackberry and hibiscus flavors, other natural flavors, organic orange juice concentrate, citric acid, vegetable oil, carnauba leaf wax, d-alpha, and mixed tocopherols.

How does Sundaily work?


The basic premise is that Sundaily works by fighting free radicals and preventing damage to the skin at a deep level. 

The base layer is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin D to prevent and repair UV damage to your skin. It also helps to support the skin’s collagen layer, promoting smooth, elastic skin.

The back up is designed to repair already damaged skin by stimulating collagen production. This helps smooth wrinkles and age lines, while also repairing sunspots.

Basically, the combination of antioxidants and Vitamin D helps to prevent things like sunburn or freckles. It’s unclear if the fern extract has other mechanisms by which is prevents sun damage, although that’s possible. As we mentioned before, it’s been used by native tribes in Central and South America for centuries, it not millennia, to prevent sunburn. That’s a long history of success.

By supporting the collagen layer, it effectively strengthens the tissue that holds your skin in place. Collagen breaking down is what leads to cellulite, wrinkles, and loose skin. Both of these supplements will go a long way towards preventing or repairing those issues if the claims about their effectiveness are true. 

It should be noted that Sundaily does not promote this supplement as a replacement for sunblock or other skincare products. Instead, they promote is as something that will work with them and enhance their effectiveness. Which is exactly what a supplement is supposed to do.

That’s because these supplements just can’t do things like moisturize skin. Only a topical product can do that. Rather than being your entire skincare routine, Sundaily is the missing link in your skincare routine.

Safety and Side Effects


These supplements are entirely safe. There are no known side effects of Sundaily gummies. That said, no child-specific studies have been done yet, so the company recommends that only individuals twelve years old and older take these supplements. For the same reason, they also recommend that women who are pregnant or nursing consult with a doctor before taking Sundaily gummies.

All of the active ingredients on Sundaily are well-known and their effects on humans are documented and understood. The only reason for caution is that sometimes combining ingredients leads to new effects, and sometimes these things can have a different effect on a child’s body than they do on an adult’s.

Where to Buy Sundaily

sundaily products

You can buy direct from Sundaily. The cost is $29 per bottle if you opt in to a monthly subscription- each bottle has thirty gummies, and you are meant to take one per day. If you choose not to subscribe, the cost is $39 per bottle.

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Sundaily: Is it worth it?


Probably. User reviews are overwhelmingly positive and all of the ingredients in these gummies are known to be beneficial to human health. The basic premise that ingesting antioxidant rich botanicals can improve your skin health is nothing new, even if experts disagree somewhat on the degree of effectiveness. 

The nice thing about this supplement is that, even if it doesn’t have any effect on your skin, it has so many beneficial ingredients that it will still improve your overall health. We suspect it’s pretty effective though. Improved skin health is a tough thing to trick people about, and it’s clear that most users have noticed a visible improvement in their skin.


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