Momentous Collagen Peptides Review – How Does This Powder Compare?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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momentous collagen peptides review

Collagen supplements are all the rage lately as many are beginning to add these supplements to their routines to acquire the various health benefits they may provide. These include aesthetic benefits related to skin and a more youthful appearance, as well as joint support and overall structural health. 

Of course, not all supplements are created equal, which is why it’s important to weed out the bad from the good. So let’s take a look at one collagen supplement that claims it can benefit your health, Momentous Collagen Peptides. Is it worth purchasing, or is it better left on the shelf? In this Momentous Collagen Peptides review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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About Momentous Collagen Peptides

If you haven’t guessed yet, Momentous Collagen Peptides is a collagen supplement.

momentous collagen peptides supplemement

There are tons of collagen supplements out there, but Momentous Collagen Peptides is unique in that it contains two different forms of collagen, grass-fed collagen peptides and a patented source of collagen hydrolysate called Fortigel. It is these two primary ingredients that are supposed to provide a wide array of benefits for performance athletes as well as individuals looking to enhance their appearance.

Momentous Collagen Peptides Benefits

More specifically, Momentous Collagen Peptides claims to aid long-term joint health, increase resilience against injury (mainly by strengthening cartilage, tendons, and ligaments), and improve skin, hair, and nail health. 

Joints, Cartilage, Tendons, and Ligaments

The specific form of collagen called Fortigel is designed to improve the health of tendons and ligaments by increasing collagen synthesis in those areas. And the overall collagen sources in here are also designed to regenerate cartilage and improve joint health, possibly reducing joint pain and stiffness as well.

momentous collagen peptides joint and skin health

Skin, Hair, and Nails

On the aesthetic side, Momentous Collagen Peptides is also designed to improve the strength, appearance, and overall health of skin, hair, and nails by directly contributing to growth factors in these areas. 

Furthermore, they included vitamin C, which they say will increase collagen synthesis, and therefore plays a role in all of the aforementioned benefits. 

So, Momentous Collagen Peptides is designed to ultimately make you feel better and look better, improving the health of your internal state and external makeup. But which, if any, benefits are likely to occur when using this product? Read on to find out!

Momentous Collagen Peptides Ingredients

Each packet of Momentous Collagen Peptides contains 60 calories and 15g of protein (from the collagen sources).

Below are the main ingredients

  • Collagen Peptide (Grass-Fed Bovine) (11.6g)
  • Fortigel Collagen Hydrolysate (5.2g)
  • Vitamin C (50mg)
momentous collagen peptides supplement facts

Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides

The first form of collagen in Momentous Collagen Peptides is grass-fed bovine collagen peptide, which is collagen peptides from grass-fed cows. Collagen is naturally occurring in the body and is primarily involved in maintaining structural health. It is the primary structural protein found abundantly in the extracellular matrix of the body’s various connective tissues (e.g., bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, skin). So, the logic is that supplementing with collagen peptides will increase collagen synthesis in these areas, and thus, lead to improved strength and health. 

Various research shows the benefits of collagen peptide supplementation on different areas of the body. For example, it can improve joint function and joint pain, and may be beneficial for recovery from injury and long-term exercise. Additionally, collagen can reduce wrinkles, improve skin hydration, and decrease overall skin aging (younger you, here we come!)

Collagen also increases the density of bones and may be useful for preventing or reducing osteoporosis. Lastly, some research indicates that collagen can improve hair thickness and other aspects of hair health. 

Basically, any area of the body that contains a high amount of collagen naturally is likely to benefit from collagen peptide supplementation. 

Research has shown benefits for a variety of doses ranging from 2.5g to 15g per day, with the mid to high doses being more effective for all-around benefits. 


The other source of collagen found in the Momentous Collagen Peptides’ formula is Fortigel, which is a patented form of collagen hydrolysate. Research shows that this specific form of collagen hydrolysate is able to stimulate the biosynthesis of ligament and tendon matrix molecules, which means that it can ultimately improve the strength and health of tendons and ligaments. 

This is also why Fortigel is useful to reduce the risk of injuries and ruptures, especially for at-risk individuals such as high-intensity athletes. Additionally, Fortigel is proven to strengthen cartilage, and supplementation is associated with reduced activity-related joint pain. So, this specific type of collagen is useful for athletes and other active individuals. Research typically uses around 5g per day. 

Vitamin C

The final ingredient in Momentous Collagen Peptides is vitamin C. Vitamin C has a key role in collagen synthesis and is important for connective tissue strength and health. Research has shown that taking vitamin C alongside collagen peptides can increase collagen synthesis. Furthermore, this combination can reduce the risk of injury and help promote faster healing after various musculoskeletal injuries. Anywhere from 60mg to 1000mg daily have been used, with the very high doses not necessarily more effective. 

Does Momentous Collagen Peptides Work?

As a whole, it is pretty clear that Momentous Collagen Peptides is an effective collagen supplement. There has been a lot of recent research done on collagen peptides, and they are clinically proven to deliver benefits in many areas, including skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons, ligaments, and more! 

momentous collagen peptides powdered supplement

Also, I really like that this product uses clinically effective doses of both the grass-fed collagen peptides and Fortigel. Using the correct dose ensures that users will actually receive the full spectrum of benefits. And the inclusion of vitamin C promotes even greater collagen synthesis, which should lead to more benefits.

Claims vs. Reality

Momentous Collagen Peptides is advertised to improve and strengthen joint, tendon, cartilage, and ligament health as well as the appearance, strength, and health of hair, skin, and nails. Another important point to consider is that this product is designed with active individuals in mind, with claims made that it can improve recovery from injury as well as prevent injuries.

Overall, the evidence is there for pretty much all of these claims. Collagen peptides, in general, ultimately increase the synthesis of collagen in key areas of the body leading to stronger and healthier joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The inclusion of vitamin C should also increase the effectiveness of both the standard collagen peptides and Fortigel.

Specific research also shows that Fortigel has unique benefits for athletes and active individuals in preventing injury and healing existing musculoskeletal injuries, as well as limiting aches and pains that come with frequent activity.

Additionally, you will likely experience an appearance due to the beneficial effects that collagen peptides have on hair, skin, and nails. However, the benefits for skin are the most conclusive while there is less research on hair and nails health.

momentous collagen peptides

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Momentous Collagen Peptides

  • Formula includes Collagen Peptides, Fortigel Collagen Hydrolysate, and Vitamin C
  • Informed Sport Certified and NSF Certified for Sport
  • Benefits joints, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, and nails

Who is Momentous Collagen Peptides Best For?

With its high-quality combination of collagen ingredients, Momentous Collagen Peptides can be used by anyone looking to get the benefits mentioned above. With that being said, this product is particularly useful for athletes and highly active people due to the inclusion of Fortigel alongside standard collagen peptides.

momentous collagen peptides useful for athletes

 It is the most beneficial for people who are currently dealing with or want to prevent achy and stiff joints, tendon and ligament injuries, or other musculoskeletal injuries. Keep in mind that the benefits for hair, skin, and nails should occur too, but if those are your primary concerns, then a more basic collagen supplement would probably suffice. 

Is Momentous Collagen Peptides Safe?

Side effects for collagen supplements are generally mild. Here are some possible effects from Momentous Collagen Peptides:

  • Bad/unpleasant taste
  • Stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, etc.
  • Potential hypersensitivities/allergic reactions

This product is also Informed Sport certified and NSF Certified for Sport, which means it is a safe product and free from banned substances. 

Where to Buy Momentous Collagen Peptides

You can buy Momentous Collagen Peptides on the Momentous website here.

momentous collagen peptides website

There are 30 servings (30 packets) per container of Momentous Collagen Peptides, and a one-time purchase costs $55. Alternatively, you can choose the Subscribe and Save Option, which will save you 20% on your first order (price of $44) and 15% off all remaining orders (price of $46.75). Also, in this option, you can get the product every 1, 2, or 3 months. 

So, you’ll pay anywhere from $1.46 to $1.83 per serving of Momentous Collagen Peptides, which makes this a fairly expensive product. 

Momentous Collagen Peptides Review Ratings

  • Ingredient Quality: 4.4
  • Ingredient Dosage: 4.5
  • Effectiveness: 4.2
  • Safety: 4.3
  • Value: 3.6
  • Company Trustworthiness: 4.2

Overall Rating:
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